Right now today which tendency has the right praxis to bring communism to the usa?

right now today which tendency has the right praxis to bring communism to the usa?



irony bros / DSA sweeties

DSA. Everyone else is posting, or bickering about their left and right flank.

I was gonna shitpost but this is actually probably most accurate, aside from entryism or other meme praxes. The US is retarded full of black markets because of porky tryna corner dem markets. If you could get workers in criminal organizations to have revolutions and turn black markets socialist then you might stand a chance of establishing socialism in the US. I mean, alternative economies within the US would probably be labeled criminal anyway, so why not start with the criminal sphere?

the Trump praxis, TBH


Second post best post

you know the answer

I've known actual criminals and they are more materialistic than even normie liberals

Isn't bookchin just "dude wouldn't it be great if we all lived like sesame street lmao" Is there any actual theory in there?


lel no. Google Murray Bookchin

we're living beyond our means currently friend. It's not sustainable and a real socialist gov has to curtail the excess

The word you are looking for is "consumerist" perhaps. Materialism has a very different meaning the way we use it here than the way normalfags use it.

w/e dude


look at austin texas and the black panthers

Who fucking knows. That's why I advocate for a united front trying everything at once.

I wouldn't be so sure, user. Black market operations are literally microcosms of how capitalism functions, given the tactics that they employ. Crime lords and gang leaders are the true petite-bourgeoisie.

This. There's no "one size fits all". Shill Chritian Communism to the Christfags, shill Black Panthers to the blacks, shill Bernie Sanders to the liberals. Or whatever, the point is to get the basic ideas of socialism and communism into people's heads, even if you have to lie and call it something else.

That's retarded though. What we need is coherence, not a mishmash of different ideologies all pulling in different directions with different messages.

Trumpist accelerationism, imo.

This too. And once we get rid of capitalism, we instate democratic confederalism with each autonomous region trying their pet brand until one strategy emerges as the best one.

Which makes them microcosms of accelerationism.

DSA might go somewhere if the Left Caucus gains in strength and they get over the delusion that they can reform the Democrats.

The Trotskyists have a good chance since the "transitional program" directly targets the social and ideological institutions that keep liberal democracy afloat.

And the Maoists might go somewhere if they can ever get their shit together, because their unbending militancy is only going to get more popular as capitalism falls deeper into crisis.

The pursuit of coherence has still given us a mishmash of different ideologies pulling in different directions so might as well give having that be by design a try. Honestly I think a lot of the time there's more value to the efforts of other ideologies than you might expect. If reformists actually get into power they should probably appreciate having revolutionary militias around to protect against the frankly inevitable counterrevolution, having statesmen on side will add to the appearance of legitimacy to an armed uprising.

Don't blame marxist sectarianism or anarchist lifestylism on coherence
Absolutely absurd. You need only look at the role states have played in destroying revolutionary institutions throughout history. Hell, socdems would sooner side with fascists. We cannot hope to change anything through statecraft or useless "united fronts" that only share a negative program. It has gotten us nowhere, and it will continue to get us nowhere.

Well, if you look at it that way: In the black market, individual syndicates either fall apart or abandon their traditional codes and laws, becoming more brutal and ruthless until the only unifying law is the pursuit of power/profit. Look at the Italian Mafia, for instance. Or look at the huge clusterfuck and power vacuum that happened in the drug trade when the Medellín Cartel fell apart.

TL;DR Going off what you're saying, it looks like accelerationism will lead to the system doubling down on the status quo, or an ancap nightmare based on what we've seen in the black market.

No particular tendency will get shit done. At the moment our only hope is some degree of unity. The hope is that the tendency that comes out on top will have a somewhat decent idea and not get eaten alive by its opposition.

For now DSA is probably our best bet. DSA itself won't actually lead shit, but it provides unity for the broader left and the opportunity to radicalize the normies. In the long run a split will almost certainly be necessary. As much as I hate it we do need to strengthen the broader left as a whole rather than obsess over our particular niche ideology.

The thing about the black market is that it's a microcosm. It can only exist within the larger framework. If society at large was in the state you describe we'd have an immediate revolution. The reason the black market doesn't is that "respectable" people don't care about the "trash" involved in that sphere, and there's a near-endless supply of slaves from around the world. The problem with actual black syndicates is that they can't go legitimate and largely remain off the radar, having no chance to penetrate the larger culture. The potential for revolution is there but because it's such a closed system there's no way to make it sustainable unless it spills over into the rest of society. I expect we'll get to a point where the average prole is so destitute that almost everyone is designated a criminal, these kinds of organization lose that stigma, and the revolution is fought by a bunch of "lowlifes."

Communism is coming to the US.
It's done by first dumbing down the schools. They largely quit teaching economics years ago. Today, American history is being phased out.

"The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's
care, shall be in state institutions at state expense." – Karl Marx

Easily proven wrong in the US. The black market in slave labor is thriving, and many democrats have campaigned on continuing the practice.
It's hidden in plain sight by calling them 'undocumented immigrants'.


