The bourgeoisie have adopted Stirner's teaching, haven't they...

The bourgeoisie have adopted Stirner's teaching, haven't they? They want to keep Stirner out of the mainstream so they have a monopoly on egoism, keeping class consciousness low.

why the hell would a voluntary egoist risk helping someone drowning in an ocean of spooks?

No, they just have their own bastardized bourgeois individualism

Because if you rescue an involuntary egoist from their spooks and they become a voluntary egoist like oneself, you can become a union of voluntary egoists and work more efficiently toward your mutual benefit.

You know nothing, kid.

I once tried to destroy my individual ego once and found that many people tried to take advantage of me and the little capital/material possessions I owned.

Is this what Stirner was trying to save us from?
Capitalist money grabbers?

Yes. It is in your own interest to stop capitalism. That is what the union of egoists is all about.

At last, I truly see.

In an Egoist society, would you lads open up an Egoist Milk Shop such as the one Stirner operated at one time?

Only if everyone agreed that it is in their own best interest to do so.

I don't think that's the case. Nothing is more to me than my property and myself and all that sure but Stirner is mainstream but egoism is considered extremely fringe.

The fact you don't understand what he's trying to say from that worries me greatly.


He was for personal self interest first and the right of everyone to have their own self interest and nothing makes more sense than to look out for yourself and what you want and your goals are an individual rather than the collectivism like communism or other spook ideologies and identities beyond your own. That the bourgeois or capitalists are every bit right in their self interest and property as anyone else and they are correct and rational in doing so.

What if one Egoist is lactose intolerant and is against the Milk Shop operation?

Would there be a Democratic style voting on whether or not a Milk Shop would benefit Egoists?

The union only lasts as long as people believe the union to be beneficial. Everyone has the individually agree to be part of the union. So if the union doesn't benefit you, you would have to evaluate if it is worth to stay in the union. In this specific case, you could assume that even if the milk shop doesn't benefit the person with lactose intolerance. The overall benefit of being in the union surpasses the loss by not benefitting from the milk shop.

First off one of the earliest things you learn from Stirner is that class is a spook and it doesn't matter if what they or yourself do is immoral because morals don't matter as they are spooks. They're going after their own interests and property like a rational being would and there's nothing wrong with that. Same with workers who demand ownership over the means of production. The point is that neither the bourgeois or proletariat are in the wrong, that you love every man because they seek their own personal satisfaction and interest regardless of their class, that they merely seek their own personal interests and rightfully so like most every living thing and you should too and put your own self interest above everything else.

Unions are exactly that, a union of people with shared interest. If you or others are lactose intolerant, clearly milk is not in your own personal interest, so there is no union.

so that later they can help you, relatively little effort, extending your arm, for potential reward, lifetime of gratitude and respect.

Only a faggot would not serve their own ego in this way because they were too lazy to extend their arm

Less people who are against you because of spooks.

lol so good not to be spooked or even worse handicapped by instincts similar to those of dogs instinctively serving people without even needing spooks

lol one is supposed to feel ashamed of being a faggot because shame totally isn't a spook

no way, they are supposed to be unhappy because their victims suffer! lmao

I don't get the Stirner meme. Stirnerites are basically the anti-Hobbes? Y'all believe the war of all against all is communist utopia?

Or is it something like, as per Hobbes you have to make sacrifices to enter a union of egoists, but the dialectic drives those sacrifices down to nothing?

So Stirner is basically an edgier version of Milton Freedman?