Stop the Nazbol hate

I dont get why nazbols get hate.

We want to solve the class struggle while preserving the culture and traditions
your problem is, you wanna solve the whole world
world revolution wont happen
maybe back in the times of ideological upcoming
culture was a superficial distraction of the class strugle
but now its actually endangeder
through capitalism or through cultural marxism doesnt matter
it cant be put aside as Identity politics and marked as obsolete or irrelevant
we need to find 21st century solutions for 21st century problems

GDR was literally the perfect society, non degenerate, nationalist, socialist.

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I don't hate nazbols. I think you guys are awesome judging by your content on this board.
I just won't join your side because i'm still safe under the "anarchist" label.


It's not specifically NazBol hate; communists hate all utopian conceptions of socialism. You're not special.

Holy shit read a book nigger.

NazBol itself fits under the Anarch umbrella, fam.

I'd rather work with NazBols than deeply triggering and problematic anarckiddies

Meme arrows aren't an argument my splitting friend

You will side with nazis over internationalists commies.

Unless you nation produces everything you need, you will have to trade with outside (capitalist) countries, thus compromising the communist struggle. This also goes for anyone who has "socialism in one country" as the end goal.

Taking over one country should only be a means, not an end.

What is sencored to this again?

lurk more nigger

I'm fine with spreading communism to other nations infact it should be encouraged but that dosen't mean we should go down the lmao fuck borders and shit route.

Why would i want internationalism? I don't want to live in a standardized globe filled with euro centrists which believe communism can be achieved outised the western world kek.
In fact…the sooner non western countries reject western garbage like enlightment or capitalism and start following their own paths, the sooner they will achieve happiness

"Creation of Novopangaea - Novopangaea is a universal nation consisting of all races, ethnicities, and religions. Establishing Novopangaea will be the rebirth of humanity and eliminate a large portion of suffering. "


this is the issue with stupid fucking nazbols. they don't fucking understand that the cultural bullshit they are harping is a legacy of justifying capitalism. when did europeans become interested in dividing the world into what is civilized and what is not? when they needed to justify brutal colonial regimes by subverting enlightenment ideals of the rights of man. "These people aren't men. They don't share our culture . we can fuck them over."




That's what continentalism is for. Read Thiriart, Mosley, Dugin, and Yockey.

Holy shit read dugin. You don't know shit about national bolshevism.

cliffs on dugin?

And so you answer is to create a world where everything is the same. Same architechture, same clothes, same food, same language.

I hate your world. Porkies want the same thing and they are wining so I hope you're happy. Now you can eat McDonalds in 119 countries and later watch the new avengers movie with 3d glasses :D

I think you guys are top tier shitposters, but at the same time I do find the right-wing-esque obsession over cutlural identity utopian, working against the concept of class struggle regardless of culture, and also that there's a possibility to lead to biggotry and xenophobia over spooks like race, hell I see some of you guys post some Holla Forums tier garbage like muh jews and racism sometimes.

Also I generally do not like any authoritarian forms of communism (spare mayyybe trots)

How in the fuck can anyone come to that conclusion?

i seriously dont get the hate for yockey… i understand why people think his writing style is weird but beyond that he seems like an ok guy


Not a real Nazbol site.

These are real sites

Either I don't understand fascism, or Mosley doesn't.

No, where only one things is the same: the absence of the value form.

You don't understnad the irony of this statement while supporting bourgeois-wedded imperatives like the nation state and its function in capitalism. Not surprising when you think your "socialism" can ever live alongside a capitalistic world in one social democracy.

It may be because Yockey was something of a Nazi but using Spengler/Evola's standard for race. This was in 48 when Imperium came out. Ticket became a Nabol LATER in 53 when the Dr's plot went down.

yes basically this.
we want nazbolism to spread while keeping a federal system of selfe administring nazbol countrys who each know best how to organize themselves based on each peoples historic uniqueness.
the equalization of peoples unique traits, architecture, history, traditions is nonsensical. the workers of this world dont share all of this.

(pic is sandra wagenknecht, leader of DIE LINKE)

bretty good page
i'll check the rest out

what are the essential nazbol texts?


