Do you think it's a smart idea that lefty journalists engage in no-platforming this professional troll and refuse to...

Do you think it's a smart idea that lefty journalists engage in no-platforming this professional troll and refuse to even debate him? Is that a wise course of action in the long run?

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I think the worst way you can handle these provocateurs is to allow them to debate the easy targets of hysterical SJWs instead of a genuine leftist critique.

remind me why he is banned from universities? because he says idpol is stupid?

also just gulag them.

is that James Rolfe?

For context journalist Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept just decided not to go on the Bill Maher show because he booked Yiannopoulos.

No, because they're just making him a martyr for free speech.
By refusing to debate him on the issues they're just handing him an I WIN button.
He can legitimately say their position is so intellectually bankrupt they won't even try to argue with him.

Pretty much.
He mostly just shits on SJW feminist types and political correctness and it drives college kids and their tenured handlers insane to an almost comical degree, until you realize that they're serious about it.

Look familiar now?


Debates, and the idea they're rekting people, is central to the alt-Right's self-image. They will debate SOMEONE, and the more people avoid this the easier their targets will become.

What we should do is step our debate game up and start challenging them. People like Milo would probably survive because they just want to troll, but some other dudes like Ben Shapiro would have an identity crisis.

You have to remember that the idpolers are largely in power on campuses and they have a habit of attacking anyone who tries to explain that there's more to life than idpol. You might need someone willing to pretend to be an idpoler to get into debate and then sacrifice their public image as they turn on the leftism and get eaten by them.

>hang him from a lamppost in front of a university in broad daylight
>problem solved

Someone should honestly troll Milo with The Ego and It's Own.

There is a difference between debating someone who is already there and unavoidable and giving someone a megaphone to say stupid shit no one needs to hear again for the sake of it. It's not wrong to boycott people and ideas in this way in fact that is part of free speech as well. Omitting someone from your platform is not omitting them from all platforms.

Didn't he plan to out a list of people as illegal immigrants at his Berkeley conference?

Why'd he dye his hair?

No one cared who I was until I donned the bleach.

How is that a problem

Because then ICE comes in and splits up families.

So no one should be held accountable for anything if they have families?

He doesn't debate. He doesn't present facts or arguments. He's a harasser. Harassment doesn't deserve to be platformed.

How is he a harasser?

Do you think some people deserve harassment?

t. gamerghazi

If I remove your platform will you die?

See. . Alt-right types (and the "classical liberals" who defend them and try to act as an Overton window boundary on the left to make them seem normal) tend not to want to engage in actual debate. If they ever did they'd probably just go against some Holla Forumsack false flagging as a leftist and claim they won.

Just get a terminal cancer patient to stab him tbh

On second thought please don't click that link. There is not a single intelligent person at that table. Nothing but ideology and propaganda.

It does look better. It also helps his whole "look I'm a gay nazi buy my shit" schtick.

I'll harass you with my dick nerd

I've never seen anyone actually put up any evidence of this. It's always "I heard this from someone who heard it from their friend who heard it from…"
Not saying it isn't something this guy might do but so far it seems like some bullshit the protesters came up with after the fact to try and save face

The best way to handle an idiot is to give them a platform and let them run their mouths. Milo's platform is pretty much just "free speech is good, identity politics is shit" though, so he's not going to look like a dumbass.

I've never seen him not look like a dumbass to be honest. He is really bad at presenting conflicting facts in a way that can actually persuade his opposition. I really hope he doesn't kill himself some day when reality catches up with him.

Go back to licking those boots

Milo sits there politely being a British queer and calmly explaining his thoughts.
The left screech like howler monkeys and light things on fire.
Milo is going to appear more aesthetically pleasing and become an even bigger rockstar in the right wing sphere, although the alt right never liked milo and think he is a faggot jew, so he is proably going to get more popular with normie republicans.
Milo hitched his ride to right political movement and is making mad dosh, trump won, young "alt righters" are in demand on news shows.
I think it pisses off a lot of those opportunists on the sjw side that they arent invited on bill mahr, because they hitched their rides to gamergate and being offended at everything.

Milo is just a lucky opportunist.

I will say that most universities are leftists brainwashing mills and even the most basic bitch normie centrists republicans would be yelled at.

Something really has snapped in liberals, like i wonder if any of them relax, they have been mad at trump for weeks now, like im pretty sure their adrenal gland looks like a raisin

It's not about win or lose.
Whether you can make his fanboys turn around or not.
If they claim they won no matter what, then let them be.
Even 5 percent of them start questioning themself or being curious about communism are pretty much win for left.
Liberals should avoid him though.

It was circulating around beforehand on activist media and he already has a history of listing trans students. He isn't above it

Milo is pretty much a libertarian, but also likes trolling people.
People are tired of sjw's shit, like safe spaces, and micro aggression, and milo is framing it like he is fighting for free speech against the politically correct gone mad.
All the rioting and banning actually help him become more notorious and famous.
A Martyr for free speech.
After the berkely thing the sales for his upcoming book shot up like 1000000%

Here's context for what he did.

liberals aren't leftist dumbfuck

Yes, you should out them.


I like how you think, comrade.

Holy shit, I agree 100%

stirner posting at milo would fucking rule

I think we have a responsibility to call people like this out. That does NOT mean shutting them down - everyone deserves free and open speech, that's one of the most important parts of democracy. However, it means we have to confront them on their reprehensible positions. The danger is normalizing the far right, and that's why Dave Rubin is such a failure - he gives reprehensible assholes a platform, and accepts what they say without saying anything.

The ideal is, we hear them, and then we critique them.

Liberalism is a dirty word among both the left and the right, but the key of liberalism is really freedom of expression. According to Rudolph Rocker, anarchism is really the ideological fusion between liberalism and the socialist workers' movement. It's about democratizing the workplace and government, to create the freest society possible. A key part of that is ensuring freedom of expression. You don't shut down people like Milo, and you don't normalize them either. You hear them out, then critique them.

Of course no one should bother to debate him. The problem is Maher isn't a "lefty" and probably agrees with most of the shit he says so of course he has him on his show.

This pedo shit going around should end any of his mainstream attention though.

he himself says that he is a troll. And what do you do with trolls? You don't feed them.
Yet everyone fell for this. Hook and sinker. Kind of beautiful in a way.

He's gonna take you back to the chans
To bash the feminists with fat ass
He's rather have a juggalo shared between him and a wolfkin
He's rather be a rotten fagot if all the women turn into Hoochie Minh

Welp, I meant:
>He'll rather be a rotten fagot if all the women turn into Hoochie Minh
Can't into speaking American, gotta deport myself :/

*thumbs up*

So, instead of removing Milo Yiannopoulos's platform by refusing to appear on the show, Yiannopoulos was allowed to recite his dumb shit without an intelligent critical response 'and Scahill's absence provided an opportunity for an "intelligence community" scumbag to come on and spew McCarthyist propaganda unchecked. The plan didn't work out so well, did it?