Bill Maher's interview with Milo last night, in case anyone missed it. It's very cancerous, as you'd expect

Bill Maher's interview with Milo last night, in case anyone missed it. It's very cancerous, as you'd expect.

Pretty interesting how a liberal and a reactionary find a lot to agree on. Really tickles the ol' grey matter.

What, about being pro-free speech and anti-religion? These are liberal/reactionary positions now?

I missed it for a reason.

Worst part of all this is that we missed the opportunity to see Scahill and that CIA stooge go at it. Thanks Milo.

Scahill is a pussy for not showing up, tbh. He could have aired his grievances to Bill straight to his face and he could have shit on Milo in the process. Fuck, even stupid Larry Wilmore got some owns in on Milo during the post-show.

Why do people lose their shit so much over Milo? He's literally just some random blowhard that gets off on triggering people. He's not some kind of evil he's just a dick.

Kinda agree. I get his reasoning for not wanting to go and it's totally his choice but it would have been nice to have someone with some conviction on the panel. Bill was obviously gonna softball the clown.

Doxxing trans students and undocumented students is more than just being a troll or a dick.

He's just a professional right-wing SJW, that's all.

And this is what that moniker entails.

Free speech isn't a good thing

Joy Ann Reid was praising the CIA stooge, who comes on her show like every other day, and plugging his book while saying nothing about Maher basically agreeing with Milo on doxxing trans people. Peak liberal punditry.


Why do people keep giving this useful idiot, provocateur, attention?


The host of the worst show on MSNBC, which is probably airing right now. Basically the liberal Rush Limbaugh. Clintonites adore her, obviously.

That sounds fucking horrible

He's completely worthless. "Proud liberals" are the most annoying people.

Freeze Peach is a spook. Follow your own advice and go back to leddit.

Smerconish was felating the CIA this morning too. Fucking Maher basically pulls a MUH TROOPS on Milo after he called the CIA dude dumb. There's a full court press going on right now to make intelligence agencies look like the heros we don't deserve. Worst part is people are eating this garbage up.

Dude, what the fuck is up with the ex-CIA guy and cable networks. I never previously heard of this faggot in my life. It seems like they just shill for him in particular, got a clue as to why?

scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds.

No idea. Bob Baer pops up every now and then as well. During the coup in Turkey last year he was on CNN joking about the fact that he had special insight because he'd taken part in coups before. All the anchors just laughed it off.

if you think that's what this is about, yes

Speech is expression, and to deny it is to deny the material conditions that led to the ideas being expressed

Speech isn't even the platform upon which ideas proliferate - media is.

Aside from that, thinking you can demand speech regulation and not have it bite you in the ass is hilariously naiive

You get no gulag or wall. Your throat gets slit and we watch you bleed out, fashie

I'm genuinely interested in his background now


Doxxing is free speech now.


There's nothing wrong with this. Millions will have to die in the revolution for Communism to be implemented. Ultimately, free speech is bad because rights are a spook. Speech that benefits us is good, and reactionary speech should be crushed.

This cannot be done under capitalism because of the reliance on the state to do it - and it will not be necessary in communism because material conditions will not lead to the necessary distribution of reactionary ideologies

wow OP color me suprised

That's a part of the it. Free speech itself isn't that important, but media and the power of speech is. Right now the power of speech is controlled, and it has been for a long time.

But I do question if certain things should be regulated in some way because they already are, by what gets proliferated in the media. American media is very fundamentally pro-capitalist at every turn. Sometimes you get dissent on the traditional media, but especially in the past it was relatively minor and suppressed at its peak by those who controlled the media. It's like the Bernie and Cruz debate, where Cruz said you should have the freedom to buy expensive healthcare plans, and Bernie said "you can do that right now. Go out and buy the best healthcare plan. Oh, you can't? Access is meaningless, you can't buy it anyways".

The internet has thrown a bit of a wrench in traditional media hegemony, but I think the effect is still minor as far as Trump is concerned compared to the conservative media push by ideologue billionaires who own media companies and political organs devoted to spreading their message for decades. Grassroots orgs have tried to combat them in the same time period with whatever they can, but it's an incredible uphill battle.