None. Texts are mental masturbation.


if i knew your identity, i would find you and beat you to death with my penis.

your 1 inch penis is no match to his 20 inch katana

don't underestimate a man with an idea


Nazbols and tankies are literally the only people that matter. When has EVER anyone else produced anything? All they are good for is talking and talking and talking. And none of that talk even has any strategic, operational, or tactical value.

Let me say it again. None of these other USELESS HIPSTER SCUM would stay alive for 3 days on their own in a forest, there is absolutely no practical difference between them and a whack shack patient ranting for hours to a wall. Literally no difference.


There is no quantifiable, scientific, reasonable argument for third world immigration.

Nazbols and tankies are only ones in this whole swamp to hold any significant territory. To put man in space. To carry out largest combined arms action in history of man.
Everyone else is a porky tier mental masturbator that should be sentenced to 50 years to life of hard labor.


They will have plenty of time to think about inane theoretical garbage as they do hard labor.

Nazbols are civic pan-nationalists and they aren't against miscegenation





pic 4u

Doesnt matter. Culture denial is absolutely retarded non-practical shit ONLY A SHELTERED HIPSTER GROWING UP IN A BUBBLE HIS DADDY MADE FOR HIM can think otherwise.
Culture matters. Language matters. Common values matter. Borders matter.

You retards can enjoy squabbling in your non-existant territories. There is a reason you never held any ground. And why you never will. Why you will for ever remain hipster urban scum.

While real communists pulled carts full of coal, you drink your fucking fancy coffee. While real communists lift weight and purge fun while the hymn is blazing in the background, you faggots on welfare are throwing a tantrum in front of cops who will get fired if they hurt you.

anti whyte


What do the nazbol folks think of Dodon in Moldova and Radev in Bulgaria? The socialists in Eastern Europe seem pretty based - anti-poz, anti-imperialist.

да, veri meni gud comrads


I unironically support the Naz-Bol praxis, please tell me that I am not the only poster here with this worldview.


бенис ехехех хЕХЕХ хХЕХЕех ехЕХХ ЕХХЕХЕхехеххххехе ехХехЕХЕХ хЕХххехеееех

There is a reason nazbols held 1/6 of all land on Earth, and every other kind of commie held 0.

The fact of the matter is: you all need nazbols, but no one needs you. Nazbols are the kind of guy who builds, works, protects, defends, does everything. Everyone else is latte swirling limp wristed trendy urbanite hipster worthless scum.

There is a place for non-nazbols in socialism:
hard labor in the gulag, forced march trough minefields, penal battalions used for baiting enemy artillery positions, charging of fortified positions to evaluate the strength of enemy defenses, etc.

this tbh famarade

Culture is NOT a stable entity. The nazbol/fascist fascination with this idea that a previous state of culture can be "brought back" is fucking retarded. Even if these groups somehow got what they wanted, the culture created would be entirely new, and also even MORE 'degenerate' than the modern one they love to bitch about. Forming an entire culture out of a fetishized idea of an old one is entirely separate from the historical period these idiots are waxing their dicks about. The past is just that, the past. The period of western civilization these fucks are obsessed with is dead and gone, all we can do is keep changing.



None of these 'fascist' societies gave a shit about 'the past'. Spartans didnt give a shit about 'past sparta', Rome didnt give a shit about 'past rome', Prussia, Soviets, no one gave a shit about the past.

Our culture is based on fundamental values true for all men, things that can be tested and proven, things established for a reason.
Being fat is no value, being fit is for obvious reasons of health, work, fighting and survival.
Modern art is of no value, one depicting something, one with aesthetic standards that inspire has some.
Being a junkie is of no value, and neither is being some sort of unproductive hyper theoretical non applicable """intellectual""", and so on. If your intellectualism doesnt help us cure a disease, or wipe out an enemy army, to hell with it.

Culture is a stable entity.
Egypt, Persia etc used to be scientific powerhouses before shitslam.

I would just love to see a nazbol explain how they seek to implement their values on to culture at large. Like, how do you possibly think that you could force your incredibly fringe idea of culture on to all of western society? You realize that cultural activity is fundamentally based out of willful engagement by those within the culture right? How can you get the art/architecture/media/discourse you want when no one besides an extremely small handful of people agrees with or is even aware of your conception of culture?

