Are all ancaps pedophiles? Should we get them all arrested?

Are all ancaps pedophiles? Should we get them all arrested?


they would get "an cap" to their pedo heads if u know what im getting @… hue hue hue


Nope and there's nothing wrong with being a pedophile.

how many posts till the pedo apologists show up
ohhhhhhh wait i'm too late

you forgot your ancap flag mate

fuck off moralfaggot

ancaps will be the first to the gulag come the revolution, god willing

found the pedos

again… why do we argue with literal pedophiles if we don't accept simple liberal idpol. anchor please.

I'm pretty sure this guy is being ironic. I refuse to believe that ancaps are this fucking autistic about their pedophilia.

All anarkiddies are like this.

We have this thread every week, comrade.

Maybe because every time you dumb moralfags try to argue with us you get BTFO then go cry on the mod sticky and some butthurt mod has to anchor the thread.

oh boy here we go

How about we make a deal, tankies get to send pedos to the gulag and everyone else lives free?

We have those threads at least once a week, do you faggots find some masochistic pleasure in acting like a broken record?

More like everyday, pedos love outing themselves.

The electric chair is the only cure for pedophilia

I have noticed accross the years a disproportionately large amount of pedophilia apologia coming specifically from ancaps and SJWs.

The majority of ancaps are not pedos.

Though, the majority of pedos are ancaps.


that minority is pretty vocal then

Nah, they just get a lot of attention because it's fun to make fun of.

they draw at least some of that attention with their spergouts tho

This is what pol thinks about pedos and communism

a large number of people on the right wing are pedos, the Pizza Gate thing is a massive case of projection (not that there isn't something legitimate about the idea of cabals of elite pedos like Ted Heath and Prince Andrew or the Hollyweird creeps)

Only if you use the fucktarded American definition of pedo. Actual pedos are very uncommon everywhere. There are many on the right who think the AoC should be lowered, but it's the same for the left. This isn't really a partisan topic.

AoC being lowered to 16 isn't the same thing as pederasty at military boarding schools and within the Catholic Church

There are pedos in every ideology. You're just alienating others

I'd lower it to 14-15, but you're not going to find anyone in the AoC lowering movement defending the Catholic Church's molestation or supporting people engaged in the type of shit that PizzaGaters are investigating. None of us want anything to do with human trafficking. I personally consider PizzaGate highly likely to be real, and if it's proven to be real immediate action should be taken against the perpetrators.

I'd lower it to 16 because thats the AoC in most states anyway and I don't think 18 year olds should be getting 20 years for taking a snapshot of someone two years younger.

Not even a pedophile, I just think it would just be more convenient to have a national age of consent at 16 instead of a national one at 18 and scattered individual confusing state AoC's.

No but they are all fully willing to accept a system that has nothing to prevent child prostitution so they're definitely fellow travelers

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Can I ask why being moral is such an insult? just because some of you are shitstains doesn't make those who aren't "faggots"

god bless you user

No. Many of them are well-meaning people. They just don't understand how reality works and why we need a fucking military.


There is nothing right and everything wrong with being a pedophile.

In the early days of 4chan, being a moralfag was considered bad because it meant you had a stick up your ass. Many oldfags still keep this mentality, and so it has somewhat passed on to Holla Forums as well.


anti pedo is idpol, much like racism and homophobia is.

Pedophilia is not a sexuality. Sexuality is based on gender. Attracted to males as a male? Ok, fine, you're gay. Attracted to strictly male children? Ok, you're gay, but also a pedophile, and you're mentally ill.


Pedos should be put to death

Despook yourself

What would be your preferred AoC and what specific moral principles entitle you to force everyone else to abide by it?


Faggots are mentally ill too.
The standard to measure mentally illness it's whether or not someone feel sexual arousal when looking at something that isn't the default societal norm.
I learned this on another thread.

nice agephobia, sinner.