The cancer that is Holla Forums

Ex Holla Forums here. I have grown tired with the shithole and the cancerous mods known as Holla Forums.
How do we go about destroying it? I have noticed that stating simple facts like calling Trump presidency the disaster it is triggers an almost cult like denial response, but there are polacks who share the opinion.
How do we destroy/pol/?
Note I am still not a leftist, socialist so let's avoid talking politics and focus on the task at hand.

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There is nothing edgy teenagers hate more than when you ignore them.

Some clarification as to show this is honest thread:
A little background on me, never was a nazi, but I am a patriot, (not american) but I did support Trump because I felt killary would start ww3


There are a lot of polyps in the news boards, its fun to trigger them tjere

We should destroy those first before moving to the big one

Actually there are people there that share my opinion that Trump presidency is a complete disaster.

Good idea. Going to start doing that

just go to endchan dude and you can post about how much trump sucks for the next 8 years idgaf

I don't think he will last 4 years. This presidency is a disaster.

That's not easy. The 'winning' echo chamber is built to withstand a meme war. Every Holla Forumsyp retard is trained to understand forum spies and forum sliding under the pretense of 'protecting' them from the same. The only other political group as obnoxious and able to corrupt entire online communities are feminists, no surprise that every major internet shitstorm is these two groups trying to destroy each other unsuccessfully while tiny groups like ours and even normies are sucked into things like endless gamergate.

We don't have the meme production, we don't have the positivity, the unity, and the skills to push them out and make them feel miserable. Example, we could never take back or, same with reddit and other shitty social medias.

SJWs are not anyone's allies under any circumstances, thanks to SJWs giving Holla Forums everything they possibly want Gamergate lasted multiple years and made several people famous and a few people rich, became 3x as popular. Do the opposite of what SJWs do, don't call them white or racist, don't engage their trolling. Nothing seems to embarrass them more than having to read things or have their propaganda dispelled by a single, well-thought out infographic. They have a serious poltical weakness in that they base their opinions on being the opposite of what SJW normies want, which means they have no integrity. They aren't conservatives or fascists, they're only capitalists because they think marxism is a jewish plot. They are extremist contrarians, and nothing hurts them more than being treated like an adult who ought to read and figure things out the strait-laced, intelligent way.

my 2 cents, off to /bedtime/

Trump has sorely dissapointed me. I really hoped he and his team would get their shit together. But they are a joke. Completely unfit for the job they were elected for.

We don't, we're a third its size and a lot less present in the chans.
We hope it destroys itself and wait.

What this guy said but the opposite, the chans need to be rebuilt outside of Holla Forums's sphere, and honestly, outside of Holla Forums's sphere, there's nothing to save here, just let it rot.

okay???? go to endchan and whine about trump till that happens. Then if it does I guess you can watch as whites are totally breed out as open immigration is introduced

We could raid Holla Forums but Soros isn't paying us enough for it


don't forget a decent chunk of Holla Forums is just us shitposting here

Very good.

Ignore them

This thread could just be Holla Forums fishing for leftist strategies so they can plan how to defend against them, but this is still a question worth asking. There is an answer, but it's going to take a lot of work to realize it.

The first thing you have to understand about neo-Holla Forums is that it's fundamentally controlled opposition. I know you want to avoid talking politics, but a minimal grasp of why Holla Forums thinks the way it does about Holla Forums is necessary. According to Holla Forums, the Holla Forums of today exists as a diversion from the exploitation of the capitalist class by pushing issues of race. The economic policy of the current far right is by far its most notable similarity to the Nazis of old, not any of the stuff about race. Notice Donald Trump filling his cabinet with lobbyists after he said he'd get rid of them, and instituting a toothless "lobbying ban" that the public has no way to verify is actually being enforced. In order to paper this over in the current political situation, the establishment needs to pretend to be anti-establishment, and they need to fake as much support as they can. This is what neo-Holla Forums does for them. Put simply, the current incarnation of Holla Forums is a propaganda machine backed by big money individuals and organizations, who employ no small number of bots and paid shills, and you have to plan around that if you want to destroy Holla Forums (or change it). If Holla Forums's fantasy about /lefty/ being funded by George Soros was actually true, this board would be much, much larger than it is. George Soros isn't interested in helping anyone who wants to take his stolen wealth and give it back to the people.