Marxism as an economic standpoint is absolutely feasible for a culture to embrace, however I don't understand how you could possibly think that whatever culture develops out of that economic development will magically conform to your desires


Human motivation is no different than that of a dog. It chases after pleasure, and runs away from the pain. Implementing culture is easy. You throw degenerates in the gulag, and you reward proper cultural men.

Doesnt matter if someone agrees or disagrees with drowning in an ocean, it is what is going to happen to him if he ends up in the middle of one. Doesnt matter if someone agrees or disagrees with a tiger mauling his guts, it's what is going to happen to you if you end up next to a tiger.

Feelings here are absolutely irrelevant.

It's already happening, where are you living?

lol first off, I'm not actually Muslim but you're also incredibly misinformed about Islamic history. Historical societies which are primarily Muslim have made serious intellectual progresses and have obviously proved themselves to be palpable to Western groups. There isn't a stable Muslim identity that we can identify will all incarnations of Islam.

Spoiler: fat people, junkies, and bad art have all been around for centuries. There is no organic way for you to somehow get rid of societal phenomena that you don't like.

1) Islamic societies had progress despite Islam, not because of it. And progress stopped because of Islam, not for some unrelated reason.

2) "fat people, junkies, and bad art have all been around for centuries". At different RATES. Do you know what a percentage is?

Are you aware of how many people existing today would neatly fit into your category of 'degenerate?' Are you just gonna throw millions of people into the gulag and act like that's not a horrible way to deal with society? How on earth do you imagine to seize the political authority needed to implement this incredibly fringe ideology? I mean communism itself has enough obstacles, but to add a radical idea of culture on top of that and think it's at all workable is fucking nuts

What is Islam to you?

nigga you white the fuck kinda "culture" you want to uphold? the western world is built on genocide and capitalism, there is nothing here to save. I'm from god damn Norway, the whitest of the white, and even I can see that there is NOTHING HERE WORTH PROTECTING. Burn it down, start a new, maybe we can learn from the latinos.

anime is not nazbol

I shouldn't feel alienated on this board. I finally started swallowing the stirnerpill and have finished half of The Ego and His Own, as well as starting on Foucalt and finishing Adorno as soon as my spring break hits. I still gravitate occasionally to /liberty/ and Holla Forums when I see nazbols here get shut down for expressing dissent. If we didn't have as much hate meanwhile anfem tripfag is let loose to shit on everything I'd feel max /comfy/ here and sit down for discussions.

give me your Norwegian women if you think "nothing is worth protecting" you spineless literal cuckold

the fuck is there to learn from latinos?

Literally happened before shitslam shit slammed Persia and Egypt. Translating things from Greek doesnt count as science.

Islam is a prime example of why culture matters. Those flee bitten retards could have conquered whole Europe if they werent braindead from their unculture. Hell even today none of them can figure out an air force because quran is shit when it comes to missile technology and aerodynamics



lol @ you

You can have them, if the white skin is so damn precious to you. Fucking hell, it's pathetic really. At least latinos know how to make food with TASTE and SPICE.

great; i'll give them le dick while u watch bcuz u clearly get off to that

they need spices to mask their rancid low quality meats

Greek democracy, Roman law, and rene-science. Those column thingies on govt buildings. Separation of church and state. Freedom to drink alcohol if you want. Having trials before using force.

These things seem trivial to you because you are from Norway, go to Africa or Middle East and see what happens to sheltered urban faggots like you, see how much you will miss the fancy columns, the court, the law, science products, not being beheaded by religious fanatics, and not being raped.

