When will the "Socialism is heavy taxation and government programs" meme end?

When will the "Socialism is heavy taxation and government programs" meme end?

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We'd honestly have to kill all capitalists first.

When "Socialist Parties" stop promoting it

bernie did this

I don't know but the more I've learned of it and communism, the more I want those who regurgitate it to have to live under some Pol Pot tier "socialism" as a penance for their tedium
Although since they're clearly not intellectuals, we'll need a shibboleth that isn't glasses…

As long as America exists

How about Zeiss anti-seizure glasses? Or a blindfold and a cigarette?

Bruh, that pic is capitalism


When right wingers stop coopting bits and pieces of socialist economic policy to placate their increasingly desperate and class conscious voting base. Nazbols, Soc Dems, Dem Soc, Welfare Capitalists etc are all iterations of this retarded idea.

They can't. Socialist policies are how capitalist economy extends its life-span. The moment they stop or reverse, their society will go down in flames. And recently, USA has failed to elect Bernie Sanders.

this "socialism is government doing stuff" meme has been happening for decades before Bernie Sanders ran for office

Until Socialism makes Taxation and Government Programs look like fucking crayon doodles

It keeps happening!

So fuckin learnt and well I dont believe the soviets had nuclear capabilities


Yes you have found the inspiration of the joke.


But he also destroyed the decades-long smear campaign against the word "socialism" (as per polls) by identifying as demsoc even though his policies are socdem.

Yes, there's obviously much more radical work to be done and people need to be taught the correct definition. But people (especially young people) are moving further and further left because of his candidacy. See: Bernie -> DSA -> ???

And plus he's a pretty nice guy, so put a little respect on his name.

literally NOTHING wrong about that image OP

You could say the same for China, Vietnam, Russia, and now Cuba who have switched back or are in the process to capitalism.

Ultimately every western country is going to end up being mixed market. Private companies and businesses will continue to exist for a very long time, well past our deaths until luxury communism can become a thing with automated robots doing everything for us.

But as it currently stands, socialist countries are transitioning back to capitalism while capitalist countries like the US are moving to state-run healthcare and better wealth redistribution. So you're going to end up in the middle for both sets of countries.

Educating libertarians and ancaps on this issue is like pulling teeth. No matter how much I explain to them what socialism is, they have already internalized that it means "free shit". The ones who do "get it" fundamentally believe that workers are too stupid to vote on business decisions.

Liberals actually believe this.

This is what the labor aristocracy actually believes

your fault honestly

No, it's what bootlicker classcucks believe.

who else /no work free stuff/ here

It's true. Why do you think Sanders was so big?

This. Work and labor are not the same thing.

Look outside the USA.
The UK has an austerity fetish and increasing demands for welfare cuts, for example.
Sanders was "so big" but Trump won.
The USA may one day get a health system worthy of anything but laughter but the mixed-market social democratic ideal died in 1973.

Yeah, people like Bernie pretty much.


The UK isn't scrapping healthcare and education though. Nonetheless almost every other Western Europe continues to hold onto socdem ideals.

The UK murdered free university tuition in the 90s for no reason (except in Scotland who brought it back, but held down student grants instead.) and has increasingly involved the market (both "internal" and external) in the health service. Huge swathes of government buildings and infrastructure are privately owned and built under PFI contracts to hide debt off balance sheet (while costing far more than you'd pay in interest if you took it out, even as a commercial loan.)

I gather many European health services are also broadly market-oriented, instead of having what would appear to be the only "proper" system, a monolithic entity like the NHS before Thatcher/Major/Blair

If anything it would be the opposite problem, ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Better yet ask them if they want to be astronaut or street sweeper.

When others like the "socialism is production for exchange but there's equal shareholding and firm democracy" meme end before it, which will take a while because illiteracy and stubbornness are things (at least the "socialism = welfare state meme" is born of unconsciousness interpellation through the ruling ideology, while a meme like marksucc is a completely conscious process of denial or otherwise failure to understand the Marxist critique of political economy). But all things are in due time, comrades: history will unravel the tangled web those who cannot interpret its discursive texture weave when the times is right.

When people fucking read



It's not wrong it is just not the whole truth.