Second, you have to discuss the fact that Holla Forums isn't quite a hivemind in spite of its trigger-happy mods. It's more of a hivemind than Holla Forums because the mods there openly ban dissent, but certain groups who disagree with each other are allowed to remain in order to solidify Holla Forums's user base. There's an aggressive effort against "D&C" (read: disagreeing with Kushner's merry band of faggots) in order to preserve Holla Forums's current dominance. Nevertheless, they can be divided and likely will depending on what Trump does. If he goes to war with Iran (or most any country, really, people are sick of wars), Holla Forums and the right in general will fragment very quickly. If not, there are enough disagreements between the various factions of Holla Forums that the only thing that's really keeping them together is a hatred of what most of them don't understand.

Third, do something to get rid of the Redditors, not only for your sake, but for all of Holla Forums and the internet in general. Seriously, these fucking morons are insufferable.

I might have more later, depending on the response, but that should be enough for now.

If someone would be so kind as to post the pics describing how Stormfront shilled their way into artificial popularity on Holla Forums, that would be great.

This doesn't work. Holla Forums are just SJWs in reverse, and the video game community saw what happens when you ignore them. TBH much of Holla Forums is sick of Holla Forums as well. /a/ even went so far as to ban all political discussion.

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the day Fallout 4 hit every thread on Holla Forums except for the sticky got spammed to bump limit with furry porn

True in a sense, but the example of SJW's brings up the fact that GG made their own opposition by attacking their Anitas and Zoey's as hard as they did. I wont say they would have had no power if everyone ignored them, but Anita in particular would have been severely diminished had so many people not came out against her and just let her make media criticism 101 videos in obscurity.

I also think it's true of people on the other side. If more people just ignored Milo he would be diminished, by acting like he's a big threat it makes him one. I agree with people that giving him a platform is stupid, but once he already has it, let him speak and let the moment pass.

What's the point in trying to stop Milo anyway? He mostly just does anti-idpol pro-trump propaganda. The anti-idpol part is in our favour, and the pro-trump part is irrelevant to us. If anything we should allow him to have a platform.

hell milo is pretty good at riling up normies so let his dumb little ass speak

He's pro right wing idpol and a moron from what I have seen. Also he is pro-capitalism and a bunch of other dumb shit associated with the American right.

I suggested ignoring him, "stopping" seems like a strong term given that. I don't think other people should be advertising him, but once they already are the worst thing to do is talk about it because it just gives him even more publicity.

They're doing a fine job of that on their own

I see how you could see it like that, but it isn't some reverse tactic. All I can really give you is my word. I'm fed up with pol being a fucking cult Like brainwashed community. They are starting to alienate their own userbase. Anyways, they should burn until their userbase consists of 5 mods banning themselves

All I want is for Holla Forums to be in an era where I can post the prior popular Holla Forums anthem without cries of "L-LEFTYPOL SHILL!" by stormnewfags who don't even know when it was made or who by.

There is nothing to do with Holla Forums make /moderatepol/ or move here and try to not be a fuckwit

I hear you. If I move here, I'm not going to start shit.




Kek, already deleted. You step on the cat's tail….

If you all read your Marx you would already know that whatever you do on a vietnamese painted image board is irrelevant.

What matters is the material conditions. When you change that, ideology will follow.

That sounds like hell on earth. The whole appeal of Holla Forums is its unbridled extremism, take that away and you've got Reddit.

Unless this guy is secretly on the mod staff or something like that, he probably won't accomplish much. I hope he does, though.

I thought of a couple more methods to defeat Holla Forums, but I don't think more than a handful of people here can help with them, so it's best not to reveal them publicly. The best bet for the bulk of Holla Forums right now would be to hammer them on the issue of America. For as much as Holla Forums loves to say MAGA, I've found that a substantial number of them actually have no loyalty to the US. This is largely because they want the world to burn. It's full of normie idiots, after all. When the housing bubble pops because the Fed crashes the economy later this year, most of them won't show up to restore order in the name of Trump. They'll just sit there and eat tendies.

