Why do Holla Forums want to destroy this?

Why do Holla Forums want to destroy this?

on the contrary, i would like it to be mandatory

wtf am I watching

I don't know what this is, but I don't really care if it dies, I guess.

Because it is commodification of genuine culture.

I wish that the Trolololo guy was alive to do a duet with her.

Get thee behind me, faggot.

because we will fuck anything with a hole. and most thing without a hole.

Who told you this lie?

Nazi propganda/10

If you allow capitalism to continue she'll be dressed in such a manner no different from an average American female and singing pop songs.

Capitalism makes culture uniform.

nice digits

Hey, we actually agree on something.

I'd destroy dat pussy tbqh


A communist society is infinitely more cultured than a capitalist one. Can someone fill me in with the Marx quote about being cultured?

False, Holla Forums is a noted women-respecting board. We don't objectify women's bodies, except for their feet

objectification doesn't exist

Yes, indeed.

I love women 😍🤗


OP, ask yourself. What is causing the distruction of traditional clothes, music and culture?

Is is the evil internet gommies or are it the american international corporations, their media and their brands?


Its already happening with a limited amount of migration.

White culture is not being destroyed.

All culture is being destroyed.