Go and get skinned alive by Mexican cartels, go and be assraped in a latino prison you fucking brainless wigger. You dont deserve Norway.

o no someone calls me out for having shit politik.

must have this fetish because politik and fetish?? i've never actually read a book??

hahahahha white people having quality meat yeah right buddy

o so i heard you liked developed society?

well wHY arent you going to this scoiety we kept from developing using force so we could keep extract cheap resources huh? ZING

You guys are something alright.

vague notions of utopian internationalism allow decadent western leftists to side (in theory) with the oppressed in far off lands while retaining their elitist contempt for the blue collar worker on the other side of town.

the principles behind left-nationalism are familiar to and totally compatible with the majority of people

in eastern europe communist and ex-communist parties are still an electoral force, acting as a bulwark against american imperialism, as well as defending their people from the threat of mass immigration. western leftists are so corrupted they'd rather let economically libertarian, pro-zionist far-right groups fill the populist vacuum…

explain how were shitskins shit before they even encountered white man.
explain how did white man conquer them all so easily if we are all equal.
explain how are shitskins entitled to not be conquered, when they were scalping each other, enslaving whites in the middle east, enslaving each other in africa, chinese today enslaving africans, etc etc

white culture was getting its teeth kicked in by muslims in the dark age, and tables were turned when whites started doing rene-science and muslims went full durka durka


You need to stop reading only western news. Eurasianism is a big deal.


A religion that promotes that government and faith are one and the same.

The conditions for such brutality to exist were in great part imposed by the west. How many warlords in Africa have been sponsored by Western interests. How much cocaine does America consume to finance cartels.

I believe the first world owes a great deal of reparations to the rest of us.

well ye, you're nazis larping with hammers and sickles.

you're not marxists, or leftists for that matter

Back to /r/socialism.

Hint: Nazbols are closer to anarchism than fascism. Hit the books before replying comrade

nazbols are autistic trash, op

not an argument

stop reading books

have you read marx? have you read lenin?

How can you possibly call yourselves socialists, when you oppose internationalist worker solidarity and want to split the workers based on your arbitrary spooks?

have you read bakunin? how the fuck can filth like you tell me to "hit the books", when you say shit like "nazbols are closer to anarchism than fascism"? your ideology is just Asserist filth, nothing more nothing less, and it has nothing to do with leftism

they are one of the very few things on Holla Forums that are moderately funny

is slavoj zizek nazbol

The fact that Europeans got greedy enough to conquer and shit on the rest of the world is not a virtue but a dangerous vice. Like an agressive cancer it must be removed.

P.S. Socialism will only work when the whole world is socialist!


You haven't produced shit nor has your spooky meme ideology, Nazball.
Yes, and you are a man of action, instead typing and typing. :^)
Again you are the polar opposite of this. :^)
Use your prescience to win the lottery.
Yup, and you're above it all. :^)

prove it
prove it
dongs slapping your mouth
go menstruate about this on Holla Forums, we don't care retard
hahaha what?
Nazballs didn't into space.
Nazballs didn't into Great Patriotic War.
don't you mean Merchant tier?

It's possible to support other national liberation movements in their fight against imperialism without dissolving borders and national identities.

imagine being as mad as this poster, lmao

what a great counterargument. you sure showed me.

Address the fact that certain groups have no revolutionary potential or are actually counter revolutionary (Muslims)

im not arguing fam

u are mad af

does seeing nazbol threads make u literally shake with seething anger?


You seem to have become confused, it is the nationalists who demand mind numbing uniformity. Every murrican must wear blue jeans, drive a Ford, watch Big Bang theory, and eat burgers and apple pie.
Every German must wear Bavarian styles, speak with the same accent, listen to the same "German" music, etc. What is Swabia? Never heard of it, this is GERMANY, liebchen.

Nationalism is a mutliculturalism, the earliest and the most insidious, since at least a McD's in Tokyo is foriegn. It rests on top, and allows the world beneath to thrive. Nationalism outright destroys the past and all the variety that was there in order to smear its idiot shit over it.

but the end goal of all leftist movements is international communism, be it through international revolution or "socialism in 1 country".

you seem to be confusing nationalism with americanism

You're perverting the intentions of both Social Darwinist, Chauvinist, Imperialistic Nationalism (which is expansionist and racial supremacist in nature) AND Socialism which is in conflict with borders and cultural identity based on abstract religious and social values.

Some vague utopian ideal has little relevance to the current struggle against imperialism. Were you against Chavez because of his populist nationalist approach?

your mother lets you stay up late if it's not a school night, huh?

