Want to genetically uplift the population to the level of ubermensch

You have our back, right Holla Forums?

tell me more comrade, how do you genetically uplift the population? and how do you maintain biodiversity while doing this?

i'm a newfag to anarcho-transhumanism

If you don't want to literally be software then you should take off that flag, faggot.

Hell yeah nigga, fuck the meat

I was going to sarcastically make a joke like "No we're communist therefore we want everyone the same height", but I decided not to because Poe's law makes sarcasm damn near impossible on the Internet. So I'm to say that honestly I have no problem with deciding to improve the human race because as a species we are flawed as fuck and definitely need improvement.

A few touchups that give the population genes that correlate with a high g-factor for intelligence, higher ability to build muscle mass and have high blood cell count for the purpose of exercise. Plus eliminating a few negative genetic traits like poor eyesight, major birth defects, etc etc.

And you don't deliberately make them all white.

Genetic engineering is better than cyborgs.

I will fight the Singularity with my bare fists you fucking nerd

We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Nah fuck that. If you digitize yourself you can preserve yourself forever and eventually genetic engineering will catch up and allow you to synthesize an organic version. Nothing is lost by digitizing as long as you make enough backups. Nigga I will have a copy of my core code etched into stone along with instructions on how to read it. Your bitch ass organic body will never approach the immortality of fully digitized life forms.

Biological mechanisms are self-upgrading and we can upgrade them manually right now.

Digitization of consciousness, backup copies etc are pure fiction at the moment, do not self-upgrade inherently, and aren't anywhere close to within reach presently. I find the entire concept nonsensical.

Fuck off.

As long as you avoid the retarded "eugenics" shit I'm down.

Well fuck I guess it must be nonsensical if you find it to be so.

CRISPR, fam. No need to genocide anyone.

Tell Holla Forums that. Then again Holla Forums needs to be told a lot of things.

"Stand against this wall"

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The actual ubermensch are coming for you =)

Holla Forums doesn't want to build anything. They just want to hate things. If you told them that you could turn all people into geniuses overnight or another option that killed all non-whites, they'd still choose to kill non-whites. Holla Forums is going to be sent to gulag and worked to death.

Given time, humans will adapt to the pains of capitalist/industrialist society, they will come to know it as bodily function, and to take away such pain shall be tantamount to suffocation. Eugenics, which is selective breeding applied to man, will lead to the domestication of the human species. Horrific inhumanity arrives when eugenics is applied, worse so for mankind than consanguinity, so that only the "best" seed is sown in the "best" soil.

Ultimately though, there has never been nor will there ever be an ideal man, an uberman. Environments change, and man is molten so he may fit the environments or perish. Neanderthalis perished because of his strong stagnancy, not because he was dumb, or ugly, or barbaric, but because he could not change and adapt and flow, suited to one environment.

Freedom will be utterly lost in a society where people can chose the genetic buildup of their children. If society collapses after genetic modification, humanity will be utterly and truly wretched, suited for the beat of the past culture where relatives married and children were designed to be calm, modest, quiet and without imagination, so they listen as they are spoken to, and do as is said.

The thing of it is that humankind has already been domesticated. It has been undergoing various phases of domestication since division of labor and surplus food became controlled by chieftains turned kings. The greatest crime that man ever committed was the domestication of his fellow man.

coming to get you with my stone hand axe, fam




*fist bump*

Yes. Yes it is.
Yes. Yes it is.
Adapting the human race to serve the technological system instead of using technology to serve people is the most dehumanizing thing there is. Turning future generations into a bunch of ant people, modified at the whims of their elders, is also exceptionally dehumanizing.

Then you must eliminate food surplus and reduce us all to hunter-gatherers again, because otherwise economics takes on a political dimension and subsequent generations are shaped by accidental or deliberate engineering.

I would rather have that than your twisted power fantasies.

Against the wall.

What is primitive communism?

What a sad desire. I pity you.

Sorry, but transhumanism is just a way for angsty incels to deal with sexual agony and ambiguity.

