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This was made on a phone

Based Bat'ko





Fucking spit my drink, good on ya Bat'ko

Meant for OP


He got BTFO?

Yeah by Joe "DUDE WEED LMAO" Rogan


I have just witnessed perfection itself

Cheers m8

Cheers, lads

Never again

An insightful website:

But 8ch is way worse.

Why are you here?

Because Holla Forums is the only good board on this shithole.

tbqh fam almost NONE of the boards here are good, and Holla Forums is definitely not one of them. In fact, at least the top 10 or so are shit-tier in their own ways

I swear they used to be…


I'm not saying they weren't, but that's in the past, and this is now.;_;




Bat'ko makes way better shit than that faggot gingeet.

OP here. Oi, yeah nah, Gingeet's a top bloke.

Holla Forums choir/


sure you don't want to make a new thread for this?

Jesus Bat'ko, stop trying to get me to send my sides into orbit

Yo, this is actually good. All your stuff is pretty good sure but this is actually catchy and the chorus but about the different idpol groups is hillarious


Bat'ko is easily one of the greatest things to happen to this board. Good job, lad!

I think you mean


I've already posted the last three ones a few times but imma put them in here anyway

I keep updating this one

Never have I been this aware of my sides, user

What's this meme? The economy of the khmer rouge was quite shit.

whoops meant to quote


I know, that makes the post even funnier though

Not OC but just saw this on half /gd/

Anyone got some good lefty mobile wallpapers? Preferably if they are vaporwave or other trippy shit like pic related but I'm ok with anything.


Who is this? Google ain't want to search on mobile.

since I'm probably the only Corsican poster here I'll probably be the only one using it


This is spartacus btw

also, GIMP was doing a really ugly job rendering the fonts for some reason, so if anyone wants to fix the text they're welcome to.

here's some porky stencils. good for making protest signs, spraying on *city sanctioned* graffiti walls

anyone tried doing commie ned flanders? here's my shitty attempt 100,000 hours in the gimp and i cant into hand written text with a mouse


This was a quickly done

first to trigger lolbergs, second to trigger Holla Forums, third to trigger any youtuber really

everything said about Zizek is true though

I know

Is there a recording of him telling a student to kill themselves?

not really, it's from an interview, he just said he doesn't care about their personal issues when they come to him and they might as well kill themselves


Forced but still funny

slightly updated his head and mustache



but the first one is how liberals and reactionaries debate

no MoP no Soc

I had in mind leftcoms and anachists actually, but I guess that applies too

I don't disagree with that

He is still better than Stefan is on his best day.


also *bump*




This needs to be finished

Fuck wrong file

Made this piece of shit for the MSG fans out there. More coming.



why do you just copy everything Holla Forums does but shoehorn in karl marx or some other leftist icon?

good one user


Do you also ask tyrone why does he steals your girlfriend, Cucko?

nice gag. but i'll say again: why do you guys just copy everything Holla Forums does but just shoehorn in some leftist icon

I think it's easier for you to show me a Holla Forums original meme (that isnt shit)

oh boy here we go

why don't you go there yourself

nice. some effort drawn MS paint comic with an "I gotcha!" statement on the side. good one

Ill say it again, do you politely ask tyrone why is he giving a creampie to your wife?

that isn't very funny there is literally no truth to that

it's from a few months ago, Holla Forums autistically screeches about being meme masters every OC thread we make so it sees a lot of use

You are getting cucked out of your memes user, cucked

I justndid it again, I used the term cuck despectively, like you guys do

well i mean that statement is true though. but i guess the detailed drawing of some guy screaming implies that it isn't true? ok

good god you're a faggot

Glad to know I hurt your feefees

no you didnt

why do Holla Forumsacks think they OWN memes. entitled brats

especially given that your humor never has any nuance or even a punchline its just unfunny "shock" humor, which isn't nearly as shocking as you dorks think it is.


Textbook mad

uhh no

Nice coping mechanism

t. Mad lad


Here ya go.

To add fuel to flame on Phil's YPG = CIA theory

Post your funny meme faggot.

Bumpan and contributan.

If your critique of an activity needs a conspiracy theory it's a shit critique and reveals that your "critique" is in fact not a critique, but an attempt to smear and discredit out of spite or envy, in Phil's Stalinoid case the waning relevance of ML bullshittery and especially his own bullshittery, and that his efforts are in no way in fact aiming to inform of shortcoming(s) towards better understanding, like e.g. or’s-war-is-not-class-war do.

>’s-war-is-not-class-war do
Muh formatting (which let me make another ebin mee-mee):’s-war-is-not-class-war do

Improv'd older maymay.

Some shit, normie-tier-yet-effective-in-subverting funnies I made a while ago but never really posted here b4.

I never really understood the first one.
Is it autists agreeing to ironically act like "autists", to the autistic screeching of a Tumblr SJW?


Two autists enjoying themselves and breaking down the previously established barriers of mental and behavioral normativity for themselves as they indulge in an ironic self-deprecation of their autistic condition, while a left-liberal performs her interpellated role of unconditionally opposing any joke about autism as "ableism", even if done in an emancipatorily positive and fraternal sense.


