Hello Holla Forums

Hello Holla Forums,

This is a call. You might have noticed my previous posts asking if people want to get involved in organising a direct action group, well, it has begun. Instead of just me there is now three members. We are attempting to create an international group, we understand that this will take time and effort, and will not spring up from nowhere, so right now, we are engaging in team building excersises. Hence the graffitti, remember this is not the sum of what we want to achieve. We wanted to prove to you that we are not cops, and that we are willing to get slightly on the other side of the law to achieve our ends, and that it is possible to organise people internationally through a messaging board. These were the three main objections I was met with before when trying to recruit, so we have deliberately attempted to disprove them.

We want you to come join us. We want you to help us recruit like minded invididuals, who wish to take action against capitalism. Right now the group is in its infancy. We want you to be a part of bringing it to maturity. We are not going to say that we have a fixed ideology or plan, because, although I do, this group does not. The aim of this group is to discuss and come to consensus between us on how best to proceed. When you join us, you will be part of this discussion. For this reason, this is a broad front inclusive of all. Our aim then, is simply to build an internationally connected left wing network, that will in the future co-ordinate direct action. As we get larger, so the scope of our actions can increase.

The time is now. The time was long ago. Right now the world is building to some kind of cresendo. The middle east is on fire, the atmosphere is on fire, the austerity belt tightens and tightens, the grip of the liberal media seeps further and further into the brains of proletariat. Violence is already breaking out on the streets and in the prisons of America and Europe. Mass protests are building and growing and the discontent is turning to anger.

I've been doing a lot of reading into the Alt Rights Media Machine. Theres this book "Trust me I'm Lying" that they supposedly all worship. What is described in this book is essentially how they deliberately created controvsies that were not there, in order to stoke the media in favour of certain ideas(this is essentially the creation of Situations, in the Situationist sense). Alongside this, it seems Donald Trump paid ALOT of people to shill reddit and 4chan etc.

So I'd like to adopt these tactics. We would like to co-ordinate large, controversial, boundary pushing left wing actions, both online and in the the streets. We would like to create a dedicated democratic team of online and IRL situationist shitposters, devoted to ensuring the raised class conciousness of the masses through subtle act of creative propoganda.

To do this, we need you. Right now there is only three of us, and obviously we can't do all that much, but imagine the scope of an organisation of 30 of us, or 300 of us. Even the fact that this unknown group was able to co-ordinate any kind of action across several continents would represent a threat to porky.

If you are interested in helping us build such a group, email [email protected]

Any relation with the stirner grafitti guy?

t. FBI

yep that's me. i'm one of the three people in the group

indeed, that is in fact two people if you will draw your attention to the catalog, one of those IRL stirnerposters is me, the other is he. We are three.

now would the FBI really spraypaint a bunch of shit?

they probably would, but i dunno

i wouldnt get worried unless i start getting bomb instructions

no bomb instructions, only creative despooking

sup guys, here's more graffiti i did for the action front


Your IRC chat will be dead in two weeks. Enjoy carrying a pocket knife around and fantasizing about the moralizing speech you'll give to factory workers.

I cringed

Is email the only way to do it? I never check mine. And it doesn't feel that secure. I don't know.


OP's a fucking retard. Email encryption can be fairly secure, though.

you email that email and then we will invite you to the discord

I'm not sure how much more secure that is haha. but what the hell I'll take a look

inb4 someone says such simple propaganda is a bad thing

Listen, nothing we are going to ask you to do,at least at first, is going to be of any interest to feds. We are not talking violence here. We are talking co-ordinated IRL memeing to raise conciousness, which will possibly be illegal mainly because fucking everything is illegal. We don't aim to harm, only to amuse, alarm and inspire.

Feel free to do it, but for fucks' sake, don't mention Holla Forums, we've got enough retards.

I actually think it's a bit complex, Stirner and Bookchin are sort of obscure

delete your posts, newfaggot

We don't want it to be leftypol, we just wrote leftypol on the things to amuse you guys

eh i really don't care, if you've been paying attention you probably already know a lot about me anyway

I don't mind grafitti but this is super dumb and you have no idea what you're doing.

wait a second…leftcom doesn't approve??? what kind of topsy turvy world is this???


the leftcom opinion would be to say this is a good thing, because everyone else here also thinks it is dumb, Mr. I'm12andwhatisEXIF

The workers will rise because the material conditions of capitalism become intolerable to them, not because you make edgy posters and graffiti. It blows my mind that some of you are so naive as to believe these sort of actions will inspire people to risk their lives overthrowing a system that is as of yet still basically functional. A random poster of Bookchin in some edgy video game pose is not going to make the international working class suddenly realize that the very fabric of economic and social organization needs to be reorganized. That can only happen when their really existing material needs demand the end of capital as a result of the degeneration of their quality of life which will inevitably result from capitalism's internal contradictions regarding the rate of profit, automation, or environmental destruction. Attempting to impose your own particularist vision of politics upon them and attempting a revolution through random acts of persuasion is stupid to begin with, let alone when it's done in a manner as absurd as this.