Take up psychoanalysis instead, buckos.

dude, that's rad as hell

You want to make yourself into a god. You will never succeed. Your attempts will bring ruin to a portion of the world, until such time as you and every sick individual like you is exterminated by a coalition of communists, socdems, "woke" liberals, conservatives, fascists, anarchists, religious fundamentalists, and greenies.

I don't want to wait for a species-wide calamity for transhumanism to be repudiated, though. I fear that it, possibly even moreso than Nazism, is too dangerous of an ideology to be allowed to roam free on the ideological battleground. It should be smothered in the crib, if not through state repression then through a grassroots counterpropaganda campaign.

To borrow from Holla Forums, Sad.

Don't worry, you're already doing plenty of that.

Why bother with the human part?

Why not engineer the superior intelligence on a different principle? An artificial one. There might be some self-amplifying methods to construct an intelligent neural network or any other machine to process the information.

The problem is that humans have such complex level of interconnections and feedback loops it is almost impossible for it to exist in the universe. And to construct something like that from scratch would be impossible, so the future AI robots would be simple mechanical things with some energy source and superior intelligence(information processing).

You and me are just sad pieces of flesh that were meant to live among other pieces of flesh. But because of some unknown failure we have become disillusioned.

So are you transhumanist because you are lonely? Does it hurt you that you are lonely, so you want to transcend that annoying part of you that causes you pain of loneliness?

I am lonely too. It sucks and it sucks the life out of me, making me further lonely and ashamed that I cannot function with what is left of my social network.

Maybe you just inhale volatile hydrocarbons so you have these insane übermensch ideas. And I am merely projecting my failures onto you. But I have been going to r9k and know that people there have a real trouble with loneliness, which causes them to get many crazy ideas except fixing their loneliness in a normal way.

So we kind of have to muddle through with the cards life dealt us, whether it is our limited human bodies, or just becoming lonely and then going back to not being lonely.

People who are not lonely do not concern themselves with changing humans, because their day to day praxis is that of a human that is content with being a human. That is my whole reason behind assuming that your social life might not be ideal. Or it is possible to feel lonely while in a relationship. Well instead of fixing the whole humanity why not start with yourself.
I certainly have started, progress is slow and the temptation to escape in books on hard scientific subjects is always there, as it allows one to get a illusion of growth where is only hoarding of knowledge.

It's you again. Did you yet figure out how you can create the socialist Ubermensch. I want to become a communist cyborg and fuse my intellect with you, n-no homo.


You know apparently they have found a key sign of intelligence being a DNA switch that can, in theory, be modified in a living being. This gives me two thoughts. Firstly, could we begin a chain of events that sees the human race and its politics stop being held back by the stupid? China is at the front of this sort of "unethical" research, and I could see them being a candidate for releasing a smart virus.
However, the other thought and one infinitely more horrifying, is if an entity was to do the opposite of this. When I noticed people in the UK were becoming less politically cynical, easily led and holding onto political views informed by falsehoods, falsehoods which you could disprove in front of them with the original source confirming they were incorrect/lying yet still hold onto the original thought and belief it informed, I called it "Slow". This variant of the virus would likely be released by a threatened class of global elites to neuter any informed opposition.

What do human beings have to gain from creating a new form of life more capable of flourishing than they? There are already several species that do this. Why don't we just restructure our entire economy around growing as much e coli in gigantic cultures as we can? That would be better for humanity than creating a new machine god, and it would satisfy and desire to create strong AI out of some sort of altruism.

How would Holla Forums argue against this meme?

diversity is fucking spook

Only possible in circulating cell populations. Remember to enjoy your cancer afterwards.
Be careful with talk like that, or I'll set my Left Wing Bioethics Squad on you.

"Celebrating diversity" has never been a principal aim of socialism. The world isn't a 2nd grade social studies classroom. Don't get baited into accepting the bourgeois terms of the debate.