History as my witness, I say Muslims have WAY more revolutionary potential than the apathetically comfy "white working class".
Your ignorance is appalling.

the word filter is all powerful


Don't forget the Zimana party in Poland

Serious question: Why don't nazbols just move to Holla Forums? I mean you'd already fit in there, and could just say "workers owning the means of production" instead of socialism, since Holla Forums doesn't give a shit about economics.

communism isn't a "vague utopian ideal"

read a fucking book seriously, there's no point discussing this any further with illiterate nazi filth

They'd ban us.

I like it when it's ironic

Because faggots who theorize are powerless to do anything about things happening. And so things will keep happening, and faggots will keep being shitter shattered about them.

While Stalin was sipping vodka and eating caviar, Marx was watching his children die in horrible sickness and pain and poverty because lazy bum would rather give blowjobs for paper to finish his worthless theories than get a job and feed his family.
While some retarded obscure ivory tower trendy urban impotent hipster intellectuals, whose intellect cant even be tested or proven rage at the cops and kick trashcans, swap anal aids and do hardcore drugs, Nazbols wake up early, lift, purge soft cunts, and carry out revolutions.


mass depopulation, destruction of the cities in fire, revolt of vitalism…lmao you should research on twitter to find out more user (its some cool stuff)


My guess is because most of them are probably either Russiaboos who would get triggered by Holla Forums posting dank meems of when the Nazis sort-of weren't losing on the Eastern Front, or because they are Holla Forums's hamfisted attempt at slick entryism and converting us to poopsoc.

What took you so long? I have been brow beating them about being weak pussies who have no spine and will be crushed by fascists. Nazbols come on here and shitpost about nationalism and poor white people being made fun of by faggot leftists and then that's it. Bang on about how weak they are, they really need to understand that their skulls are too thin to protect them in a street fight. They will literally be turned into pulp if there ever was mass guerrilla urban warfare against fascists who actively take steroids and ally themselves with paramilitary groups. they don't believe me, they think I'm posturing or some other nonsense

Really? Can you name one?

nice strawman
yes the cops are our friends :^)
watch the Blues Brothers, it's a good movie and will explain why they do that
shit-tier Holla Forums strawman
nobody cares
okay billy badass
you have a rich inner life, don't you?

I seriously think this is it. Everyday, I see a thread of a Holla Forums ambassador saying "Why don't we just join our two communities? I don't really give a shit about economics, so you can do socialism. As long as we can do ethnic cleansing."

Lel that's not me idiot. I would never call myself a fucking nazbol



Saged, reported, hidden, called the mods, emailed moot, emailed the admin, called the cops, called the state police, called the county sheriff, called your ISP, called the District Attorney, called Interpol, called the NYPD, called the State Attorney, called the LAPD, called Child Protective Services called the FBI, called US Homeland Security, called the CIA, called the NSA, called the US Marshals, called the local courthouse, called your State Constable, called London Metropolitan Police, called the German Police, called the TSA, called the US President, called the attorney general, called the National Guard, called the US marines, called the US Navy, called the US Air Force, called the US army, called the Royal Navy, called the governor of every state, called the Federal Air Marshals, called every sheriff deputy, called the Coast Guard, called the US Customs and Border Protection, called the RCMP, called every park ranger, called the mayor of every city in France, called the British Army, called the Queen, called NATO, called the Russian Air Force, called the Federal flight deck officers, called the UN, called the Corrections Department for every state, called the Australian Federal Police, called SWAT, called the Supreme Court, called the Mexican Police, called the White House, called the DEA, called the inspector general, called the Secret Service, called CNN, called ABC, called the vice president, called the senators for every state, called congress, called the pope, called CHP, called the Department of Fish and Wildlife for every state, called the internet police, called the US Capitol Police, and called the Party Van.

China's capitalist af
supporting ISIS is authoritarian and just choosing one would-be imperial power over the one that already exists
Lenin co-opted the socialist workers' movement to establish a new elite.

Do you not understand satire?

Yeah, potential to overturn the elites and create theocracies.

nazbol stronk

National Socialist here, there is literally no difference between Nazi and NatBol. I don't get why you try to so hard to "seperate" yourselves.
Is it because of your assumptions that we're all racist le hollocosters or whatever the fuck?
Do people here hate communism because of the historical communist nations and their actions? No? Then there is no reason for the anti-NatSoc bias and push to seperate an ideological group from itself like this.

