If somebody believes in the actual class struggle and follows the words of Che Guevara (thinks you shouldn't coddle the...

then they are a 'nazbol'

What is the deal with all these neoliberal porky capitalists trying to disguise as communists and then push idpol like "queer" garbage while simultaneously attacking workers by calling them "uneducated" ?


It's the legacy of 1968 being assimilated into the mainstream political discourse.

Workers should not be attacked for being "uneducated." Queers should not be attacked for being queer.

This is the personal opinion of a Christian commie who would never attend a gay pride parade but also has no real objection to their existence

feminists are only interested in getting women into comfy office jobs

you'll never see them agitating for women to become miners or lumberjacks

It will be a long time before people who identify as communists will be seen as anything other than lazy, whingy, art school pansies.

You do understand that communism isn't about forcing people to work, right? Besides, wage labour in an office is still exploitative, like all wage labor.

What a surprise.

The liberal bourgeois will stop at nothing to destroy the working class and the way they look down on others constantly is proof that they are the worst most dangerous bourgeois of all. Those pork use human masks but they're 10x as malicious.

The ignorance that was birth from 60s established themselves in academia and bred a generation of liberals with an infusion of reformist ideals while misusing things like intersectionality and income inequality to make a profit from people's newfound guilt and anger.

True but you're not allowed to not work either.


Identity politics is not inherently bad, liberal, gay, or degenerate. Class itself is a potential identity 'category', specially within a consumerist/materialist society that calculates life predominately in economic terms.


self proclaimed "leftists" that sneer at the working class from the middle class bohemian hangouts need to be purged

t. Herbet Marcuse

class identity is reactionary
class conciousness brings revolution

identifying as a class rather than being concious of material conditions and your relationship to them implies acceptance and cherishing the class society as it is and doesn't work to overcome it.

identity politics is sidetracking away from class conciousness and aims to a) emancipate into the current system (liberalism) or b) create bogeymen (fascism)

note this has an interesting dynamic as it can turn gay workers against their fellow workers under the pretense of identity politics and gay solidarity with their class enemy, just as well as nationalism and so on.

does this necessarily mean gays are reactionary? no. however putting the primate on sexuality, nationality, race, religion, gender… very much is.

identity politics, including both intersectionalism and fascism, is bourgeoise code word for anti working class action.

And that's a bad thing


identity itself is reactionary, but on a more serious note: the proletariat can have class allies from the bourg. and there are plenty of examples for this. Forming a class identity would rule out Engels or Kropotkin on your side. Consciousness is an ambigous category, but as you use it is justified.

sounds good to me

Workers should not be denigrated for their level of education, and anyone who does so is no friend of the cause for liberation. However, the humanity of black and queer people is not up for debate.

congrats you're a fascist