Flies in the face of materialism and neurobiology

Your consciousness is a collection of how your neurons are ordered and integrated. I fail to see how making a circuitboard circumvents the problem that you are your brain. Its not like you can just mash your brain into a blender and suck it up into a computer and wah-lah, digitized consciousness.

You don't understand evolution do you?

If a white guy fuggs an asian woman their child will be most likely genetically healthy since the parents are farther away on genetic variability.

If a negroid man fuggs a negroid woman their child are less likely to be healthy compared to the above example, because they are genetically closer.

If a man fuggs his sister the child will be most likely >degenerate because they are too close genetically.

Oopsies, evolutionary science concludes that >muh upholding the white race is idiotic.

lol you actually fell for this meme

imagine being so stupid that u think that having children with someone within your own large racial group (millions of people…. lets use the irish people as an example) is incestuous

bat shit retarded bourgie nonsense

This is scientific fact. If you reproduce with someone in your village, the chances of a genetically less healthy children are much higher than if you reproduce with someone who is much farther away genetically from you.

For fucks sake, Darwin, who married his cousin, noticed that their children were dying off like sparrows under Mao. He was the first to theorize that was later established as fact.

lets use genetic engineering to sort out our species major flaws (i.e mental retardation, Downs syndrome, etc) and use technology to improve our lives epigenetically.
other than this under communism lets devise a universal charter on the do's and don'ts of fucking with our species genome.


Most of us live in first world western countries that includes millions of people with similar White genetic stature; not villages.

Your post is going into the trash.

lel@you changing flags opportunistically

the scientific fact remains: if you reproduce with people closer to you genetically the chances of retardation are higher


Of course I fucking do. To deny humanity or subsets thereof from the liberating and empowering technology of genetic enhancement is unethical and anti-communist.

To deny humanity the full potential of their being is a crime against humanity itself. To deny the weak the ability to become strong, or to deny the stupid the ability to become smart, is one of the most anti-communist things you can do.

Down syndrome is not a genetic disorder, its a birth defect. The genes of downies are 100% fine, they just got a copy too much, just like how some people are born with an extra arm. This can't be fixed with genetic engineering, just with genetic screening, which we can already do.

Genetics aren't paint.

well then we'll do that to

but if you're already retarded then what do you have to lose?

We can, it just takes resource allocation. Most first world countries already do genetic screening.

But fixing things like huntingtons, albinism or improving simple things like making everyone lactose tolerant are very very very simple and well within the reach of the next couple of decades, as these are all single gene mutations. I don't see why we shouldn't do these things as soon as we can.

your chains


Gets me everytime!

Most of the population should be allowed to wither and fade into nothing. They don't deserve any kind of uplifting. "Genetically Uplift" is a loaded term I have no idea what exactly you mean by this. If you mean lengthening human life or increasing cognitive capacity those aren't necessarily going to prevent humans from dominating each other or nature or destroying the biosphere, if anything they will likely accelerate those processes tremendously (they will, I'm just giving you some slack so you can respond)
user is smart enough to realize ecology and biodiversity are essential to the species survival. Good thinking
yes pol is utterly retarded in every conceivable way and you should never compare yourself to them.
No I consider you an enemy to the species and transhumanism to a preversion of the process of evolution and the human organism. I also strongly dislike the idea of allowing normies extended lifespans and artificially boosted cognitive functions. I don't think more autism levels will actually correlate with improvements in behavior or taste or thinking.

there is no way to avoid eugenics when you are trying to genetically engineer "better humans" this goes without saying

(nice digits)

No this is a bad idea, we shouldn't fix people with retardation they just shouldn't breed and their genetic lineages should cease.

wew, hello there Holla Forums.

