AT-X President: AI May Replace Humans in Anime Production

Mass produced anime soon.

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Good, when it happens we'll radicalize weeaboos too.

almost all low level anime production is outsourced to korea/china/indonesia with japanese animators doing the higher level stuff like key frames and shit. Anime in general has most of the budget go towards the voice talent so it won't really change much

anime may be one of the most capitalistic things in the world tbqh

As if the industry couldn't get any worse.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
Also worth mentioning the golden age of the industry was filled with lefties.

Why do voice actors get so much money? It's the easiest thing to do

Because that's usually what otakus pay attention to. They don't care who the art director or writer is, but they sure as hell can tell which seiyuu voiced what character. They're immensely popular and that's also why it's so easy to create derivatives such as radio dramas, idol shows, etc.

At very least, tweening could be automated.

But user, it's okay because they live in a racially homogeneous society. :^(

Democratic economies are a mistake

What does that have to do with anything? Nobody ever claimed racially homogeneous societies have 0 problems, just that they have 1 fewer problem.

how is a lack of racial homogeneity even a problem in itself

No racism

Ainus, Ryukyukans, Burakumins and Zainichis beg to differ…

On the bright side there are now a lot of talented voice actors in Japan.

Because their fans want to rape them.

Daily reminder if you like anime and weeb shit, you're not a true proletariat.

Anime is as capitalist as it gets to begin with. Read up on the conditions for animators. It's horrible with among the worst worker rights violations in of any industry.

Japan is a sad country.

Daily reminder if you eat, you're not a true proletariat.

Eating is as capitalist as it gets to begin with. Read up on the conditions for farm workers, drivers, and grocery employees. It's horrible with among the worst worker rights violations in of any industry.

Why the hell not? It has been the same rehashed shit for thirty years anyway.

Torrenting or bust.

I lol'd.

I want a submissive, blonde hair, blue eyed Japanese gf so fucking bad. She would cosplay around the house, and we could play vidya all day, and I would feel like a fucking god taking her around my town, or showing her off to my parents.

Adachi is a pretty hardcore kinda dude. He lived for almost thirty years in Lebanon and had contacts with the PFLP.

The prospect of AI replacing artists because of their ability to "deep learn" shallow techniques is pretty absurd. Art is nothing without the soul behind it. Computers, as far as we know, don't have souls. They will never be able to animate water, hair and wind the way that Miyazaki does. This is because artists put a bit of themselves into everything they do. If there's no soul behind it, it will never look right.
The "Robber Child" movie or whatever that Miyazaki mentioned in the article as being horrific, the author called it corpselike? He's absolutely right. The animation in that one is awful, I saw the preview and noped out of it immediately.
Same thing goes with rotoscoped works, like A Scanner Darkly or Anastasia. Shit don't look right.

It's been getting better in recent years with the advent of Twitter and such, where more direct connections between fans and non-VA staff are taking place. The biggest problem in the past was that there really wasn't any meaningful way to give animators and such exposure to the fanbase: they'd have little to contribute to something like a con panel, and staff like animators are generally tied to a specific studio so the works they'll have experience working on will be limited (as opposed to a VA who will have had experience working on any number of projects of different genres and studios).

It's still a niche following though, and Japanese production studios (or any Japanese company for that manner) are generally pretty adamant about not changing their production models regardless of outrcry or even sometimes economic sense.

Because they're famous.
Did you even have to ask?

I agree. People don't seem to understand how insanely complex AI programming is and how slowly it has progressed. I'm not saying AI won't be able to create good works of art forever, but in my opinion that's some distant future scifi shit. For now computers are simply a tool and nothing more.

I'm getting the feeling that AI is becoming the "nuclear power" of the 2010s-30s. Sure it has a ton of potential and absolutely a lot of jobs are going to be replaced, but I wonder how many of these projections will follow through.

It will be interesting to see, for sure.

Most of the figure for "A-list voice actor" is coming from royalties from music and concert performances. Voice acting itself pays like absolute dogshit, and the vast, vast majority voice actors have to work part time jobs to support themselves

That's… barely more than my mom makes living on fucking disability income.

Yeah, most animators do it out of a profound love for animation. Really just makes the whole situation that much sadder.