What does Holla Forums think of this man?

What does Holla Forums think of this man?

Le 19th century edgelord

Yes very good

Too contradictory.

How so?

misread by retards who couldn't bother into classics and build up to the point they actually would be able to handle his ideas, his case was kinda like a more tragic George Orwell

stirner was better anyway

did nothing wrong

Yup Stirner completely wrecks this guy's shit; I think he's only popular because of it's association to Nazis


Copied his shit that was actually worthwhile from Stirner. But you know, intellectual property is a spook so whatever

Edited into his work post-mortem by his sister

I've been enamored with Nietzsche and Stirner and want to actually delve into philosophy to really understand these books, what do?

I think Nietzsche's works are an apologia in the present day because they form the basis behind social insights in a Capitalist society; calling Orwell is a tragedy is fine, but calling Nietzsche a tragedy is a bit hypocritical.


technically your correct, you cant kill something that never exited in the first place.



Geneology of Morality is very good and you should all read it. Nietzche in general was a great philosopher and dismissing him based on his meme reputation is embarrasing.

Shit, like all philosophers

i love james connolly!


Imagine being so mentally deluded you so enough lyngistic gymnastics to believe in something that has no evidence lol.

Stirner's meme attempt at being an edgy Hegelian has nothing on Nietzsche's rich oeuvre.

Nietzsche doesn't have the benefit of being memed to death by Holla Forums like Stirner, and also doesn't pander to their sensibilities, and also demands more of his readers than Stirner, so Holla Forums of course rashly dismisses him like they do to any thinker who doesn't pander to their tiny attention spans.

Marx is just an easy to read thinker. You can plow through Capital and be done in a day