Happy Birthday

Today was my birthday, and I didn't celebrate it at all. I did buy myself lunch instead of getting the regular meal from the dining hall here on campus, but that's about it. The only people I spent time with today was for the philosophy club I'm president of, and even most of them weren't aware.
Do you ever feel like you keep personal info to yourself that most people think should be promulgated? I always find myself doing that, today with my birthday and not telling anyone, among others.
Anyways, post some b-day memes I guess, it'd be nice to get a present from someone but I guess memes will suffice given my circumstances

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wow i h8 capitalists too OP

Is there a point you want to make?
I know this is a lefty board for lefty discussion, but in all seriousness this has been the only stable source for "socializing" with others I've had for the past 3 years or so. I don't doubt there are people in a similar situation as me here

I hacked a friend's facebook so I could see his girlfriend's nudes.

There weren't any.

I was the born the same day as Voltairine de Cleyre.

hepi birysdaei :DDDDD

I recognize her face from my days on r/anarchism way back. Never read anything of hers, what would does leftypol recommend?
And I only know I share a b-day with Michael Jordan :/

Happy birthday!
Here is a frog screaming for it's life because someone touched it's anus.

Just googled some stuff, apparently Huey P. Newton was also born today. neat


Thanks. I'll google search her most significant work(s), as I don't have the time to read through all of what you shared (have a lot of other stuff I'm planning on reading, besides school).

Happy birthday user.

I know your pain. I've done nothing for my birthday since about 2012. No friends.

And yeah like you I keep my life to myself. It's why I hate social media.

OP here, same. Never got into facebook (though I have an account) as all through middle/high school I would just see my friends doing things without me, becoming more and more distant. Just deleted my tinder as well, decided I hate it.
Brother used to be my best friend, then he became all cappie. He runs an amazon business right now selling kitchenware and shit, and has convinced himself that he's actually helping people by "providing a superior product."
Thanks regardless. Sorry to rant

Happy birthday genosse, here's to a better life for all of us!
i also find myself doing that kinda stuff, not having a facebook and stuff makes it really hard for people to remember your birthday (zuckerberg can blow me tho) and i am too autistic to actually remind people of that fact. last birthday i didn't tell nobody, but one of my new housemates has his birthday in the same day i do, so i told the rest of them and i basically shared his birthday party, that was pretty tight.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños user!

It can't be hard for people to remember if you don't have any people in your life ;^)
In all seriousness, nice to here you had a party. I wish I could "celebrate," but I have no access to alcohol and can't risk smoking weed and getting kicked off campus

To an extent I enjoy being alone/doing my own thing, but part of me feels as if this attitude has been more forced upon me in order to cope than some sort of personality I developed.
Don't think being alone forever is what I'd want, or optimal for most anyone.

I want to clarify. My reason being from Jean-Luc Nancy's "The Inoperative Community," in which he critiques communism (the argument of which I don't agree with), but more importantly discusses our ecstatic nature. True immanence, he says, is impossible, and fails to acknowledge this tendency of ours to enter and fade from the lifeworlds of others.
That's a butcher of a summary, but I think that explains enough.

Solidarity, OP. Here's a song that might be relevant to your situation. The date even matches up nearly:


"And with these drinks I plan to collapse / And forget this wasted year, these wasted years"

Thanks for sharing the song, I appreciate it

Happy b-day m8. I hope you're all right.

Before I head off, just wanted to thank everyone again for checking in. You didn't have to, and it's nice to see that some people actually care, even if just over the internet

you have your internet comrades, at least :)

better days are coming, comrade

Happy birthday, man. Hope the next year is better for you.