Holla Forums is the last hope for the left in this country to start talking about things that matter...

Holla Forums is the last hope for the left in this country to start talking about things that matter. Reddit and other places are stirring the movement towards identity politics. That is not the way. I did this for you Holla Forums

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the poster i used for those who are curious.

Do you really have faith in this place? I mean it's good for discussion but any normie would come in here and see all the shitpost and 360 turn and leave

that poster doesn't even make sense.

i was inspired by this thread.


yes i do have faith. the conversations on this board are the conversations that should be happening on all leftist boards.


another Holla Forumsack has stepped up. Will you?

it does. and it's meant to grab the attention of whoever looks at it and bring them here. normies need to be guided towards the real issues. identity politics has hijacked the left

This is the stupidest fucking poster. Come on comrades, we can do better than this.

It's just autistic enough to be appealing

This tbh fam

you think normalfags are just going to go to a url they saw on any old poster? the only people that would look twice at it either already know what Holla Forums or Holla Forums are

You miss the real point, friend. How many posters in how many different places now? I make it 6.


It's a good start, it would be much better with only one of those pictures and just the link. Drop the hello Leftypol and drop one off the pictures (make two posters, one for porky and one for the Aztecs)

It's literally the best place for leftist discussion on the entire internet as sad as it is.

What the fuck is that poster? Also, this place is full of shitposting, Stalin and other nonsense. I doubt any casual visitor would see value in being here.

Yea I agree with this guy. Next poster I do will have just the Aztec picture . This is a good idea

That says more about the state of the left than this place.

OP don't be discouraged by the negativity in this thread. Holla Forums is more than half of this board's population . They're afraid

I wish there were less dumb people here tbh.


*image on the left of the poster

I like the idea of passing out leftypol flyers but we need something better

Your flyer makes no sense!

this poster was just showing us that they will help us. If you would like to do similar things but with different ideas,, come join us on the discord and talk about it.

What is it like to have a complete lack of self-awareness?

COINTELPRO will pour all their resources into fucking us over worse than OWS if you do this and it takes off. Remember to read the sticky.


trips of truth

Why are you cretins so self-destructive? If you're aware that it's the only "safe place" on the entire fucking internet, then you should more cautious about inviting people, not fucking letting this place get flooded.

We asked the poster simply to go out and adorn a bathroom wall.

This is how they chose to do that. As is how we are choosing to operate.

if you really think one poster in a bathroom is going to flood this place you are the deluded one.

cause it isnt a safe space. Its a hobbyist board like chan boards are supposed to be, topics not pertaining to the hobby (leftist politics in this case) are pruned. Just because your shithole has become Holla Forums doesnt mean our shithole should be, and it not being Holla Forums doesnt make it a safe space

Still living at home I see. No surprise there, Holla Forums

I know this meme is dead, but with this recent upsurge in anarchist "activism" it is actually somewhat relevant.

TBH I feel like there needs to be a better place to link people besides an image board. You aren't getting any normies with this place.

link to essential bordiga writings?

Fact is that we should not let Holla Forums have too many illiterates, no matter if from /r/socialism or from some random bathroom, as it creates the danger of lack of theory becoming widespread. The quality going down is evident when we compare the present to eg. one year ago and while Holla Forums is still bearable compared to both 4/pol/ or 8/pol/, I see more and more people who learn from memes rather than from actual theory, so I'm worried that we are essentially heading into the same direction and it's the last fucking thing we want to happen.
Maybe we could say so, but there is a difference between talking about political theory, economics or philosophy and gossiping about shitty e-celebs.
I'm not a Holla Forumslack you cretin.

right now its just to amuse you guys and get you to join, the normies come after. If somebody comes here because of that poster they probably are somewhat ourguy already

I still feel like the best course of action would to be to have a separate site for educating people on proper leftist theory. If there isn't one in a couple of years I might do it myself.

I agree in theory, but the thing is, Holla Forums is very popular and we are not. They have broke the mainstream.

I think this is because, in some sense you need most people to be able to learn from memes, because you assuming those who learn only from memes would have learned some other way, but in fact they may have never learned at all. Memes might be the first step to reading.

I have also talked numerous times about such a place. I also envisage this group as an active research and education group. If we are to spread memes, they need to have substance. We aim to be both online and IRL remember

Hey, if you get it going power to you.

IDK I just think there's something kinda cringey about just advertising an image board out in the open. Even as a leftcom 70% not normie guy I kinda find public discussion of image boards like this place or 4chan IRL kinda a little bit cringey.

implying they weren't

Now the problem lies not in meme-tier theory itself, but rather the ratio of actual theory to meme theory in a given place. Holla Forums has worked well in the past because it had a reasonable percentage of actually reading people while still not being some discord circlejerk with 20 users. I'd argue that the solution is spreading our worldview without inviting people here, so we'll be able to focus on being, let's say, a "centre of theory" while the outside has "our" meme-tier theory. Otherwise, we risk turning Holla Forums into a cesspool of illiterates without anything to serve as that "centre of theory"

I'd worry about dumbing the board down more than it being hijacked by SJWs. SJWs have been trying to hijack the board for two years with no success.

This was just one of many posts, also, advertising leftypol and doing graffitii is notthe end goal, its just a way to amuse you guys to get you to sign up. We asked this poster to put something on a bathroom wall to gain our trust and he did. Others will come in the following days/hours.

I'd like you to think about this guys post

and tell me why it is true.


There seems to be some resurgence in the recent weeks though, I even saw some plebbit-tier turd worldist complaining about white proles today. I wouldn't be shocked if some of those were Holla Forumslacks rather than plebbitors, since I also see "fuck off Holla Forums" being overused(likely on purpose).

Don't post the link around you faggot. This was discussed in every thread before this.

Actually bump so we can get some clarification on if posting the link around like a stupid fuck is being actively encouraged.

No it isn't. I don't discourage it at all however

Could you start discouraging it? I don't see any logical reason to other than if you care about user count, which has been proven to only harm the board if attempts to artificially increase it are made.
Also the poster makes no sense.

Normies don't even know what porkie represents. It's meant grab attention . The intent is to redpill

If you would like to be part of group decision making, perhaps you should become part of the group.

It doesn't have to make sense, it served its purpose.

In any case, It makes perfect sense-in that, it makes as much sense as the author wanted it to, which wasn't exactly a coherent line, given its 2 memes- so I don't know what this meme is all about.

Wat. The image communicates literally nothing. Don't start memeing me about subjectivity.

I'll join (and so will quite a few others given how many people are saying this) when you get your secure connections sorted out. I'm not against it and will contribute to the threads until then but I just don't think littering various corners of the planet with leftypol/the entire URL is a clever idea.


We are sorting out our secure channels. I will hold you to this, random user





sry but
Holla Forumsintelpro repeats itself?

why is OP not permabanned?