W e w

W e w

"Communism is bad"

Socialism is better than communism tbh



oh look more horseshit theory


I thought we were past this?

Sharing an opinion with someone does not mean you're subsequently interchangeable with or even particularly similar to that person.



I'm just glad they didn't use Lenin in the headline, which would be a more direct attack against gommunism as a political philosophy. Mao is more of a special case, to put it lightly, so I don't feel the need to defend him in every instance.


It's true but not for the reason he is saying.

"Socialist" does not work as an insult anymore, so now they are using "communist" instead. Yeah, keep moving that overton window.

WTF I love Trump now?!

Well, Trump did say something about "workers power" in his last rally in Florida, so…


Marriage is bourgeois. Kill yourself, liberal.


Kill yourself, Frank Sinatra.

really making me cringe man, read a book.


having sex and getting married is bourgie t. INCEL

Liberals can't even tie their shoes in the morning without permission from their lords and a patent license. No reason to treat their yapping as English.

Why do you need mommy's permission to love?

Needing marriage to have sex isn't bourgeois.

you literally don't know what marriage is

Liberals drumming up a new Red Scare? not surprised.