Wow, Bill sure did fearmonger tonight

Wow, Bill sure did fearmonger tonight.

Honestly surprised Milo is gay. Why are fascists so gay now

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I don't wtach the show, post a webm or give a summary faggot.

They always have been faggots, but they will never be as gay as you OP.

they always have been

RIP in pepperonis Ernst Rohm

He started off by talking to Milo who acted like a gay guy on drugs then talked to his panel which the entire time was about how the deep state is the only line of defense against Trump and that they should pull a coup.

Then for the last part of the show he talked to Leah Remeni about scientology.

New rules ending monologue was about How the America first crowd actually hates america.

That's so retarded.
I seriously hate him.

Oh, so socialists in USA get lynched on grounds of sedition, but actual seditionists get to talk on TV openly?

Goddamn, liberals get the bullet too.

He also compared scientology to communism.

That was pretty amusing.

Have you never seen anything by Milo or read anything by him? He goes out of his way to tell everyone what a faggot he is (and a jew since the alt-right became a known thing).

Also fascism is like catsnip for faggots. The SA had a ton and there are quite a few in the alt-right. Greg Johnson is probably the most influential faggot in there.

Milo is literally just a British Jew who found a niche way to make money off goobergate type geeks and young men who are repulsed by campus liberalism, calling him a Fascist is really stretching it.

I understand that some campus leftists like flexing their "mobilize the masses of liberal students" age old tactic, but cmon… why paint this actor "Milo" as a baddie?


Criticizing the Right for having a few homosexuals in the history of the Right is comedy gold seeing that most of the homosexuals such as Rohm were purged at the peak of the Fascist movements.

Homosexual Fascist Bodybuilding is the future.


Milo has like… one Jewish ancestor on his mom's side somewhere. Neither of his parents were Jewish, he wasn't raised religiously or culturally Jewish, and he's a practicing Catholic who bases his political beliefs (including on his own sexuality to an extent) on Catholicism.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't even meet the criteria held by the Nazis for holocausting. Except the gay thing, he'd be safe.


You didn't hear him go on about it the first 1487 times?

Milo aint a Fascist
a gay jewish classical liberal who likes to espouse proudly how many nigger dicks he takes up the ass on a regular basis definitely doesnt resound well with any fascist movement ever

Except this time, there is no wave of commie revolts and the Treaty of Versailles hanging over everyone's heads. No nationalist dickery. No "Stab in the Back" myth.

judaism is inherited through the maternal line
that means hes shabbot shalom

He compares communism to almost anything bad is being discussing. Typical American "intellectual".

hes a jew raised in Britain from a Greek background
get your facts straight for christs sake

There are 0 legitimate, non-LARP, fascist movements in the West. None. Even at its peak, Fascism didn't rise through legitimate means anywhere but Italy. It won't rise again.

His whole shtick is to pretend to be a blonde catholic right winger and then throw subversive comments about black cocks or w/e.
He is in no way a genuine Catholic, and I say this as a Catholic-Socialist.

Get your replies straight for Issa's sake

Besides Milo, there's also calling politicians "daddy" and the "traps aren't gay" meme.

That's new

I'm honestly surprised by how hard he's shilling the Russia story. But then again he's an anti-vaxxer so what should I expect.

idpol is out of control fam

I don't think he's an anti vaxxer anymore. He was a long time ago.

I know
honestly people dont even know the fucking definition of the term anymore thanks to decades of ZOG Occupied Government and Soviet propaganda

She sounds like Trotskyite scum who wiggled her way into a leftist institution.

He had Charlie Sheen's "I cured AIDS" doctor on his show not long ago, so even if he's not specifically an anti-vaxxer it's not like he's moved up in the intellectual world.

Btw most alt-right are pro-homo.

People like Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Greg Johnson…

The reasons they give is that it was a Roman tradition, and they say it's closely related to the European identity, and it's the last defense (or something like that) for white people.

Milo isn't alt-right, and he is anti-gay. He said more than once he wish he wasn't gay.

