These streets are our property

These streets are our property.

Absolutely no spooks.

Come help us to dispel illusions


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Keep your autism to one thread dude

I guess… this is an improvement?

But I am different person, look, we organised a thing.

This is a team building exercise, in order to build trust and practice solidarity. We have a much bigger vision, but we must start small

>Get directed to

well done

i'm the other stirner graffiti guy. i made the stencil and we both went out and bombed it.

I want a stencil, too.

This is britty sick I might do stirner posting irl


come join us fam we have a discord

Post pls.

Thank dog.

Gotta say, pretty pathetic. What is the point of reading books or having any sort of political opinions, when all it accomplishes is the same as a toothless retard vandalizing the street?
Did you build the streets by hand? More importantly, how is anything yours if you cant defend it?
Literally facebook tier clicktivism meets.. street vandalism?
What action? What front? What are you even talking about?

All in all 0/10, if I cared it'd make me sad.


inb4 moral outrage
inb4 charged with hatecrime


This is the fun that makes capitalism bearable. Just dont confuse it with actual organising.


Property! Is! A! Spook! Nigger.


Yeah, we should be spraying "Google Bookchin" instead!

Wow, good job.

if i consciously chose to do nothing, am i a leftcom?

(We should, though)

already got u fam

how does it feel that even in the absolute infancy of our group, having only coordinated some small graffiti pieces, we have already achieved more for the left than you ever will in your entire miserable life

Whatever you say FBi

we are starting small, this was just to get your attention, we are trying to grow numbers, so we thought we would give you guys some keks and that you might give us the time of day

I chuckled

I actually have this stencil ready, if I promise to spray it tomorrow, will you come and have a chat with us on discord?

this is awesome. bring the culture outside. We must take over /r/soc. We must be the vanguards of the meme struggle

how do you feel about becoming part of a chuckle machine?

I don't use Discord.


this so fucking much, masking the nothingness trough 'participation, being active' etc

you should do some real work, faggot
like building a factory from scratch, disconnecting yourself from capitalism, producing for yourself, running your own foods, clothing, electricity, everything, achieving total independence

not vandalizing the streets with neon faggot color spray paint, making yourselves look like utter fucking imbeciles

you should use discord

浳塳ᝑ䣂蕎ꃞ⽩ﳦ횳 �먆ਲ꟟ḓ谦틓˹啃䃾嚻磺판㚱ꗡ謺Ī 巌懞槴ァ䱔 洝猧�攻획큁䢄�崅 ㆫ柖뿀䠃埕閌䐠瓊 ㄑ靲踷߆晹樢佻輸嚔�· 㵗겐�첛㌉檏䫄谗⹏͵਋욟鷦᠃

lmao this is even worse hippie ideology

These are cool, keep it up. I've been kind of tempted to do the same, but I've never done graffiti before

Yeah, let me do that with the $7,000 I have to my name. I'll build that factory right away.


any particular reason? Maybe you could start?

It has no use to me.

it does now my man

well stay a faggot then, keep finding excuses, that's all you are good for
in the mean time keep shitting up the board and that's all there is to life

maybe you can also kick the trashcan next time as well

You sound pretty upset at some people having fun

graffiti is real easy. look up some online guides and tips from real experts. if you can't get a hold of spraypaint i think political messages are best spread with wheatpaste. again look up a wheatpaste guide but literally all you need is flour, water, sugar, a paint roller/brush and a poster.

Holy lel user are you fucking mad as hell. Who crawled up your ass today?

organising with fellow leftists is a use

Where is the discord.

email: [email protected] and we'll send you a link


That's great guys but you should use the full URL, otherwise

1. They won't know it's a website
2. If they google it they'll reach instead of .net

this was just for you guys,to give you keks in the hope you would come join us.

kys. this is actually productive.

you can also advertise with stickers and fliers, and those wont be considered vandalism most of the time.

Graffiti is cool and all, but shitty memes isn't the best way to go about things. Would also help if one of you had art skills.

true, they can't even use stencils correctly.

this is so awesome

lads, will smoking WEED and spraying GRAFFITI and flipping off police officers (fuck 'em!) bring forth the glorious Marxist revolution we have all been waiting for?

Probably not but in the meantime I'll be doing what makes me happy and this makes me happy.

Is LARPING on your computer bringing for the glorious revolution either?

Who knows, maybe some grafitti will get somebody to look up a Marxist concept, +1 for class consciousness.