Yes there fucking is. Eugenics is breeding humans, genetic engineering is changing the genes of humans. The former prevents people from having children while forcing others to make more, while the latter improves human children, regardless of who it came from, and everyone is allowed their own free choice to have children.

yes and people who opt out will be selected against. Technology isn't optional. As soon as most people with money start modifying then it will become the social standards. Thus cutting off huge parts of the gene pool from mating or getting work (as only the wealthy, scientists and intellectuals will have access to editing at first).

until i see these super people deconstructing hierarchy and dogma I reject this qualification. It breeds more fit workers that's it, it breeds easier to control and less troublesome humans. One of the first things that will be targeted is genes that correlate with creativity and individuality (remember who is going to be doing the editing, managers not cool intellectuals like us). Additonally i am unconvinced that gene therapy will prevent garbage genes from beging passed on to future generations. I am also unconvinced that you can edit genes without a billion other genes being altered and epigenetically responding in ways that are totally unpredicatble. I also think having a population this high of "healthy people" who demand sex and respect and friends and information will overtax the econo-metabolic capabilities of society. 7 billion "healthy people" sounds like a living hell for me and a death sentence for the planet.

Basically TLDR: Gene Editing creates a new standard. Everyone is held to that standard. Only people who meet it get ahead. Everyone must submit or be culled indirectly. Therefore it is eugenics. Other genes will change, you will cause random mutations and adaptions. It may not work for their offspring. It will overtax the global econo-metabolic capacity (raw energy and resources/logistics available for servicing 7 billion do not exist right now). Finally, the technocrat management classes will be doing this so they will select for traits that benefit them and subvert our power to be independent (individualist and creative traits will be excised)

You assume we want genetic editing under capitalism in the first place. Your entire opposition to the very concept is because this technology can be misused under capitalism. Nobody here is going to disagree with you on that.

Most normies have a below 90 autism level, damaged amygdala development, damaged thalamus's, high rates of narcissism and bipolar disorder, are instinctively hierarchical and racist, are anti-intellectual, anti-ecology and are hedonists. I don't think we need most of them to get on fine. I don't want a Turner Diaries scenario, I just wouldn't care if there was a collapse and most of them died of starvation and exposure. It would be better for the species and biosphere in the long run

Its already starting under techno-capitalism and I have no idea how commies would approach it differently since their system is another highly automated hierarchy with special interests/ideologies that need dedicated bodies to protect themselves. I don't see why commie managers wouldn't also breed bug slave people just like the capitalists will. I'm opposed to the concept because I 100% do not trust the judgement of other people to engineer our species in lieu or random mutation and epigenetic adaptations to environmental stimuli. I trust nature not people who invent demon gods and worship money.

Strange ideas about what communism is you have there mate.

Nature is what gave people huntingtons, down syndrome, albinism, sickle cell, auto immune disorder, aids, hurricanes and the black plague. You could have just started off your posts with saying you are mentally handicapped.


Yes and those weak organisms will die off and the stronger ones who adapt will flourish. Nature blesses us with what seem to be ailments but are actually tools for hardening our shells against danger.
no i just observed how every single communist organization ends up with a hierarchy of managers, intellectuals, militant leaders and cultural icons who control all the wealth and information and lord over their liberated proletariat like a new aristocracy. i see zero reason to believe that won't happen again

Damn this is some hard fucking ideology you got there. What about species that die out or individuals that don't reproduce?

Why should I give up my "nature given ability" to change myself and my environment, like humans always have done, to make myself more successful? You are literally a social darwinist who fetishises nature, something which doesnt even exist as a thing.

I don't need to continue a conversation with someone who tries to convince me that "nature" is good and humans are somehow not nature, and that this "we" is somehow justification enough for sabotaging my own offspring chance of survival while also making me and my offspring suffer at the hands of competition of other forms of life.

What always gets me is how those pictures always make the mixture come out as either black or brown


and back on the ignore list you go


There was a transhumanist thread back in December iirc that basically brought this same shit up, and I had to use the same argument as yours to point out why copying the information from your brain doesn't make you immortal. As much as I would like to be JC Denton, genetic modification is sadly the best path to go simply by virtue of ending up being the path that scientists are making huge advances in that could lead to such a thing


All I fucking want is a virtual anime girlfriend who I can play vidya with and have sex with for fuck sakes

truly counter-revolutionary