And yeah I know some racist, sexist, classist, fascist mod is going to ban me for posting this but I know it to be true and I will say it damn it.

Bavarian revolution (Niekisch)
Valkyrie/Red Orchestra (Jünger to an extent)
Various other anti-Nazi uprisings (Strasser bros)
Cuba (Castro, look it up)
Burkina Faso (Sankara)
Everything Che did like ever
Yugo (Tito)
Yugo again (Milosevič, Arkan, and Limonov)
Albania (Hoxha)
Russia '93 (Federov, likely with help from Dugin and Limonov)
Crimea (likely with Dugin's help)
Novorussiya (pretty much ALL living Nazbols involved)
Iraq (Saddam)
Syria 63 (Hafez Assad)
Libya (Gaddafi)
Iran (Fardid AKA Persian Dugin, Al-e-Amad AKA Persian Jünger, Achmadenejad AKA Based Dinnerjacket, Shariati AKA Persian Evola, and the Ayatollah)
Lebanon-Syria-Israel wars (Nasrallah, Mehaidli, and Saadeh)
Somalia (Barre)
Korea (Kim nuff said)
Nam (Ho)
Venezuela (Chavez)

nazbol is the gayest thing that has ever been

lol how is "world communism" not a "vague utopian ideal"? can you explain in your own words how it can be implemented without piously deferring back to your infallible marxist scripture like some sort of dogmatic and inflexible christcuck?

how can socialist world hegemony be at all possible without the first stage of national liberation and the subsequent creation of a red bloc of socialist nations?

Jesus, the EVERYONE IS NAZBOL meme is fucking real.

wtf does this even mean

yeah, so do boneheads on Holla Forums. you're not changing the world by acting macho and bashing immigrants. all I've seen you idiots do is shitpost opium-hazed theories about how we can crash capitalism by cutting immigration and claiming you carried out all these revolutions that had nothing to do with your autistic political grouping.

LARP somewhere else, or kill yourself, or both.

This tbh, leftcom knows whats up

And despite all that they've still had more of an effect on the real world that this board.

that's because it's a Laotian goat herding discussion board you dense cunt, who goes onto a public forum and arranges actions with militants who live near them on Holla Forums?

the phrase above might not mean what you think it means.

Hmm. My English is, how you say, inelegant. I meant to say the only way socialism (in reality, not theoretical fantasy) can become a force in the world again is by the formation of a bloc of socialist and anti-imperialist nations with enough power/resources to threaten American unipolarity - like Chavez + Gaddafi attempted before being taken out.

The first stage is on the national level.

Literally everything ever done by anyone was Nazbol. Rest of the world, are you even trying?

I'll play devil's advocate. The whole immigration debate is mostly an issue of the West (US + Yurop), of people from outside the cupola wanting to get in. Now, the nazbol argument seems to be that for example people in the west should try to establish socialism under the cupola, then perhaps help people who are outside of it also establish socialism.

However, the people in the West today only enjoy the prosperity they are accustomed to thanks to extraction of value from outside the cupola. For us to have our coffee with our without milk/cream and our smartphones, we depend on farmers and miners being exploited in Africa, workers being exploited in China, and so on.

Therefor, to say that we want to establish socialism without also addressing this "external" element to the current system, or without allowing for a door for people outside the system being exploited to come inside, is simply trying to build a communist project on an imperialist foundation of third world exploitation.

It makes absolutely no difference to the poor farmers/fishermen or whatever. The numbers are miniscule, near entirely petty booj and play into the strategy of tension.

Even slavoj isn't that retarded

imperialist exploitation of "third world" workers and resources is a result of dollar hegemony - world bank/imf demand that third world nations accept "structural adjustment" loans and "aid" - encouraging corruption and loyalty to the US - crushing any populist/socialist movements - and through the resulting debt and continual threat of US engineered coups or color revolutions if the leadership goes off script they force privatization and deregulation

the only way to combat the current system is through the weakening of the current unipolarity which can only happen when resource rich nations band together against the US and support and arm all burgeoning anti-imperialist movements across the world

this so much.


took you only 3 days to photoshop that one