Oh yeah I made this simple yet imo tbh smh very brilliant edit of Stalin sneakily actually also pointing the way Yeltsin does and I'm very proud of it but it never caught on in spite of our large anarkiddie userbase which should have fucking started using at least a little in tankie context.

new video



top lel fam


imageboard tribalism is kinda shit tbh. Only reason 8ch is any better is because it provides a space for a leftist politics board that is more easily noticed online than if we stuck to bunkerchan.

musk may well be a supporter of transhumanism, but he's socdem at best. Anti labou unions pro UBI. He wants a stable capitalism and minimal workers rights.

Posadism is the best, honestly, because even if ayy lmaos don't visit earth to grant us the key to communism, the prior nuking actually puts us in a better position than current stagnating capitalism.

I like it.





Super innaccurate and childish, left-libs are more likely to listen to sanders, jimmy dore, glenn greenwald who are all against the proxy-war in syria and are actively speaking out against the idpol that cost them the election.

Indeed, left-liberalism is currently undergoing a radical split and ultimately a transformation that is necessitated by the success of right-populism, but this will merely be a synthesis: one that adopts the left-liberal points of concern but gels them with a populist tone while combining an economics of radical social democracy (Sanders style). As such, they might be worth adding as a third column.

Excuse me wtf are you doing?

Yes. Left-liberalism refers to the modern socially progressive side of neoliberalism (contrasted to the actually reactionary neoliberalism which is on the rise), which is hegemonic on the "left", that is to say left relative to the right of neoliberalism, because in truth there is little left wing besides a very modest advocacy for the welfare state and sociocultural progressivism, unlike social democracy proper. See:

Zizek on the political ineptitude of left-liberalism curently and why it is this ineptitude that enables a more right-populist neoliberalism to rise:

Also see this excerpt from his latest lecture on Ippolit Belinski's platform titled "Racial Enjoyments: What the Liberal Left Doesn't Want to Hear":

I'm more getting at the board has a general consensus to try and wrestle the label of left off the liberals because all they do is hide behind it and shut us out. They're on the decline and we need to keep kicking them when they're down. Calling them the left does nothing but make the liberals happy and complacent while allowing them to falsely sell themselves as an alternative. Pls don't do this.

You seem to be under the impression that, and this is assuming you are more than just a left-liberal yourself such as a communist or anarchist, we have some innate duty to defend the entirety of the left as it is because we share a descriptive sphere of the political spectrum with them. This is retarded: especially if you're a communist or anarchist or something truly radical, you loathe the left as it is precisely because it fails to be sufficient; to be honest, to properly map the things that truly fuck over society, to truly attack the system instead of its symptoms, et cetera. We have more to gain in saying that we are the part of the left much more involved and concerned with real, material issues than that part of the left which deserves its position only through tricking the working class into thinking it is on its side (as in literally on the side of progress: the left) when all it does is institute mild reforms if it absolutely has to and betray us at every other turn.

Does anyone have the picture comparing Dawkins and Bill Nye to Einstein and so on?


thank you, I love this one

great critique on sjw politics
would go great with a short text summart of the same within the image

you're making them look pretty strong and manly actually, reminds me of this anti communism imagery

Marxist-Denimists unite!


I wouldn't say liberals are progressive. They've pretty much run out of road and are the establishment at this point.
Never seen that logic used to defend calling liberals left before but it sounds like a liberal trying to justify themselves.


mfw Bill Nye and Schrodinger are saying the exact same thing

Being in favour of Trump was the best choice. First there was the whole thing about nuclear war with Russia, which should be avoided unless you are F U L L P O S A D I S T. Second is how the "alt-right" would start becomind the establishment, and thus lose their power to influence as many people. Third is how the idpols would go even crazier than before. Fourth is pure accelerationism.

Throw off the pants of ideology. You have not to lose but your stains.

Bump with fresh OC. This self-deprecating meme ought to get the thread active.


just because you point out how much of a faggot you are, doesn't make you any less of a faggot


Liberator OC's

tbh i don't think it's possible to have a non-retarded anarchist theory that's right wing

The part must be a homosexual organ.

Stay mad, faggot:

stay madder faggot:

I don't get angry at critique: it fuels me, as it did the Bordigists, whom adopted a centralist revolutionary basis of their own.

Remain eternally rear-anguised, bundle of sticks:

Also make some fucking OC for once instead of being an alt-Stalinoid loser LARPing over his deadend nostalgia-fueled ideology that is also incapable of theoretically self-criticizing.

I'll admit any day of the week to Yugoslavia's failure to achieve worker ownership, as well as the problems of debt and a weak state.

i've yet to hear any leftcom acknowledge the part bordiga played in the rise of mussolini.

It did, and failed, because capitalism with maximal democracy is still capitalism. Stay assblated.

Leftcoms and Socdems are truly disgusting.