Top kek, who dat?

it's not really worker "ownership" if they are still coerced by market competition into always needing to expand capital
coops would still be awesome tho

Change "keep half" to "keep nothing" and you have moneyless ancom tbh

Future Lenin.

I bet this kid is bullied at school

What a fag

Cuba has a growing worker cooperative movement actually. They made yet become actually socialist for once.

Now that socialism is associated with government, people who love the government will keep calling themselves socialists, which strengthens the association even more.
We need new language.

Bit sad that we have to be the ones to move.
But every moment we have to explain how socialism is not big gubmint is a moment not argued against capitalism and big gubmint.
Then again, I'd like to note for example that my grandma, as an example, became quite supportive of socialism the moment I explained its definition.
The thing is, as long as we stay "under the radar" like this, and the less real counterarguments are taught to people because of this, the more opportunity we get to learn to counter the real positions other people have.
Really, the good thing about having a minority ideology is that noone bothers to properly attack us, and we learn how to properly attack them.
Kinda like the joke where the soldier tells the general "we're completely surrounded!", and the general yells in ecstasy: "great! Now we can attack in all directions!"
So let's dig the bunkers, turtle up, and prepare our attack.
I, supercapitalist. I, believer in democratically ran economy. I, libertarian egalitarian.

I heard a particularly interesting description of Noam Chomsky's politics in a random discussion where his work on media was noted, he was called a "like, superliberal guy". That's one way of describing anarchism.

Why would it end?
Its the """""""""""""truth""""""""""""".
No seriously…

Technocratic socialism and libertarian socialism are IMO the way to go. There's public support for both and you can explain the concepts in a new framework, without having to excuse 20th century communism.

You've obviously never met the "DAE le no true scotsman?" faggots. Those dumbasses expect you to defend everything if you don't want to get labeled a hypocrite. It's impossible to win. Gulags were made for those people.

When it stops being true.

Memes never end.

Bernie may not be a socialist, but he managed to radicalize quite a few people, myself included. He normalized the term "socialism" for a lot of millennials. We're not there yet, but sometimes revolution is a marathon, not a sprint

More like:


I think a "new" theory should be developed written in a language that cappie plebs can understand. This new theory should be like a copy of marxism-leninism but with the 21st century lingo. Essentially a rebranding.

There are movements that imagine that laws should be interpreted in terms of the prevailing language, which fail for the same reason: powerful actors can re-invent language to change policy without official action. 21st century vernacular is continually reinvented and co-opted by neoliberals, which has been one of their main actions to solidify their power. A coherent theory MUST define its own terms in order to avoid being pulled in undesirable, inequal directions through cultural engineering.
I distrust anything that smells like JWs at the door.

I once had a teacher say socialism is like if I got an A but the grade was spilt between everyone so we all got Cs.

Look, I fixed it.

So wait, are most people in this board in favor of communism or heavy socialism?

What about being cucked by migrants? are you guys mainly all full SJW or just more Leninist?

I'm very, very curious.

Full communism.

There is no consensus on migrants under a capitalist system. In a communist system, there really would be no reason to leave your community in the first place, so you wouldn't have immigration crises inspired by economic pursuits.

When alleged Socialists stop implementing heavy taxation and government programs after they gain power.

Heavy immigration restrictions only help your master cuck.

Socialists haven't gained power. Only liberals have power. If they by which I mean you would use the power to kill themselves, that would be great.

Only liberal cretins believe in teaming up with those whose lives depend on competing with us. Kill yourself.

Who are the dudes on pictures 2 and 3?

What is a trade union? What is a mass party?

>>>Holla Forums

I appreciate your answer, although I think you mainly responded to the cuck portion.

Really what I meant is more of a literal definition of cuckoldry, which is to say that you let economic migrants into Europe in mass numbers and they are generally more assertive and masculine and your women sleep with them because of some tenant of feminism that I don't even.

So, really this place is a mishmash of Leninist (I assume from your usage of the phrase classcuck), the leftist, socialists, and communists, then?

Also, on a personal level, I don't blame my boss for anything. Do you?

I think you should address some of these implications first.

For taking my surplus value, massacring millions of my brothers, ruining the earth, etc.

Exactly why we need to work with our undocumented co-workers. The boss uses the precarious position of the undocumented worker to drive our wages down. They are our allies against the bosses.