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I get that its memes and a lot of idpol is garbage, but I feel like conflating feminism, queer theory etc. with Nazi stuff is pretty immature. I think its possible to address that capitalism fucks over certain groups in specific, unique ways without disconnecting it from the class struggle.

He didn't mention queer theory and specified THIRD WAVE feminists. But yeah I do see how the average person could think that

You're both fucking oxygen thieves. Second and third wave feminists are both liberal as fuck, with second wave feminists being massively classist on top.


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Third wave feminism is a boogeyman. It's the same as with postmodernism, incredibly vast and two completely conflicting ideas can fall under the same umbrella.


I feel like people on Holla Forums decrying idpol instead of the far, far more pressing problems of Fascism and Capitalism are just stealth reactionaries trying to false flag. But you know, whatever.

Most fascism other than civic National Syndicalists is idpol though, but yeah beyond that I agree.

Fascism is on the rise because of anemic identity politics.

idpol fucking smothers the left. theres good reason to vehemently reject it. It is the reason fighting capitalism has been impossible and facism is a forseeable problem. Though its really not a pressing one right now, maybe if they actually start patrolling the streets to 'protect everyone from antifa' we can talk about that.

No, Idpol is an incredibly powerful tool for closing the overton window on class. Feminists are /our/ brand of IDPOL distractionists so we have a huge responsibility to destroy it instead of letting them destroy every movement with progressive stacks and white male fetishism and the various other ways that 'intersectionality' is used to justify anti-class consciousness.


progressive idpol breeds white idpol and anyone who believes in the white race is going to take advantage of that. Honestly though dude keep talking shit about straight white males (and females) i love it

God that was beautiful.

Fascism is a joke and the pop-right are just edgy conservatives with a protectionist bent. Idpol prevents us from talking about Capitalism by obfuscating class, thus hampering our recruitment to decently read college students or the few autistic neets that rejected stormfaggotry. Idpol is a much bigger shirt-term problem.


But that's an utter banality. Capitalism fucks over every group in specific unique ways particular to the group, that is just the nature of the beast. The perception of the groups as groups is in itself often already caused by capitalism.

There is no general oppression, only specific instances of oppression.

There were anti Judith Butler memes in the slideshow. Also third wave feminism is such a diverse thing that you can't really just blanket it as one thing. It's the same as thinking all communists are tankies.

But surely you'd agree that a lot of these identities are used to forward the interest of the capitalist class, right? I think ignoring the reality of identities doesn't make it go away, and that only understanding how these identities relate to the relation of capital can we actually achieve worker unity.

Good shit my man

I would like to see a debate between Thom Avella and Batko who are both Anarchists but have very different views

Damn I can't believe i've missed your channel so far.

Except bougie feminism is actually mostly second wave.

Yeah I think you pandered a little too hard with the third wave thing. Obviously there are "feminist" non-academics who have no idea what feminism is but in the academic community it's pretty well accepted that 3rd wave introduces class struggle while the previous waves ignored it.

I just wanna see idpols getting rekt tbqh

Stop defiling the LeftCom flag. It is supposed to indicate that you're a well-read douchebag.

The Nazi is actually right. Idpol has turned the student left into a circus of obnoxious freaks. Communists can be clever and intimidating, idpolers come off as annoying retards.

If it was not for idpol, you wouldn't have Holla Forums, or, probably, Trump.

Trump is a product of economic circumstances. Most people don't give a shit about college leftists.

If you got rid of the cringe and corrected the verses this might be fun to sing along to.

The media gave Trump as much coverage as they did for idpol reasons.


o/ Comrade

this tbh

Agreed, reality has more nuance
But we can leave the nuanced analysis for serious videos and not worry about it being missing from some funny music vids

Bernie is now a confirmed oracle.

What's actually the issue with third-wave feminism and intersectionality? It seems to me like a good way of understanding oppression. Capitalists have never treated society equally, hardship is almost always pushed off onto more vulnerable groups. This doesn't just explain why the richest people did fine during the 2009 crash while virtually everyone else suffered, but why DAPL rerouted away from a majority white town through native land. This isn't an issue of capitalists being personally racist (though they can also be), but an economic and political issue of them realizing how they can distribute the waste of capitalism.

that was in the 80s m8. He has literally been that way for years.

I feel like a lot of the blanket anti-idpol people here are former alt-righters or gamergaters who don't want to let go of some of their views so they try to reconcile antifeminism and racism with Marxism.

You say this like it's a thing, but I've never seen it.

Unless of course you imply that anyone who doesn't go along with your idpol deviationism is automatically racist and antifeminist. Naah, you'd never do that.

Racism is idpol though.