The legal category of all the coop property was "social property". While worker's had control, they had no interested in the furthering of their enterprise as an entity of itself, as its long term value (that is, the long term ability for production) was independent to them, and high turnover actively discouraged wanting to improve the process of production.

the yugoslav state remained a dictatorship, idiot.

>it wasn't real democraticm capitalism!

>it wasn't a real dictatorship of the petite bourgeoisie!

even richer coming from u

I refer u to

It seems you're out of arguments.

Now please reintroduce yourself to the you dedicated entirely to me and the butthurt I've been producing for you: you have mail!

>to the thread you dedicated entirely to me and the butthurt I've been producing for you


Bogans, when will they learn?

queensland bogan who voted for pauline here

labor doesn't represent the worker, unions are the perfect example of cronyism and corruption

liberals are literally porky and co. also the same as labor in terms of cronyism and corruption

come at me i can take it


Your bullshit doesn't even make sense you faglord, all anarchists know, that he is a fucking liberal wannabe.

Pretty sure that's the joke (that he's the main figure/spokesman for American anarchism but that he doesn't even advocate civil disobedience of bourgeois state or some basic platformist anarchism).

But yeah, all self-titled anarchists in America are just anarcho-liberals. The 'true' anarchists don't buy his shit. But the same thing is true for DSA vs. 'real' socialists.

it's painful to recognize that you are right but also I'm glad I'm not in Burgerland.

I love this one too

Kropotkin on the dissolution of the provisional government: "This ruins the revolution"
CNT-FAI told their members to vote
Zapatistas are now participating in Mexican elections

Anarchos fall for the democracy meme every time. Sad!

someone please post the last pic on tweeter

I made these but don't know what to do with them. Someone here can put them to good use.

dont be mean to mutualists


reminder there's been a bunch of new catgirls made recently such as, in the last couple minutes

Because like one guy was asking for a convenient link to it, here's a smut story with aluyna

Post full version of fatima and sofia ^.^



give leila a hijab

t….that's the name of my commie exgf

What podcast was this?

How long ago did you break up?

five months, fucked other girls since then but it ain't the same

fuck i'm such an useless pussy lol

Literally listening to it while reading this

Highlights include DUDE WEED DMT said to Crowder

The egos start clashing like cars after that


i have a left nationalist friend who's a trap and her name is sofia

hetalia tier personification is too far. before they were just grills with opinions.

it's not meant as literally as hetalia, just joking that the leninist catgirl and the white guard catgirl don't get along.

It's okay comrade. I don't know the particulars of your relationship with her or of the circumstances of your breakup, but it's very possible that your reaction is a reasonable one. It's equally possible that you are being a little bitch who needs to man up and knock the pussy off the pedestal but, but I don't know that so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

I went through a truly brutal breakup one time, I know how hard it can be.

I feel bad that Bat'ko got raied by Holla Forums…

Were did he get raided?


i made this

no idea why though



I want Alunya personality cult memes to be a thing. Trigger r/socialism and Holla Forums a bunch. It'll be great.

pic semi-related.

Stop samefagging you colossal faggot.

"Makes you think." as Holla Forums likes to say.


catgirls will bring about the socialist revolution

Welcome to the real world.

/r/ing the Holla Forums movie list


They literally are embodiments of their ideology.

I could be your gf for tonight user

All this autism, just to sell your shitty book.

He does look like our prime minister in some way.







I hope catgrill include high quality guest comics on the site.

The Zapatistas aren't anarchists.

Zizek's analysis on Holla Forums

it's just a no-effort crop I made but perfect as a reaction image towards 'will I get a state-issued gf under socialism?' retards

glad to see people are still using that shitty oc

Good argument though

haha, no


Pol Pot did nothing wring




jim profit pls go

i was just really bored at work tbh

Forgot to add that I'm not Jim



oops wrong one

just stop autist.

very nice

I need a Council Communist (German LeftCom) cat for various reasons.

Also, BO needs to add KPD flag.

Council Communist Cat should be LeftCom Cat's twin sister, except with different clothes or something to differentiate the two. They should act like they hate eachother too.

Then they can merge and become synthesist LeftCom cat.

this was cute so i doodled her really quickly


Bump with f r e s h OC.

here's the latest catgirl comic!

totally doing this, gonna set up a section on the gallery page, cause these are too fantastic aahhh

Being Berniecat is suffering

i love the egoist catgirl


there's something unsettling about a brutal civil war that devastated a major country being depicted as a cute confrontation between animu style caricatures that's unsettling.

Don't look up Axis Powers Hetalia

And definitely don't look it up on Tumblr



Who made these?

And where can I find more?

cleaned this dumbfuck comic for easy edits, do whatever you want

best ones yet!

Truly, we are in the golden age of leftypol OC. Good work comrades!

Does this count as OC?

stick it to a wall

First one is Unnamed Jap Smut Artist #83704556, second one is Eltonel, he can be found on Holla Forums GG and probably draw threads.

thanks fam, i just noticed the first one is an edit.

I want to personally thank you for this.