Will he be impeached?

Will he be impeached?

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Alan Lichtman predicted he would be, so probably. Especially now since theres a scandal and a deep state coup going on



No, but there will be a coupe though.

We'll transition away from democracy to a theocratic state where he's worshiped as a God.

Considering that he is an agent of International Jewry, I'd say it's highly unlikely.


Stop that 19th century thinking. Yes, Trump is a capitalist but that doesn't mean he isn't the archenemy for another group of capitalists

God I hope not. We'd have to deal with Pence.

What if Pence was impeached as well?

Why would you Impeach someone who's following the wishes of the deep state? I don't see anything different form Obama's actions, other than a slight change in PR strategy
Not being able to see through their lies is why every Communist revolution ends up in deep statism. But whatever enjoy your circles of guilt, friends!

The Jewish baking families care not as long as long as their power monopoly remains intact. Trump is their slave. He took their money, afterall.

lol baking. Meant banking.

make me smile

Right this moment, there are GOP analysts and pollsters calculating just how much of a liability Trump will be in the 2018 midterms, to say nothing of 2020. He serves entirely at the mercy of the Republican establishment, who will dump him in a second if his approval ratings keep ticking downward.

His inner circle is acutely aware of this and probably have some tricks up their sleeve to stave it off, but unless their plans include a Reichstag fire I don't see how Trump lasts four years.

Lel the way the Democratic Party is looking I don't think the GOP are sweating 2018 kid

He hasn't done anything impeachable yet and the GOP is ascendant so I'm going to hazard a no. He'll probably get 8 years tbh considering how much shit the Dems suck right now.


take your meds.

no and go away.



At last I truly see.

This is exactly what they said this past election cycle and you're still regurgitating this nonsense.


He won't be impeached. A Republican controlled government isn't going to remove him from the oval. I fear he'll be assassinated instead if the /x/ theory is true

what theory is this ?

Not a mouthpiece of the deep state, surely. :^)

Did he really just leave us all hanging on this?

I remember reading on /x/ about Trump's presidency would either end before 4 years by either impeachment or possibly assassination. The numbers 45 and 44 have always been tied to deaths and murder throughout history and Trump's murder would be similar but different to George Wallace's(Both betrayed as major racists who ran for president) where Wallace was shot, but wasn't killed on the campaign trail. Plus there's a fuckton of hints during his Inauguration that tied to the last president being assassinated, Kennedy.

There's also a card in a card game called illuminati which predicted things like 9/11 before it happened and it shows a card with Trump's face as an assassination target.

Far weirder theory than I expected, but thanks.

I would say impeachment/assassination is definitely plausible, however he seems to be doing what he's told and just following conservative agenda so far, so maybe he's fallen in line.

He'll lose re-election in 2020 to Kanye West or some shit. We're already through the looking glass. Shit is just going to continue to get more Spectacular.

I honestly hope he isn't or won't be for the sake of accelerationism.
Also I don't want a fundamentalist freak as president; Trump is a useful idiot.

Mark Fuckerberg might be lining up to run as well. Fun times ahead if you're a watch the world burn kinda person.

Yeah, but what kind? I honestly prefer German cars myself.

Mark Cuban might run too. Wew.

He better fucking make sure the Mavericks win more before he does, that fucking cunt.

Launch the nukes, China. Seriously.

If Zuckermeme somehow wins the Dem primary then the Green Party candidate will get over 10% of the vote, thereby guaranteeing Trump a second term and allowing him to cement his God Emperor status.

He won't, though. He'll wait until he's at least in his 40s.

Probably not, unless he starts vetoing shit congress passes too often.

Impechment's purely political. Nobody gave a shit about the loooooong ass list of high crimes of anybody cept Clinton and that was cause he was opposed to congress.


Also this.


Free win for Ryan.


2018 will be another tea-party situation. The Sanderistas are already taking over state parties. Mid-terms elections will be running THEIR candidates, not the establishments.

Unlike the Tea Party which appealed to the muh guns and freedom crowd that is about 60% of the US population and rooted in US cultural history, all "grassroots" Democrat Party movements offer nothing much autistic screeching about how evil racism is. There is very little appeal to most of the electorate outside of universities and 10 or so cities where most election battles aren't taking place.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's impeached in his first 6 months. The deep state is clearly preparing the terrain, what with leaks, illegal wiretaps and whatever.

Then you get the most autistic lolbert screeching you've ever witnessed from Paul Ryan till the next election.

Your call if that's worth it.

Statistical analysis isn't null because someone flipped a coin twice and got two heads in a row

How is asking if something will happen supporting it?

Shouldn't Obama be dead then?

I've got a good idea. What if we just impeach the entire State?

Based on what? All statistical analysis, based on previous models, pointed to it being a Republican year. Then the media pushed "poll" after "poll" that were ridiculously skewed towards Dem voters to push its narrative.


Just saying even the "super biased" nate silver model Holla Forums never stopped screeching about gave him a 30% chance to win. That's not as insurmountable as people want to make it out to be

this should become a meme bruh

Should leftists trust the [[[betting markets]]]?



No user, those ones are dead

Bagels are awesome yo.

Yes, or assassinated. You better believe another recession is coming and you better believe he won't handle it well.

He will be the perfect scapegoat for the Left to rally against, when this inevitably occurs.

Which is all occurring to his master plan, Trump & Bannon are both crypto-Leninist accelerationists who are at a war against the Spectacle.

That will only happen when and if the absolute power the private corporation Commission on Presidential Debates has over candidate information is somehow overcome. Last time a third candidate got significant votes was when they let Perot debate Bush and Clinton and they learned their lesson well from that.

Trump is the 44th person to be president but 45th President since one President did two non consecutive terms and became the 22nd and 24th President.

Friendly reminder that 45% of people didn't even vote in 2016. The neocon view is represented as a ballot plurality but is not a majority view.

I don't know man but whatever happens peaches will certainly be involved.

That's not how this works. If Pence got impeached after Trump left office–by whatever means–we'll get whoever Pence appoints as his vice-president. However, if both Trump AND Pence were removed from office simultaneously, then we'd get Ryan.