In this sense I think speech is already regulated, and I don't think having a party in power that rations out speech the way it is now would be much of a change. It's just an inverse mirror. I think it is difficult to define where leniency should be made, because this is all up to the discretion of individuals and groups of individuals, but I can say what the ideal is. That honest ideas productive towards informing the public should be put out there. Right now there are toxic and dishonest ideas put out there constantly to confuse and mislead the public, even ideas the talking heads don't actually believe. They're just means to make ad dollars and book sales. That is all Milo appears to be. He is a dishonest person just trying to get eyes on him.

Free speech is an imperialist spook, and so are all Western liberal charters of "human rights": there is only proletarian speech and bourgeois speech; only revolutionary speech and counter revolutionary speech. Now get the fuck out.

That seems very idealistic and naive. Communism won't happen instantly, and during the establishment of socialism reactionarg ideologies do disseminate in the public, especially because any socialist country has had to deal with people only 2 or 3 generations removed from the old order. People are still well aware they live in a revolutionary state. It isn't quite so "natural" yet as what seems like the infinite hegemony of capitalism, a horizon that many people almost can't conceive of looking beyond sometimes.

What's idealistic and naive is relying on a state to limit speech in the proletariats favour

supreme class analysis

Got link to the show?

Call it what you want, but whatever body exerts power over society will have to restrict speech.

Larry Wilmore and Milo are the theater. The real purpose of the show was to normalize partisan propaganda from the Republican shill (voter fraud) and the intelligence community shithead (Russian hacking).

To maintain itself
It will not do anything else

Should nazis have free speech ?

Free speech for who and to do what?

Yes, because if you deny them free speech it creates a Streisand effect. Better to let them publicly air their retardation so it can be mocked.

This sums up why I fucking hate him so much.

I have a friend who says he "agrees with him on many points" and it honestly makes me think less of him.

I remember when Wilmore used to actually be funny. He used to be able to make an offensive joke back in the Daily Show days. Now all he does is bitch and moan about idpol.

This tbh. Milo wouldn't be famous if people didn't keep mindlessly trying to silence him. Sales of his new book went up by 50,000% (last time I checked, that is - it could be more now) after those dumbfuck SJWs tried to stop him giving that speech. Holla Forumstards talk about Milo's 10D chess but really it's painfully easy for him to use this utterly retarded anti-free speech movement against itself.

I don't. He was always Lewis Black: Shit Edition to me.

Did Milo ever actually finish that gamergate book?

Lewis Black is funny though. I mean he's a retarded lolbert but I like the fact that he's a smug, sarcastic kike asshole.

Will Milo ever explain in detail his experience with the BBC and MDMA?

What truly pisses me off is seeing Maher compare Milo to Christopher Hitchens.
Hitchens wrote an article defending Karl Marx, and his talent as a writer far exceeds the screeching, drug fuelled rants Milo makes at his shitty lectures and the garbage he has written for Breitbart.
Milo is a gay internet troll that looks like the sleaziest drug dealer/Hollywood producer I have ever seen.

Why does Maher hate Christopher Hitchens?

Because Hitchens absolutely savaged Hillary Clinton when he was alive.
If he never had cancer and was alive, sneering and was on international television for the 2016 election, he would have raped both Trump and Hillary. The DNC, CNN would both go into panic mode after his comments.

Pretty sure Lewis Black is a genuine lefty. He's said before that one of the most impactful documentaries he watched when he was little was Harvest of Shame.

indeed, but both Hitchens and Milo are part of this neoliberal trend of cheerleading for closed borders and US imperialism under the guise of protecting 'Western values' (whatever the fuck idiots think those are).

God that interview was disgusting, i didnt know Milo and cared little but he literally has very little to say or have any actual arguments.

He just keeps talking and acting all gay without really saying much, instead of having a mature discussion where you listen, think and talk he just kept talking thinking that if you overshadow someone with talking you win.

But once again he showed why right wingers are always major hypocrites
He literally is the average republicuck, completely hypocritical and thoughtless, if you choose to subscribe to a system of thought, even one as bad as "if statistic says x group of people often do something bad, then they are bad" you should at least apply it everywhere, not where it is convenient.

That is the first time i show Milo, terrible image.

Maher is a fucking traitor.

No, you are for de-plarforming Milo.