The division point is Trump and jews. No I'm not on mod staff

Good point though. Can't wait for it to happen.

Not much of a division point on Holla Forums. You'll have to do better than that.

It really is. Point out Trump's connection to Jews and watch the fun unfold

This has been tried before and it didn't work (partially because the mods banned people who did it, but still). Even if it managed to erode Trump's support, it won't actually break up Holla Forums, because they're ultimately driven by hatred of the Other, and that will hold them together in the face of many things that would otherwise tear their community apart. I think the thing with Trump and the Jews is a weak point thrown out there to distract from Holla Forums's actual weaknesses. Put pressure on it if you like, but don't rely on it exclusively.

Don't feed the trolls.
Just like communism, this would work if people gave it a try.

I think I should expand a bit more on this. Holla Forums's weaknesses, and indeed the weaknesses of any political or social movement, are dependent on its demographic makeup. That's the macro-scale generality on which movements are built. Trump's connection to the Jews is a micro-scale detail that won't provide any significant deterrent to Holla Forums until and unless he does something major, like going to war with Iran, at which point it's no longer the same thing because it will have a tangible effect on them in the form of either possibly being drafted or just wiped out in a nuclear war with Russia. The only one who can do a lot on that front is Trump himself. While his Jewish connection may be a weak point, it's not as much of one as you might think. It's more like sacrificing a pawn to get your more powerful pieces a better position. There are much weaker links than that in Holla Forums's community. Don't spend too much time going for the obvious ones, because going for the non-obvious ones will do much more damage.

So, one part of Holla Forums would have to become the Other in order for Holla Forums to break up?

I hope this is somewhat readable, it's late and I need to sleep. Bottom line: Figure something else out. It's good to always have multiple plans to follow in case one of them doesn't work.

Pretty much this. You could combine it with a number of other tactics, but this would be an excellent choice regardless of anything else. From what I hear, a substantial portion of Holla Forums isn't white. There may also be similar divisions in other areas besides race.

so many people claiming to be ex-Holla Forums recently its funny. Its such bad shilling from people who clearly don't get Holla Forums psychology

But feel free to explain. Try seeing through the eyes of a fully radicalized Holla Forumsack, what exactly has Trump done to let you down?

People who don't claim to be ex-Holla Forums don't respond to this post. I don't care about what grounds there for saying the Trump presidency is a disaster, I want to hear what Holla Forumsack grounds there is. None of you faggots can produce this, ergo shills.

"like wow, I was really on board with Holla Forums until Trump started pushing this muslim ban and declared the media is the enemy of the people." come the fuck on you midwits.


If Holla Forums was at all consistent they'd recognize him filling his cabinet with lobbyists as something that isn't in their interests. Holla Forums talks shit on bankers, so why don't they care that Goldman Sachs runs Trump's administration?

Also the OP didn't mention anything about the Muslim ban or the media. Nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore anyway.

I was never a white nationalist, but I used to post on Holla Forums fairly frequently up until it became a Trump hug box. Does that count?

His presidency is a disaster. I will list why after I have lunch

Are you the OP or someone who agrees with him? Would be nice to hear some specifics.

Also, whatever happened to locking Clinton up? He went back on that almost as soon as he won the election.

He probably realizes he already looks awful and locking up political opponents would send the country into full accelerationism. Even though Clinton, every past sec of state, and every president is a war criminal and does deserve to go to prison

Time will tell on his cabinet choices, in the mean time he builds more and more credibility with each daily happening

Nah, if you're not a white nationalist you probably don't care about the demographic crisis which means you're just a voyeur and probably a shitskin at that. If you left when it became a Trump torture chamber that means you left when Trump declared he was running. Holla Forums has never not been for Trump.