Sounds like exactly how it will not ever come to America. Any econmoics taught is a capitalist one and most history taught is American, there are some pathetic world history classes that cover the same shit over and over again. What reality do you believe you live in?

I don't think Bookchin's ideas are correct, but he deserves more credit than that at least. I'd consider him a less retarded version of anarchism not like that's much of an accomplishment



It's easy to post funny memes. Not so easy to frame an intelligent reply.
I feel guilty now. It's like I'm beating a cripple.

Are any of you leftists literate? Or is this the level of debate on this board?
If a foreign government had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.
- Glenn T. Seaborg, National Commission on Education, 1983

To American students, that is correct. As I would expect Malaysian history to be taught in Malaysian schools. World history is vast and complex; it's a college major, not a semester in high school, except as it relates to American history.
That can be directly tied to teachers' unions. If you can't be fired, and you can't discipline a rowdy student, what would you do?
There's only one reality. You must mean, 'what's your opinion?' Which is what I gave.


confederate Maoism

I've not gotten a single intelligent reply.
Is this typical of leftypol, I wonder?

No, it's that your posts are so retarded, they don't warrant a serious response.

It's almost like the United States adopted the Prussian education system that was geared more as obedience training for future soldiers than as a genuine education system and throwing more money at it doesn't change that fact.

At least you admitted your bullshit about economics and American history.

If you really thought that, you'd have given an example. Can't you be truthful as Anonymous?
Your comment about the education system is exactly what I typed about. Leftists assign their failings to the right. You KNOW you've completely corrupted the education system.
Remember the prof who screamed, 'I'm trying to teach these kids humanity! BEAT those people!'?
Or the prof pictured here? Or the graph above?
Do you doubt that your system has condemned millions of black kids to a life of poverty because they aren't able to get an education?
Or would you just like to call me names?

No, you just twisted and misquoted.
Are any of you leftists even able to have a serious debate?

This is so classic.
You don't have to have a discussion. You can just say the (question|questioner|source} isn't legitimate. Boom! You win!

Ok…well..I came here for debate. I guess I won't get it.
You people should question your belief system. Not for me, or 'society', or any other reason other than yourself.
If you really, truly believe in something, you should be it's harshest critic. You should try to prove it wrong. That's the basis of individual and societal advancement, however you define that.

I believe it is the only way you can hurt porky. Right now insurance firms, credit card companies, payment system operators, banks are together with those who control natural resources the most powerful entities in the US and probably worldwide. However you wouldn't believe how many flaws there are in the system to exploit.

There was one method with which criminals were able to generate profits larger than half a million dollars per year, per individual and it was really popular for some time, although it's largely been fixed. If even just a few percent of Americans were to take up financial crime they would disrupt the market so hard that it would bleed out – there is no way to introduce both safety and convenience for the consumer, unless you were to free yourself from the grips of the banks.

The left is literally the only political spectrum which spends most of its time with critical analysis and infighting, lol.

wut? explain.

wht kind of a fucking self-critic are you when

It's done by first dumbing down the schools.

isnt laughed out of your mind?

you are asking me to engage with what seems to be some sort of retard. im afraid i dont know how to do that

Do you expect me to apologise for the "Cultural Marxists" in academia or something?
You didn't provide a single argument in this thread, you dropped statements and memes and then left moaning as if you were wrongfully ignored.

You managed to mix Steven Crowder's talking points with this guy's cultural critique, nice job.

fix that to democrats are evil.

Any tendancy.

Americans are a hateful people. We don't even care about improving our own lives; we just want to make other people's worse.

Any ideological group that can talk to enough of the American people and say "Porky is laughing at you, fuck up his shit" would be the best hope for communism in America.

The US is like the most class cucked nation on Earth. Communism will come to the US when the rest of the world rises up and either send in internationalist brigades or arm the fuck out of American communists. An organic uprising seems more or less impossible there

The Prussian education system was conservative, you retard.

excuse me friend but with your clear strawmaning and lack of education it's clear that the board >>>Holla Forums would better suit your taste. Even that image you so kindly posted is retarded. See you seem to firstly wrongly equate leftists with liberals and secondly you seem to think that wanting a social democracy,as the phrase "want's big government" suggests, is the same as wanting a powerful police opposition. A police state with a huge investment in the army and police is still "big government" as is socialised health care and subsidised roads but it doesn't make them one and the same.

The Lacanians, naturally.

Seriously, if there's ONE WEIRD TRICK the left needs to revive in this era, it's the time-honored tradition of just hating the everliving fuck out of rich people. They'll say it's class envy, and we'll say yeah, it is. We're envious of you and you're gonna have to deal with that.

It's easy to poke fun at the "millionaires and billionaires" rhetoric of a certain US presidential candidate, but he was at least gesturing toward this tendency.

this word is so awful

The American people are angry and spiteful, this is a spot on post.
Trying to explain literature or theory to these people is currently worthless. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done in the long term so the general populace understands what the fuck we're talking about, but that shit just takes too long, and it has the same end result anyway: getting people angry enough to do something.
Tap into the American's hate and fear and communism will follow.

Figures that the christard would champion an approach based on idpol.

Leftcom or nihilist?