Maybe a eugenics discussion idk tbh

I agree with most of the Marxist worldview and Marxist philosophy/polemics yet I strongly dislike how modern Leftism has devolved into a weird fetish revolving around abstract fantasies concerning the so-called Melting Pot and dissolving racial "boundaries"… which seems to have manifested during the early fruition of the New-Left.
IMHO, the Capitalist management would love to have their servants without culture as well as de-gendered… it would make their Good Workers more obedient.

Am I a lone man in this line of thought here?

I believe that irrelevant shiting genuinely does more harm than good in most cases, BTW I am not a Holla Forumsweenie here to create flame wars.

tl;dr is Marxist-Communism and anti-racial mixing legitimately compatible

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no, you can't just kill groups people you don't like

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This has nothing to do with genocide, fam.

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racism is just idpol to keep workers fighting each other.

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please explain how eugenics and genocide aren't related

Mesopotamia was the first melting pot. To prevent captured and conquered people from revolting, the kings would move people around, sending settlers to lands, while bringing the natives into the cities and into other provinces. The Jewish Bible gives an account of this, as the Jews are taken into Babylon not as total slaves, but as prisoners. They evidently mixed with the Babylonians, as they took many of their customs, laws and myths with them back to Jerusalem.

That sounds awful imperialistic.

this tbh

Putting the immorality of eugenics aside, socialists have enough shit on our plates already. We don't have time to play sex police in order to make sure white benis only goes inside white bagina

I hate you Holla Forums. I hate you for perverting everything that I am working toward to advance the human condition for my children and my children's children, and yes, even your children and their children's children. I hate you for perverting science. I wish that you were a race and that eliminating you from human continuity were as simple as sending you to the very gas chambers that you so fetishize. Unfortunately there is no such convenient solution to the evil that you choose to embody.

Marxism is and has always been an internationalist movement. Communists rightly decided to disregard "racial" or "national" boundaries from the get go. In no way did we have to wait for the New Left for them to reject nationalism. In fact, what you refer to as the New Left is at the source of many post-Marxist, nationalistic distortions of leftism whose eventual end result was "cultural appropriation" theory. When we say we oppose identity politics, we mean it; it's not a pass to hate on the identities you don't like while endorsing some others and then scream "idpol" when you're called out on your nonsense.

Are you trying to cloak the usual far-right talking point that "Jews are trying to destroy racial identities to better control populations" in red flags? First of all, being of mixed race or not fitting traditional gender roles does not in any way whatsoever denies you a "culture". Moreover, there is literally no reason whatsoever to assume a brown tranny would be less class-conscious than an Aryan poster boy — just have a look at contemporary Japan and decide for yourself if racial homogeneity and traditional gender roles are in any way helping them resist capitalist hegemony.

Sooooo… To answer your question: no, you don't get to sterilize black people. Bugger off.

No, racism is not okay.

A eugenics program that aims to forcefully eliminate one race or another by stopping them from breeding is genocide.


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leftcoms are all rabidly anti-nationalist, he's a fraud

Being against liberal irrelevant shiting social engineering =/= Nationalist sentiments


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then what the fuck are we going to do to the capitalists?

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"I think Jews run the world but I've no problem whatsoever with the 🍀🍀🍀oligarchs🍀🍀🍀 sterilizing/euthanizing the weak and unnecessary, it's not like that will affect me…"

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I would like to think of this way: We don't kill capitalists because we dislike them, we kill them because they are an oppressive class.

What "irrelevant shiting social engineering" are you even talking about?

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