Massive raids of human trafficking pedo networks have been happening if you weren't aware. Why get her on some petty shit, the connection with the organization in Haiti is proven, its only a matter of time until all the pieces come together.

lurk moar

I don't believe in genociding people for the color of their skin, even if they're white nationalists.

I can see him building credibility among radicalized Holla Forumsacks by doing things like calling the mainstream media the enemy of the people. They might also like the Muslim ban. I can see why they support him at the moment, but will it be enough in the long term? The Holla Forumsacks questioning Trump are the ones who can think more than five minutes ahead, and they don't see much if any benefit in staying in the Trump camp.

I'll let the guy I practically started browsing Holla Forums for explain it.

Damn, that brings back memories. We should have Space Elevator-type threads here.

nice false equivalency

nice statement, where is the argument?

Will it be enough in the long term meaning what? For Holla Forums the long term absent Donald Trump is the annihilation of our race and civilization. These hypothetical Trump dumpers have left the Trump camp, to go where exactly?

I wouldn't mind some kind of threads that made you at least a bit more optimistic about the future.
Sometimes browsing Holla Forums gets too depressing.

Don't quit your day job. Debate isn't for you.

Donald Trump doesn't give a shit about the white race. He only cares about making money for himself. You don't have to be a leftist to understand that. The Holla Forumsacks who've abandoned Trump could see him contradicting himself throughout his campaign, flip-flopping on wages and militarism and all manner of other issues. Someone like that isn't a good leader for the cause of white nationalism, or anything else, and they know it. As for where they're going, I have no fucking idea, but does it really matter? The important thing is that they don't like your God Emperor.

you are dumb. its a false equivalency because there are ways to solve the demographic crisis without mass murder you twat.

you see what you want to see I guess. Trump "flip-flops" based on the feedback he gets from the people, because he's not an ideologue. He literally chose his biggest talking points in the campaign from the issues that polled the best. It's only been a month and he's doing exactly what he said he would do in his campaign. And you can only cry about it and make "I are ex-pol, wtf I hate DRUMPF now" threads

Just let them be.Stop LARPING this hard.

You should tell that to Holla Forums.

You mean he says whatever he has to say at any given moment even if it contradicts something he said ten seconds ago. So in other words, he uses Clinton's tactics. He's got no principles, just like all the rest.

A couple of reasons:

Why would we destroy Holla Forums? It's the best containment board for retards.

To add to this, he is a self centered egomaniac bastard but I knew this before.
Kushner gets credit line from Soros. So Soros unsurprisingly has his shriveled globalist fingers in this administration as well

It's not actually containing them, though.

It's doing much more than you realize. We only get stragglers. Imagine if that base was here. There'd be no actual conversation at all.


To really injure Holla Forums, you need to have a solid foothold in the race/intelligence debate.

I don't know how you can really defend Muslim immigration to them though.

Well that much isn't going to change.
I never was a nazi. I am strongly against globalism, eu, nato so we might have some common points


Didn't say I like it. What's the alternative according to you? A viable one might I add. Don't say Jugoslavija, been there done that

Who said anything about defending immigration? Until capitalism is abolished I have no opinion on immigration

You can say that the material conditions created the environment which lead you to shitpost on a vietnamese painted image board to subvert their opinion. The internet did not exist back when Marx was alive, nor did he propose total inaction because material conditions will magically cause change.

If ideology can be created and molded by a ruling class (culture hegemony by the media, state, corporations, etc) through ie. the selective coverage of news and reporting of information, it follows that tampering with the information in the primary source people use for news (the internet) could have a similar, although dampened, effect.

pol mods are asleep
come and


its hilarious, pol is losing it's shit


come and join the party

absolutely no moderation!


party over here

Dude, fuck off. Because of retards like you, they will feel justified in coming over here and shitting up the place as well. It's mutually assured destruction.

Are you even a leftist?

This reminds me of old b days

8D backgammon being played against the Demiurge in the ether :^)

It's funny, but remember to spoiler here. I'm pretty sure our mods aren't dead. :^)

mods woke up ;~;


I am just so sick of 8ch Holla Forums, they unfairly banned me many times. It pisses me off a lot makes me lose faith in the movement. I just want to discuss politics without so many fucking lies and censorship like you get everywhere.

