Canada thread, get in here fellow leaf people

Canada thread, get in here fellow leaf people.

Why haven't you joined the Conservative Party and voted for Mad Max Bernier yet? He's the perfect accelerationist candidate.

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I don't need to, Liberals are already done for

If NDP take primary opposition again and then swing back to succdem I guess I'll be ok

Burger here, Worked great for us.

Still nothing yet…

Maybe we need more time….

And what is the end goal? Breaking apart and being absorbed by the US?

prole-pill me on Bernier

I was gonna vote ML for the next GE

The brilliance of memes is, you don't even need a policy. You just do whatever is hip on tumblr and people will fawn over you.

What he just privatised health care? Who cares, he just danced the dwab and it has 10 million likes on facebook.

Trudeau will be Canadian Merkel. 16 years. Maybe more.


He's a Libertarian running under the Conservative party.

Wants unpinned mags, easier access to firearms training, reclassification of firearms which will unban a lot of weapons, less government influence in the "free markets", and less RCMP interference in the daily lives of Canadians.

Overall I see him as the best option for people right.


Why not?

I thought that aussies were the worst shitposters? or is it a commonwealth thing?

Shit's fucked anyways, fam.

May as well heighten the contradictions and get our arms unrestricted in one election.

Leafs and Strayas are unrivaled in their ability to ruin threads with random sperging


Burgercucks just mad that our nations have been better than theirs for generations and the rest of the world actually likes us

more of a provincial thing and its been slowly happening for 30 years now

It's actually the crypto-gypsies

Everyone knows shit is fucked, if I vote for Bernier, will muh diversity die?

burgers need to accept that they are a child of mother britain and that they are fat and gay

This is a dangerous path to take. It's a lot harder to nationalize industry than it is to privatize it.

If our healthcare/transportation goes private, it won't be going public again for a very long time.

I would prefer if infastructre didn't get privatised because holy shit telecom is already bad in saskachewan

It was gonna all come tumbling down eventually. Trudeau is the most corrupt prime-minister we've ever had and the entire liberal party needs to be executed.

most corrupt? nah he is clinton levels of corrupt, no where near pms like mulroney or ctretian



Idk about Trudeau being the most corrupt ever, but it's not like him or the NDP are doing anything meaningful to bring about socialism.

If bourgie democracy isn't going to give us socialism we might as well at least get some guns out of it.

I wish i was part of the Leaf empire. Leafs are way better than burgers.
They have some god tier social programs in Leafland. Which means they aren't corrupt.

That's because you leafs are nice and don't have dreams of world domination like the burgers.

You'd be right if you were talking about Trudeau Sr. Junior is just some faggot who travels to foreign countries and tries to strike capitalist trade deals. He hasn't pulled the dictatorship switch like his father did to fight a Marxist-Leninist revolution.

Holy shit how corrupt were they?


I have an idea: Make preparations for spontaneous block parties to occur when Brian Mulroney dies, and have some radical leftist occultist shenanigans going on at the same time.

Are there any good books on the FLQ? I'm moving to montreal over the summer.

Aussies > Leafs > Bongs > Kiwis > Yanks

Also burger here.

Ehh IDK. I feel like there's more of an atmosphere of people shifting left when it's just liberals getting really antsy because trump.

Any statistics on whether proper accelerationism is happening or not?

mulroney was the king of taking bribes. the big one was him and members of his cabinet were getting bribed by airbus so air canada would buy their shitty planes at inflated cost.

chretien's big one was running 13 year long program of funneling money into Liberal friendly ad companies in quebec that were own by his buddies and right before the scandal broke he resiegned leaving pual martin holding the bag

this thread need a little swedish communism to get back on track


Alberta reporting in.

Kill me pls.

how big of a trash fire is the AB NDP?

A big one. You can't walk three feet in downtown Edmonton without someone complaining about Notley and the carbon tax.

Doesn't the Alberta government give a carbon tax rebate though? That's what I heard. That can help low income persons and families pay for their gas depending on how it is designed.

I receive a GST rebate of like $105 from the government every quarter because I'm low-income. Comes out to $26+/month. Sales tax, like carbon tax, is a regressive flat tax. So this is the government's way of helping out the poor a bit.

accelerationism does not work. When people lose their jobs, trade in the good jobs they lost for shit jobs or see their wage stagnate, they don't push back. Like ever. People are just afraid to lose what they still have.

Your deffinetly right about that. Unfortunately people seem to have fallen for the 'social democrats are totally socialists you guys' meme.

Are LGBT rights in Canada good?

Couldn't we create illegalist co-ops and then use them for, something? They say to organize but the only people I could probably organize are lumpen.


I joined the CPC for Kellie Leitch.

Accelerationism is a meme. Having unskilled rapefugees here increases division and makes people less likely to support wealth redistribution. Why do you think the Neo-Liberal Party of Canada loves unskilled immigration?

Who wants redistribution?

why are you people here?

People who see their friends suffering because of a lack of good jobs.

Social groups are extremely segregated still. Canadian cities look like they're legally segregated. Multiculturalism = ghettoism.

You got memed on faggot



Immigrants here actually commit less crimes than native born Canadians. That anti-immigrant sentiment may make some sense in Europe where they let basically anybody in, but here it's pretty unjustifiable.