Don't bs, there's tons of anti-feminist sentiment here. It's not as matter of it being implied or suggested.
I don't think it's racist to be against BLM or other black-advocacy groups (as again, many people here are) but it does display an ignorance or denial towards the racism that exists, unless the criticism is of tactics or management.

Glad you agree

Kind of weird to be against BLM when their primary thesis is "fuck cops" for being class traitors.

Like maybe they focus too much on race but is there anything they do worth actually stopping?

The issue is that it limits your understanding of oppression to the capitalist framework. Identity politics are fine if you view them as just that, a capitalist coping mechanism, but if you leave out the Marxist foundation then you play right into porky's hands since identity politics without class consciousness is just another way to strengthen the production of labor power.

BLM has Marxists among them. It's not an uniform group after all and American Blacks always had revolutionary potential. I don't get why Holla Forums is so hostile towards them, it's probably just Holla Forums subversion.

Yeah pretty much my view on it. I think it's about as useful to attack BLM as it is to attack leftist tendencies I don't ascribe to. It just helps fuel narratives against would-be comrades and aids in sectarianism.

Better to reach out to BLM organizers and make sure the marxist factions are represented as much as possible.

Great coalition building there, buddy. Can you go a minute without calling people you disagree with either fools or knaves?

See: the 20th century

I agree with you. I think feminism and anti-racism should at the very least keep the economic reality of these issues in scope and, being a marxist myself, employ a marxist analysis as well. Identity politics is powerful but dangerous and exploitative, but more often than not I see it referenced in leftist circles as a knee-jerk reaction to any attempt to deal with racism or sexism. Talking about anything other than class is identity politics, and acknowledging racism or sexism is either liberal, cointelpro, or playing into racism or sexism.

I think BLM do good work, but even if you disagree I don't think that necessarily makes you a racist. But if you deny that racism exists or is a problem, then the basis of our disagreement is of something fundamental. If you don't acknowledge what a large section of the population is facing, then you are either ignorant to their struggle or in denial of it.

I don't mean ignorant as in "you're a fucking idiot," I mean a lack of information. I'm largely ignorant of the what the worker's movement in India is like, or how race relations are in Korea.

You know, for a leftcom, you really do not have much of a grasp of materialism.

Take off your LeftCom flag. They are often retarded, but they aren't Cultural "Marxist".

Modern SJW ideas are no different from Nazism: nothing changes just because you substitute one irrelevant quality that is used to divide people with another irrelevant quality. The quality that we (Marxists) need to address is the economic one - because it is economy that drives processes within our society.

The only problem with OP is the Alunya pic: "non-sectarian socialism" is not about class consciousness, but about mixing different schools of thought on theoretical level; i.e. brewing pot of SocDem Revisionism.

You are literally arguing for separating people into different groups with different goals and different methods.

We already determined that there is one problem that fucks over 99% people: Capitalism. The point is to remove it, not to fight thousand battles on thousand fronts - none of which will ever change anything, because it doesn't address the cause of it all.

Check this post. This is what "argumentum ad hominem" actually means. It is not just petty insults as some people seem to think. It is arguing by making an attack on the credentials of the person presenting an argument rather than addressing the argument itself. This is a favored tactic of idpolers.

I am smelling some samefaging in this thread. Can we get thread IDs already? This shit needs to stop.

Where did you even find Fascism? Venezuela hadn't fallen yet. And when it will rise - it will use idpol as a weapon.

Additionally, to fight Capitalism you need clarity of purpose. And idpol muddles it up. Therefore, fighting idpol is an absolute necessity for fighting both Capitalism and it's degenerated state - Fascism.


There is Proletariat, there are Petit-Bourg, and there are Capitalists. And all of them are economic roles that influence person's views. Not identities.


Take off this flag you illiterate retard

You have to go back

Good video. Idpol is in fact cancer.

IDPOL needs to go back into trash were it belongs boys.

OP are you aware that for most of the song you call it "identy politics"?

What is nationalism? :^)


Yes, if there is one thing that people do not realize it is that the world is full of racism which is the primary cause of all the bad things that befall people of color. Why isn't anyone informing the ignorant masses of how big a problem racism is? You know, except for…

every fucking media outlet, university, comedy show, and internet community not named Holla Forums.

Yeah, we're all just ignorant of the """"""facts"""""" that get shoved up our asses every day. Fucking kill yourself.

excuse me but as a transblack ciswoman i find that excellent. who are you to say what is or isn't racist just like the right wing mainstream media you think that blacks can't be mexicans so fuck you sinner

Nobody ever said that racism is the root of all problems or any such nonsense. Relax all your sphincters please

well played word filter well played

What was filtered? Triggering?

Reading comprehension: get some.

"problematic" and "sinner"