Well then you're in the right place. One look at the public ban list & you'll see how Holla Forums dwarfs Holla Forums in banning.

You can discuss politics here without being banned for dissenting opinions. We have many different ideologies here. People might shit on you or call you stupid, but it's up to you to defend your claims, really. And I don't see that too often unless someone makes a really stupid post.

Some people from Holla Forums claim otherwise, that we're ban-happy, but it's because they came & shit all over the place rather than having an actual conversation. If they want to only shitpost, obviously they can go back to Holla Forums or Holla Forums for that.

also unrelated, but my cousin's name is Erin, too. :) So that's kinda cool. I rarely see it spelled that way.

I'm fucking pol and I'm warming up to your board. You're on to something ;)
Fuck pol mods

Maybe you can report this, you cocksucking faggot

Do we remember why first exodus from 4ch happened? I think it's rather important we do. Well, atleast I do.

Two things are going to happen:
1. We take the board back
2. We ruin it.
We did it with 4ch it is not something new.
Who am I you ask me? I am the person that makes this shit happen. One of many Anons that do.

Limit my freedom of speech elsewhere

People are sick and tired of rulecucks. user is in it for the lulz

8/pol/ is clearly a lost cause, that's also brought cancer from 4ch in, in waves. It's a retard containment board. Leave it alone. Let the retards be happy & oblivious in their circlejerk. We have a perfectly functional board here on Holla Forums. Those who want to seriously talk politics will seek us out on their own.

I respect that. I really do.

Are you guilty or innocent
Are you prepared for your descent?
you're going down

I wasn't fucking around when I said pol needs to die. And I wasn't fucking around about killing it either. pol is past it's zenith.

People are opening their eyes

Stop bumping this dead thread. If you feel so strongly, go do it on your own?

I don't need to do anything. It's already started

What you saw with 4ch is now going to happen with 8pol. I'm no deserter but I bring chaos like old b. I commend your board for freedom of speech.

GG was more focused on game journalism before it became a cucksumer war, then soon after the Right derailed it into a cultural war, it was nothing more than Dorito pope 2.0 before that.

Its a shame because it could've been a great leftwing movement in protesting against publisher/developer paid reviews.

Tough guy talk aside,
There is a reason both leftists and nazis fear me. I don't give a fuck about any ideology beside my own

Regarding pol, invest in popcorn, because I'm going to hatefuck that bitch hard

Also the opposition tried to make it all about Zoey and Anita as they possible could when they were never the real issue.

My theory is perhaps too radical for your board as well. I plan to unite people. No left no right ;)

Its a effective tactic to cover up ones corruption or faults, like how the current establishment is trying to do with the Russia election "hacking".

And by this I sure as fuck don't mean globalism ). Let this be enough for now.

What you all have probably realised by now is that pol didn't magically "win" the us election. You have probably realised that people did elect who they deem fit.
What you still need to realise, there is no right or left. There are only people. If you focus your board on this, which admitedly you seem too, you're on the right path.


I wish you all the success in the world. But don't turn into another pol

kys crown-licker

How a thread without mod looks on pol:

You aren't really every really going to destroy them, even if Holla Forums disappeared tomorrow they would just migrate elsewhere. But you sure can fuck with them.

You can also derail threads calling random posts Goons/shills/kikes, change IP, then respond to your own post with the same accusation, and rinse and repeat until they begin doing the same shit to said posts, and always remember to cause division between their christian users, and the non-Christians.

Also make sure anytime somebody make a thread/post about taking action in real life, take the approach of "you'll just be arrested, don't do anything stupid, you're more useful to us free, user!"

one of the most autistic things i've seen said around here

Just my two cents, if your board somehow become a movement, it get more involved in the propaganda game and information manipulation become unavoidable. This is why i strongly advocate Holla Forums to stay first and foremost a discussion place rather than a place to organize.

you're going to have to get over it

it's as simple as that, you're not fighting an internet war you are shitposting

Sounds good