Where do we stand on Antifa and Neo-Anarchism in general?

Where do we stand on Antifa and Neo-Anarchism in general?

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We fight over it and eventually start bitching over whose failed socialist project was best.


shock troop pawns
tactical trash can destroyers

what is hyper ultra left anti thought

some one has to bash the fash

Wow it's almost like the artist tried to convey that.

The most successful basher of the fash himself had some crypto-fascist tendencies.

Totally a real thing

Google ZizekChin

Antifa are good useful idiots, but we're gonna have to purge social anarchists like the rest of porky

I think he's referring to social anarchists/postleft

But we have gulags for them

Yeah, that's the point idiot.

They are theoryless idiots, but it's funny when they punch Richard Spencer.

mostly libs/progressives being edgy and getting their rocks off with an excuse for violence imo, BUT, they'd probably be some of the easiest to recruit.
Unless the LARPing somehow means they'd actually be the hardest but that sounds like a slightly strained "bullshit but it sounds somehow wise" line of logic.

why do you have a YPG flag then

Antifa tries to fight something on the cultural level (superstructure) that is actually an economic phenomenon (base).

Their intentions are fine. What's shit is their theory (or lack of) and their misdirected praxis…

even when it was anti-capitalist, vaporwave still sucked

Really good talk on neo-anarchism, for anyone interested:

"The talk concludes with an exploration of neoanarchism’s latent affinities with neoliberalism; as neoanarchism developed primarily in opposition to state-led Fordist capitalism and its Marxist opposition, aspects of its social critique overlap with that of neoliberalism. This makes neoanarchism especially prone to recuperation – the process of incorporating radical ideas and movements into power – an important but overlooked factor contributing to both movement decline and the legitimization of power. Whereas the anti-corporate politics of the alterglobalization movement was recuperated as ethical consumption, the anti-statist communitarian politics of movements like Occupy Wall Street have also been absorbed into the neoliberal discourse of the post-crisis era. Echoed in the Tory Big Society program and the U.S. Tea Party manifesto, their shared emphasis on direct action self-provisioning by non-state actors, critique of “politics,” and emphasis on economic alternatives is increasingly attractive to both left and right. Thus just as New Left critiques of the hierarchical Fordist order lent ethical legitimacy to neoliberalism, neoanarchism offers a potential glimpse of a new spirit of capitalism perfectly adapted to the austerity conditions of “post” or “zombie” neoliberalism. In this light, neoanarchism’s allegedly impractical and utopian politics can also be understood as the vanguard of capitalist development, prefiguring not the new society but the means to modernize and stabilize the old."


the thing is, people who helped defeat fascism before were not your friends

I hope you're not implying that Anarcho-Primitivism is post-left.

nothing gets past you buddy

holy fuckign shit dude

Attacking nazis is not attacking speech. They can talk, just not be an ethnic nationalist without consequence.

With that kind of logic everyone has free speech. Any best-korean is free to talk shit about the great leader, just not without consequence.

no dude its different when the government does it, its okay when private institutions or people do.

Somebody outing themselves as a nazi should not be ignored. If they are attacked purely for being a nazi, then, it does not matter. Think of it like cockroaches, it doesn't matter where the cockroach is or what it's doing, if it's in your house you squish it or throw it out.

Ypg isn't anarchist idiot

Pic related

Nigga what?

I'm against markets as much as i am against anarkiddies that think you can have a planned economy without a state

70%liberal LARPers 30% people who are genuine left.

Tbh probably the best chance of the left getting into power in a lot of places since it's by far the most popular far left movement. I wish it could be something else that's smarter but meh.

Holla Forums seems to be genuinely scared of them, so they're ok.

What is next, denial of someone's existence?
No for real you have problems with capitalists taking a cut out of your paycheck (even tho in the west its the private sector employee who has to babysit you, give you all kinds of benefits, health care, etc), but you would deny innocent person's a right to say what's on his mind?

Fucking hell healthcare and education costs materials, training, doctors, professors, highly skilled, highly qualified individuals, buildings, tools, all kinds of stuff.
Free speech doesnt cost a thing.

How much of a little bitch do you have to be if you are afraid of what someone might say? Just how weak is your position? Yall need helicopter rides.

Also, for people who advocate a classless society, I have never in my life heard or seen as fragmented group as the left. Holy fuck you cant find this much 'us vs them' anywhere else on Earth.


Nobody has the "free speech" you are talking about. The closest people came was on the Wild West internet of the nineties. It is a fantasy.

It started with denial of someone's existence. Speech is irrelevant once you consider that. I don't care what you have to say, I care what you are. What else do you do with a cockroach in your kitchen?

Trashcan kicker logic. What is wrong with you?

No court of law and no officer of the court should be able to carry out arrests for what someone fucking said, as they do all over Europe. Fucking hell you have people selling heroin and fragmentation explosives, who get less prison time than some harmless contributing member of society making a fucking joke.

Nazis are defined by wanting to do nazi stuff. Nazi stuff isn't good for me. It makes sense to me.

With that thinking statists or voters deserve to be attacked same as Nazis.

Ok. You are a nazi. Someone get a rope, this guy is a nazi. It is like that because I said so.

10/10 legal system, anarcho-anything could be better summed up as warlord-ism. Like fascism, but for people who cant organize or plan or postpone gratification. There is no thought for the future, there is no system or order, it's just who ever has the biggest stick get to hit the biggest trashcan.

Everyone was a crypto-fascist at that time, it was the whole political ideology, just like neoliberalism is today. Of course winners write the history so now we all think like allies were some kind of faggot liberals from the very start.

Maybe not voters since that's not much more than meaningless gambling, but statists yes.


Antifa are usually neo-liberals with boomer parents. These people will end up wage slaves in a cubical, if they already aren't confined to that existence. It's also hilarious how they ended up being one of /pols/ biggest boogeymen.