The first U.S. Greens to run for public office, 1985, were Wes Hare for Mayor of Chapel Hill...

>The first U.S. Greens to run for public office, 1985, were Wes Hare for Mayor of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Richard D. Wolff and Joel Schecter for Mayor and Alderman of New Haven, Connecticut.[20]

This guy is good at hiding his power level. Think he should run for office again?

Sure why not.

Nah, it was pretty clear he's a petty-bourg liberal from the start.

Wow and he pretends third parties don't exist on his updates? Richard pls.

t. tankie

t. any actual marxist

Like uncle Mao right?

You sure got me there.



You know he bashes markets all the time right?

He bashes consequences, never suggesting actual abolishment of markets as primary objective. It is mentioned as a vague possibility only - if at all.

this thread sure is reddit

How so?

It's called entryism; look it up.
Empowering the working class like this may be useful. It may be just a step in the path away from capitalism, it may also be a stepping stone from which we can jump into the full chaos of a revolution better. No need to redo the whole factory hierarchy then, see.
Ofc, it may also have a negative impact, as the working class may be pacified to some extent by these kinds of enterprises.
But the most important thing I see coming from him is the fact that he's pulling liberals away from capitalism more by criticising it. His support for coops seems to come after his critique of capitalism. And that's what we, as the left, need.

Jesus Christ why is my state Green Party (not Connecticut) so lame? I'm in like the handful of ones that voted against the anticapitalist amendement.

Which state?

Stop shitting on wolff you fags.Co-ops are the way to go even if we achieve socialism worldwide.Do you have any other good ideas about ways to organise the immensely diverse labour power?
No.You don't.You'll still have some sort of boss figure in communism as well.

Wolff is the shit.


Dumb leftcom



It's better than what we have now, although of course I'd support production for use before co-ops

Leftcoms are cointelpro, dont bother