What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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this is actually a question that greatly interests me… im hoping this thread doesnt devolve into shitposting

He was a social outcast with an obsession for death. People like him rarely turn out fine — they either kill themselves or bring other people along in their suicide.

What went right? Jerking off in a little made up town isn't an achievement.

not sure what you mean. the people all successfully reached their goal of leaving this world of racism, imperialism and capitalism via suicide.
i guess one could criticize that they didn't take out as many cops and porkies and politicians as possible, but hey, people gotta experiment before they find a strategy that works.

They went from a peaceful commune that was lead by a bit of a weirdo who liked being called dad, to a spooky cult subjecting its members to constant propaganda, cutting them off to the outside world and manipulating them against each other, when they moved to South America. It's pretty horrific.

But I do wonder if Jim Jones changed his mind, or if that was his idea to begin with.

He did a lot of drugs, didn't he?
My impression is that he thought the feds or someone were going to raid them, and when some people asked to leave and a congressman was present he concluded the hour had come.

Or maybe he wasn't satisfied with anything but perfection. Or maybe the CIA did it all.

Someone should make a game like Tropico, but with a little cult town sort of thing.

Jones was a sociopath who dressed up communism under the aesthetics of christian Pentecostalism, you ever hear the tapes they have recorded of him and he sounds evil as fuck, he would terrorize the children and punish any insubordination.
Also the final death tape is super creepy


funfact, jones used to have sex with the men to prove who was in charge

Let this be a reminder that the most dangerous people, those who come out on top, are those who don't actually believe in what they preach.

Yeah, tell us what went wrong. Not everyone here is an untermensch burger, so we have no idea what you're hallucinating about.

I don't think the experimental method works if your tests include your own suicide, user. I agree it's a shame they didn't form terrorist cells instead though.

in hindsight this is an early indicator of the beginning of the neurotic left social justice warriors (for lack of a better term to use)
wasnt he also the first man to adopt black children in his state at the time?

Here is 8 chans Christian board, favorite meme pastor breaking it down to you



Oh, hey, /christian/. Haven't seen or heard of your board since our boards had comparable amounts of members and posts.

honestly find this fucking hilarious for some reason

Jones had ties to the CIA as early as twenty years before Jonestown.

You do the numeric equation of relative implication.

As if this board doesn't have its own favorite "pastors"

hmmmm, was he a plant?

what the fuck

too much capitalism

I don't even get how he turned it into a suicide cult, didn't they base it all on Christianity, which says suicide is wrong?

if you're a christian then it's a sacrifice


utopian socialism

how? All this says is how dangerous having leaders in a revolutionary phase is.

There is a difference between leadership and a cult of personality. Leadership pushes people to their best. This shit is just serving the ideas of one man.

Anderson is their unruhe and he pisses off normies, Catholics, and jews


Pissing off people for all the wrong reasons.

I'm not going to sit here and defend him but consider the fact that Jones convinced more people to give up their lives and sacrifice it for a "revolutionary ideal" then the dues-paying membership of the vast majority of American left-wing parties.

I mean I honestly believe it was a controlled op, likely some sort of spooky psy-op thing or the FBI would've stopped Jones from doing what he was doing. But the fact he convinced a thousand people who move to a hellhole in British Guyana is pretty impressive.

They got to be saved mayne

He can get pretty leftypol too, here he is shitting trump for greed


he's an unapologetic crazy baptist

Ironic considering the line between the two is always so blurred from history's perspective.

Maybe you just don't know what leadership means. "Leader" doesn't mean "the guy in charge". That's not how shit is supposed to work.

I can't wait for this to happen to me and all my leftypol friends!

My ideal society would be a nation of crazy baptist equivalants. many baptists i know don't care what boot they're under as long as they can continue to gather and further the Lord's kingdom.