It's our little dance, narcho.

are you guys allergic to fun? does the thought of spreading a little bit of class consciousness, taking a jab at porky and most importantly having a good time so inconceivable to you that you just HAVE to go on a huge nerd rant. christ almighty dude lighten up a bit.

Being a no fun faggot.

You misunderstand what we are doing leftcom. This isn't the some total of our goals, this mere graffitti for keks, to get some people interested in more complex actions.

The workers need reminded of their discomfort sometimes. Beyond that, they need to know people are willing to risk themselves for them should the time come. This feeling can only be brought by revolutionary agitation.



Check ya emails already you little shits.

How about no. You aren't doing anything to help the movement when you're using a megacorp email host as your provider. The group will be subverted by FBIanons, Holla Forumsyps, and redditors by the time you get any significant traction.

t. FBI/pol/reddit fag

Yeh dude the CIA are really gonna crack down on some people drawing on walls.

Just come to the lefty/pol/ discord and post shit in suggestions. there is literally no reason to create a new platform, it's fully organized and you need permission from mods to use the texts chats, so 95% are from the site and active users.

I'd post stickers all over town for the lulz if someone made prints.

It's a good idea to organize, but as I said, we already have a platform with the best voice app in the game.

checked. But really why not integrate into a bigger group as a subgroup instead of doing your own isolated thing? You can allways split off later when it grows to big.

I just responded to myself, i mean that Discord is the best place


Sure go ahead and use a corporation as your hub when communicating with fellow dissidents, surely it won't attract any attention when you reach a significant number of members. Learn2Tox.

Centralized organisation is a meme. Our strength is being completely unpredictable, spread out and having no connections to each other. You'd be better off making semi-regular threads posting OC (pdfs, stencils, etc.) and requesting people to make their own for things you don't know how to do, or they may have something relevant on their hard drive. Posting proofs of things you did yourself like you did today is a good way to drag people in.

The reason to create a new platform is that we need to have things that the leftypol discord doesn't, like secrecy of some degree, and we don't want to be slid with shitposters who aren't dedicated to action.

There is no reason you could not be part of both.

We are decentralised fam. The actual particulars of the action are left up to you, we just share ideas and themes, dates and targets etc.

We are spread and out we do have no connection to each other beyond the discord, that is the whole point.

I know how to make stencils, but I probably won't join the chat room.
The more you do graffiti the more interesting stuff you start noticing how to do anyway. You'll start noticing how to easily get up to huge walls that are obvious during the day and hidden at night, scaffolding placed in opportune places to paint government buildings to cause embarassment etc.
Hijacking billboards in broad daylight wearing high vis jackets and work clothes is a timeless classic people have and still have been getting away with for years.

To any Anons emailing me I'm going to bed now so don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you don't get a response till around 6 GMT


its not about stencils only though, the stencils are to recruit, we want to organise for direct action


leftypol is dead

thanks for ur info Holla Forums

Breaking news: federal agents in Australia and the UK have been alleged to have committed vandalism. a strange smug looking man was spraypainted in order to gain access to Holla Forums. The question of why the FBI globally coordinated in order to influence an anonymous left-wing shitposting website is a mystery at this time. The officers in question have been asked to relinquish their spraycans and apologise. The question remains…who is this smug man? And what is leftypol planning?

It's not even that, leftcoms seem to think the workers will suddenly have a grasp of leftist theory and align themselves with a revolutionary leftist insurgency. From what we've seen porky will keep reforming capitalism to keep it bearable and put out propaganda that shows everything can be all right. Expect UBI and shows like Shark Tank showing that through hard work and sucking porky cock anyone can get rich and live comfortably.

are you fucking serious

This would have been my next point


(it started raining when i finally got out there pls no bully

I would be way more comfortable if this were not a gmail account; as it stands now, I am sympathetic to your cause I always wanted to join a Situationist-like group but I won't join now for opsec reasons as some user has said above

The worst part about Leftcoms on Holla Forums is that they don't actually read theory.

i imagine if you wanted to get involved there would be different ways than just the email

what would you prefer

Fine, you changed my mind, I'll make a new email, and see what you guys have in store.
I am a fan of decentralization too, good to see that you're actualized organized for real.

Set up a private email account and pgp encrypt all communications

create a private imageboard and call it the "The Dollars"

The graffiti is stupid. Signing it /lefypol/ gives reason for warrant on 8ch.

that fucking anime.
edgy wish fulfillment.
still a good one tho.

op sound like he is full of shit

and i don't understand why violating rules 1 & 2 is not banworthy.

what exactly gives you the impression I am full of shit?

What OP should do is spraypaint no spooks in a black neighborhood!

You should do this over in Harlem.

into the trash it goes

I'll pass.

we are just gathering on these, soon we will have more secure channels set up.