Destroying the Alt-Right

Is there any way to get rid of them? Throwing them in the gulag would obviously work, but they could also be valuable slave labor.

Watch contradictions unravel in acceleration as the alt-right itself either becomes a different label for right-populist neoconservatism with childless-single-men-who-masturbate-to-anime characteristics (where it practically is already) or dissipate into irrelevant forever as history does in its all-consuming glory.

Trade them to the aliens for copper and uranium.

Will we finally make contact with the aliens once we have established our fully automated luxury gay space commune?

oh wow, "healthcare" was bad enough

Right now Holla Forums is getting ready to go shoot up antifa in "self-defense" at a rally. When they inevitably gun down protestors with little to no provocation it will be the beginning of the end.

The militant left will have martyrs, the public will see the alt-right as the fascist black-shirts in red-hat variation, and the round goes to us.

No there isn't. It's just the hippies before in the 60s. No matter what happens the culture and landscape has changed forever and they're already in positions of power. They're here to stay because they're the new right that will replace the old right just like the neocons replaced the Old Right before and how liberalism replaced actual socialism.

it's funny because the opposite happened. just like antifaschite aktion helped hitler rise to power, antifa does little more than empower the right.

/k/ shot up some BLM niggers and no one cared

If you could get a source on this that would be great.

Only an alt-righter thinks that way. Nobody outside of the alt right thinks of antifa as anything but disorganized wacky extremists who smash property at random during protests. When Holla Forums inevitably guns down protesters it will get national attention.

They were just convicted and the conviction is all over the mainstream news right now. Nice try though Nazi punk.

The real kicker is how they hold the delusional belief that they would win in a "civil war", when in reality they lose every confrontation that happens outside the internet.

I'd like to see Holla Forums pull the poor victim card when that happens. Has anybody noticed that in the wake of Trump's antics and Antifa's stunts, aut-righters around the web are trying to market themselves to be more "peaceful" and/or "rational," and that they say that they are defending themselves against hostile leftists?

To me, what's funny is this

Some of them are trying to put on a legitimate facade right now. Fortunately the hateful are too loud for that tactic to be effective.

The fuck is that video?


Somethings are better to be left without an explanation.

I'll take your word for it.

This answer does nothing to dispel the WTF I just experienced

Or, conversely, the fascists will become martyrs to a group of moderates and neo conservatives.

Whatever you say buddy.

No, I'm saying that if antifa strikes the first blow or in fact shoots before the fascists, then the sacrifice will be just as revered by rightists than if antifa is shot by fascists to leftists. It's really not that hard to invert your point and if you can't see this then I'd really advise you to read Bordiga.

I don't hear antifa planning to gun down alt-rightists, I'm hearing alt-rightists plot to gun down antifa. If it were otherwise I'd try and shut it down.

Nobody has to read shit to understand something that basic.

Also I don't like to argue for rightists, but I see no problem in helping comrades work on their argumentation so I'd ask if you believe the public reaction to the UC Berkley protest that turned to violence was more favorable to the neo-fascists or anti-fascists?

Well, nice strawman, but I've seen similar instances of antifa directly stating they would like to see fascists dead. Really the same application of your logic.

The public barely noticed because nobody was gunned down.

There is a difference between "I'd like to see fascists dead" and "We are going to this location at this date armed with the intention of shooting antifa". Then again I hardly expect a fascist to understand important nuance.

Again, resorting to fallacies won't help you win arguments. I'm an anarchist if that gives you any help in accepting my views rather than restricting any contrarian ideals, yet I still don't understand how you miss this deduction.

Antifa is against fascists.
Antifa wants fascists dead.
Antifa will _ fascists when confrontred by fascists.

It's the same application of your logic merely inverted. I too can cherry pick a few schizoids on the Web that state they'll go on a rampage, yet is it really representative of the group as a whole?

This is rather important to me because decrying fascist towards every contrarian alienates potential leftists.

Dude. I was on /k/ when saigamarine etc said they were going to go shoot up BLM and they fucking did. I was there live. This is the same shit, but on a bigger scale.

Antifa is saying general shit. This is a plan with details. You are calling this a fallacy because you want to equate apples with oranges. They aren't the same. I don't know what mental hoops you have to jump through to think that they are the same, but they are not.

pick 1

stay out of touch, Holla Forums

Are we being raided?

I think one of the greatest ironies here is that Holla Forums loves making comparisons to 1984 in the left yet here they are trying to re-write history.

Either way nobody gives a fuck

Yeah, I'd say that we are. I think Holla Forums is taking advantage of the fact that we're currently receiving a large influx of people from /r/Socialism, so they're trying to astroturf on the board again.

But they are literally at the tier of "How do you do fellow Communist" levels of low key here.

I mean what can they do if they don't know shit?

Mostly be annoying. They aren't actually disrupting us, but they are a moderate annoyance.

I love how conflicted and terrified the Right is getting.
They simultaneously, sometimes in the same SENTENCES, paint antifa style violence as "useless flailing" "temper tantrum, ineffective"
and yet also "leftists are brutal violent monsters" and "blm are violent thugs" and so on, and if you post the cartoon of pepe getting his head guillotined with him saying "so much for the *tolerant* left" people go "is that a DEATH THREAT? ARE YOU THREATENING ME? I'M CALLING THE COPS"

It's wonderful. Liberal Pussies but also OMG SCURRY MILITANT KILLERS

I just checked and I'm totally wrong I guess. I thought that subliminal smiley face was the one that NOBODY™ used.

This type of far-right retardation and inability to see thing clearly isn't anything new comrade.