There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who literally unironically listen to Controlled Oppo Crap House

>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who literally unironically listen to Controlled Oppo Crap House

maybe its because they are unfunny white bourgie assholes

but dont worry, they will redistribute the wealth they gained amongst themselves

CTH is alright, but obviously left-liberal reformist ideologically. The main host is fairly familiar with proper Marxist communist theory, but fails to apply any of it in his commentary. I would listen to it as very much enjoyable left wing commentary but only if I actually enjoyed listening to podcasts (the few episodes I've listened to were great, but I'm just not a podcast guy).

I just don't see the appeal. I listened to the Tim Heidecker episode, it was like listening in to a yuppy white woman's bookclub. O. K. I gave it about 30 minutes, at least now I can look down on anyone who likes it.


They're kinda obnoxious numales. It's also suspicious that a podcast which hasn't been around long gets such a large amount of money in donations and a bunch of celebrity appearances but there no signs of them actually being popular to make that in small donations, all their episodes get just a couple comments for example.

Because they actually are controlled opposition funneling people into the Democratic socialists of America, an anti-Communist left-liberal wing of the Democrats.

Yes and there are actual COINTELPRO on this board at almost all hours of the day

It's because that's how patreon works. If it signals anything it's that there is a big demand for this kind of relaxed, left-wing political commentary. It's not like there is a better alternative.

Phill is that you? The DSA haven't been democrat shills since the 80s and compared to the CPUSA who endorsed hillary and obama they are fucking radicals. One of Chapo hosts even routinely jokes that she will start a far-left splinter group once it gets big enough.

Link? Doubt I'll become a regular listener, but I'm interested.

Every US left-wing party is irrelevant, controlled opposition (DSA), or both (CPUSA).

he's doing the revolutions in south america (mostly focusing on bolivar) last I listened

Hi Phil.

It might actually be him. Tankie twitter is losing its mind over Chapo and PPG.


whats it like hanging out with a porno heiress?

controlled opposition
controlled opposition
controlled opposition
you're all controlled opposition
and the people were astonished at his doctrine

phil greaves boi pussy when?

If he found out about Holla Forums I think his head would implode.

isn't he the guy who did the history of Rome podcast way back in the day.That shit was good

Mike Duncan is a precious treasure.