Everyone on both 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ hate his guts

Maher should honestly stop having SJWs like Wilmore AND a staunch conservative on at the same time.

All you hear is lots of yelling.

Golden Dawn aren't LARPers. They're the ones handing out food and helping protect people since the security service in greece is incredibly rundown and underfunded

Doesn't matter if he's not practicing. Even if you think it clears him to claim to be "Jewish," it still doesn't defend him from accusations of anti-semitism when the Nazis would be chill with him based on his ethnic background.

The black cocks shit is to appeal to gays and piss off left-idpol 'tards. I mean, I assume that part of it is to piss off left-idpol tards.

Dude doesn't even believe in germ theory. Way worse than anti-vaxx tbh

The closest thing to fascism today, at least in terms of behavior, is Islamism.

I don't think Milo is a fascist, but that's a pretty terrible standard for whether someone is fash or not

of course he did.

I wonder if Milo is delegitimizing Holla Forumstards on purpose.

Just googled this. Apparently he's anti-GMO and a member of PETA as well.

Milo is a "cultural libertarian" and I think he really did think that Holla Forums was just joshing

This isn't that hard to believe considering he thinks Sweden and Denmark are socialist and that socialism is free stuff.

Not an unfair assumption tbh


the Nazis would
Im not Kek

astute observation
with a single flaw
Fascism is supposed to exist as a model where the state is a doctor to society and society is its patient
and they act in a way to 'cure' society of its ills by excising 'problems'
islam only exists to institute a series of despotic laws dreamed up by a 6th century arabic warlord

Well I mean I personally give him the benefit of the doubt.

He's absolutely correct on political correctness and religion and how Trump won the election was because of the democrats disregard of the working class and not because of muh racism and sexism.

Almost ever single Islamic country is divided into tribal affiliations and/or religion. I think Iran is one of the few that could really be called a nation-state. They're not fascists tho

Being right about why he won after he won doesn't make him smart. It just makes him capable of repeating other people.

Plenty of people called the win and the factors leading to it ahead of time and Bill wasn't one of them, he was just another smug liberal dipshit.

by the modern definition of the term they are
is the ayatollah even elected anymore or is it hierarchical through their college of imams?

Middle aged white working class in the midwest don't give a shit about your online LARPing or video game coverage, kid

fascist =/= authoritarian

He didn't win solely because of that but it was a factor. Hillary didn't enter a single red state during her campaign and made no pleas to workers. It was probably Podestas idea. What a smug little con artist. He's the one who stole the primary from Bernie.

Is Putin a fascist? If not what is he?

again I know
but according to the media 'fascism' is anything that doesnt mean multicultural pansexual inclusive orgies

No, Putin is not a fascist. Stop trying to make everything fascism

Putin is a completely typical authoritarian, with the usual dose of nationalism. Not all authoritarians are fascist.


The Ayatollah serves for life so I don't really get this question. He doesn't pick the council of experts but he does pick 6 of the imans for the guardian council which elects the next ayatollah (the other 6 are lawyers selected for their attorney general equivalent) tho maybe the lawyers don't get to vote for the next ayatollah.

How funny would this funny guy be if he had to debate a real Marxist? Well this funny guy seems to be the last liberal hope and all the shit he spews is just memes. Liberalism is now just reduced to cheap comedy.

So this means all Nazis like boipussy?

Did anyone think that Maher actually looked the better out of the two?
Or did Milo get the better of Maher?

Milo acted like he was on drugs during the entire interview.

sounds like a hereditary elective dictatorship
similar to some forms of government ive seen detailed in fascist models

probably recovering from an MDMA fuelled ass pounding in the dressing room

so a fascist then

Do Fascists all crave the BBC?

oh you
stop ;^)

Nazis are white idpol


I know it's great

Do you like boipussy?

i dont know the term for appointing ministers who will elect someone you want to be the next leader


a republic

no not quite
classical or neo-liberal?
maybe neo-liberal


reminds me of hegemonic Sparta tbh
thanks for the infograph