Is Princess Bubblegum fascist?

How would you classify her?

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are you retarded? Adventure time is a cartoon that never goes into any depth about ideology. She's a Monarchist who more or less lets her people do what they want

only by name she has been the ruler since conception of the candy kingdom,and has shown to use mass surveillance and other privacy violations against her people, the candy kingdom also has a small underground resistance against her.

Yes, and with this discussion, a new era of a classless, moneyless society will rise

Why the fuck did you make a thread about a cartoon that doesn't even go in depth with its world's politics ?

Shes a monarch that don't need no man.

Why don't you stop watching cartoons and grow up? It's bad enough with those Japanese ones but at least those are aimed at adolescents instead of prepubescent children.

You seem spooked

Imagine being so autistic you get buttblasted over people having a little fun and straying away from serious conversation about something that will never happen in our life time.

And once again, OP is a big faggot.


Shes is literally pic related.


sure pb has done tests on them, but that's just for the wacky highjinks needed for a show.Most of them have some sort of independence from her.
Point is it's not a show which goes into any depth about anything other than a teen boy and his magic dog.

to be fair the lore isn't really hidden anymore, now that the show is ending they've got to answer questions quick

You are like a little baby. Watch this.

like they have actually discussed fascism alot with lemongrab, who is a fascist no question

most of it is vague as fuck man. Sure we know what the great mushroom war was and shit but so much stuff is just slightly hinted at and then it never goes deeper and nobody talks about it.

ok,you have a point there,I forgot about Lemongrab.

she's obviously a jew

All discussion here is fucking pointless and low level.

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Is this some thinly veiled monarchy thread?

It's a Holla Forums thread in disguise.

it's a satire thread about how mods are asleep 24/7

I remember somebody said that equestria was an example of a socialist society.
Post scarcity, people works on what they want and get what they need and governance is minimal

No, but there has been tyranny under king of ooo, which is like the fascism of monarchy.

That's still monarchy.

I haven't seen these eps
I may need to update myself with AT


She's a technocrat, she only rules because she has to since the candy people are fucking retarded as has been established in the show

Bump because /leftyco/

A female ruling monarch of Liechenstien would have the "princess", and there would be no king or queen.


yeah, she's fascist

the fuck is wrong with her nose?

Adventure Time is a shit show that should've disappeared into obscurity like most cartoons, but I jerk off to the girls sometimes.

he has no nose!

Watch from season 6 tbh fam.