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What did he mean by this?

Wow, Spiderman really was a working class hero.

How did Raima get away with this?


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this is why our memes fail




Edgy teenage tankies really don't want communism to be an accepted movement.
The Holodomor was a real historical event, saying it's "bourgeoise propaganda" is no different from fascists saying that the Holocaust is a "jewish conspiracy".


A famine happened in the Ukraine. The evil Russian attempted genocide the Ukrainian nationalists have made out of it is a total fiction. Even Robert Conquest, a staunch anti-communist who wrote a book named "The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivisation and the Terror-Famine" where he claimed that the "Holodomor" was an attempted genocide, changed his tune and admitted it could not be considered an intentional act of genocide after gaining access to the Soviet archives. It's complete bullshit, Soviet incompetence spun by Ukrainian nationalists to create a Russian "enemy" to justify their existence.

that's how you sound

We have distinct evidence for the Nazi holocaust.

We have none for a deliberately caused famine.



He was the best part of the movie


Stalin was a fucking monster, but he didn't genocide Ukrainians. How about you call him out on shit he actually did. There's plenty to choose from.

That's pretty what you're saying. Stalin was a complete idiot who did basically nothing of value and murdered a ton of innocent people, but he wasn't Hitler.

Look, we just appreciate the work of Sam Raimi. Sorry if he offends you.

spider-man is a marxist-leninist hero

death to the DC revisionists