Noam Chomsky is a liberal

Why does anyone take him seriously again?

I wish i knew…

USA has no leftists, never had and never will. It's just phonies and liberals at best.

Idk, entryism most likely it's how I was introduced

He's an intellectual whose political views have some left-wing edge, that's enough.
still better than the majority of analytics

Because he produces bite-sized cliché's that are comprehensible to any moron, much like naomi klein.

Chomsky believes that revolutionaries should seize the state through our broken democracy and I disagree with that. But that doesn't change the fact that his incredibly thorough research has exposed numerous imperialistic war crimes and opened the eyes of countless faggots like you and I. Just because someone has one opinion that you disagree with does that justify not taking seriously all of the great things that he has done for our cause?

I mean people on this board unironically supported Bernie so I wouldn't say Chomsky committed that big of a crime by advising people to vote democrat.

because he recognizes that democratic policies are better for the working class/environment/world than republican policies. imagine if green party voters in florida in 2000 didnt throw their votes away and voted dem. could have prevented the iraq war and certainly helped curb climate change.

The difference is that the left has something to gain from Sanders while Chomsky is an unironic lesser-evilist shilling for Obongo or Shillary just because they're not Republicans

fucking hate klein, but even more hate middle class people who read this shit and pat themselves on the back for being so fucking """intelligent""".

he is a really good resource for anti imperialism

The question of voting is pretty much irrelevant so I really don't care if Chomsky thinks that voting for dems is a bit better than republicans. If you are implying that he should be for voting for an irrelevant commie party, that also won't change anything. What we need is radical movement that can make broad coalitions of working class people and other social groups and activists, not one which dwells on petty issues of the bourgeois state.

i guess the anarchist inside of me is taking over

no sense of strategy at all. at least zizek's advice of voting trump wasn't dumb optimism.

He's for the two-party system and is still wedded to liberalism. What, exactly, is there in gains, beyond temporary, contingent, precarious policy changes held hostage to our continued Blue Tory votes? And how much long-term advantage does the left sacrifice for that gain?

USA had a big communist party until the McCarthy era and the IWW and the CIO were important unions who had a say in collective bargaining for a long time.

Would be so much better to turn a few more countries to shit I guess.

And Sanders didn't sell out to Shillary?
Also Noam didn't shill for anyone; he was advising what people should do at election day.
Whilst I disagree with Chomsky; I'm not going to call accuse him of following liberalist views just because he doesn't want to live under Trump or any other Republican.

I didn't authorize that and I can't stop that. Not my fucking problem. Stop blaming me for your system's failures.

He has suggested voting in certain elections but usually throughout most of his career he has suggested strikes, sit-ins and protests and has offered countless ideas like zines (back when), study groups, taking over public television, co-ops, divestment/boycotting (Which contrary to leftypols belief can work especially with environmental causes.) He has suggested a bunch of shit the problem is people never really take him up on any of it and the man is old, he probably just wants you to stop asking him what to do and just go fucking do it already.

Ideologies do not have borders fuckwit

How about you leave for reddit then? You'll be happier and the quality of this board up. It's a win-win scenario.

I think we all secretly do.

How does it feel to hate some position because it's not enough centrist and mainstream for you? Honestly, I'd like to now. The world is made for you.
I hate this board too, but for opposite reasons.

When did I blame you for anything? Calm down autismo.

That's not anarchism so much as acknowledging reformism won't do anything but provide short-term relief at best.

False, all you gain is "roads=socialism" replacing any real socialist thought for the end of time

DSA is getting a big boost in interest and sets the record straight

Actually, whenever Chomsky is asked that question "what to do?" his answer is usually self-organization, worker struggle etc. Chomsky is an anarchist fyi.

Ron Paul got a lot of people to look into ancaps and he was not one. Bernie can have a similar effect with the broader left.

And why did my post get deleted? Do you jobs right mods


But we have to stop Trump you guys :'(

Zizek is a fascist.

Zizek is an edgelord. He has some good ideas and he knows how to package them well, but that's fundamentally what he is.



compared to Capital maybe but most of Chomsky's books aren't that dense.


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