Its not a perfect world full of black and white man.

bourgie alert

Wow, teenage incoherent meme-speak leftist activism will sure save the working class!

tell me when y'all are done LARPing as Situationists

Damn dude you are spiteful as fuck. I bet you piss vinegar and cry yourself to sleep everynight

Dudes graffiti shit every day. Be happy somebody graffitied leftist shit. Like I originally asked, what are you doing that is so great for the working class?

You do know people would have called the Situationlists larpers until they did something?

If you aren't even willing to do the most basic resistance I doubt you'll participate in the revolution. Being a spooked bitch with minor resistance probably means when the shit actually goes down you'll cower and hide. the truth is that you're feeling inadequate because you have done literally nothing for the left in your entire pathetic life. You see someone actually getting shit done and you have a lil sperg out. 'How dare they pretend like they are better than me!!! I must drag them down to my level!!!' How about you stop being so assmad about leftists doing things and join our discord. We aren't pretending like this graffiti is gonna change the world, we just wanted to get your attention and have some keks.

You sound like an ignorant racist old asshole imo, why dont you fuck off.

What about that post indicated any of those things.

How is a poc specifically a mother with children going to explain to her children what graffiti about "spooks" is suppose to mean? Unintentional racism/micro aggressions, is still racism.

lol wut?

how does this hypothetical being a PoC have anything to do with "spook" being racist? That makes literally no sense.

First off, ghosts are white. Secondly, a spook is a pretty well known term outside of leftism as a name for a Fed. So I literally cannot fathom a situation where that is taken as racist

most normies in the US have encountered the term "spook" as a racist slur

If only there were other contextual elements that pointed to it being about Max Stirner's philosophy

This is like saying "a chink in armor" is racist against asians. Retard-tier analysis

no you don't get it

you can post stirner at normies and say the word "spook" and they will go "wow what the fuck???? racist much????"

i have done this more than once

stirner on his own isn't enough context, unless they manage to google stirner

huh I didn't know that. Yea I can see that being a big deal

Grew up in the south and never heard that slur once. Heard countless others, but not spook.

i grew up in the south too, and have never heard that slur once either, but people only recognize it as that for some reason

You should probably stop calling people spooks and say that people are "spooked" instead


they are relentless

Good job op


doe i have to admit at least your strokes didn't ghost

I'm mahnigga, I lost access.
I'll be there in a minute again

work on the letter style, looks autistic

lol your a fbi cuck

k, change what
constructive criticism is nice and all, but I'll need a little more than just the criticism part

Honest trips gets honest fontspo. Link related

send another email to [email protected] and we will add you back

already did that, waiting for a response

You just need practice bro, see:
1- To handle drips: put the aerosol near the wall and move it fast, then wait a bit, then go over it more times (specially if the wall "eats" the paint)

2- To write unfaggily: Shake aerosol, put it near wall, almost touching is best, just use a fatter cap, if you go to far away it blurs. Use CAPS, close letters correctly (looking at the E), try not to let the text "fall/blur" => for this move your BODY, not your hand. Make letters in one single motion (to fix, O, and R).

by CAPS i mean CAPSLOCK, not aerosol caps

Also, the "use fatter cap" is only if you want letters not to be thin, for example if the wall is to be seen from distance.

to clairfy more, it blurs if you use a skinny cap and go far away, fat caps handle distance better, but also fat caps very close to wall require quick motions or it drips

Also use index finger and work in its strength, people when they first grab a can usually have trouble pressing it, specially if the can is full, this fucks up the consistency of the strokes.

i think tamrab is offline, send me an email and i'll chuck you a link: [email protected]

And don't paint over floors, it washes up quickly cause rain and steps, and if the can is not full the straw inside doesnt suck paint when the can is paralel to the floor, which causes you to have to mid-phrase reshake, which fucks consistency

lmao, and people get angry when you say this board is full of fucking kids

yo dude join our group

graffiti is fun. join our group

permaban for life, possibly range ban the entire country.



Is the mutualaid email guy busy or something he ain't responding to mah emails anyone else I can bug.

If you want to have wide effect you would be better off writing "READ X" on the back of bus seats in marker. Try to pick something that normies understand. Don't write leftypol as as someone already said that can get a warrant on us.

You need to get a notebook and practice your writing until the notebook is full. Have a look at other tags online and try to learn what they're doing. Don't do any ridiculous shit like throw in crowns or anything other than letters really.
Aftwerwards you will have to learn can control anyway so that and on paper are what you need to practise. Youtube may be able to teach you stylistic tricks.

Also to everyone: the cap on the spraycan is one of the most important things. Use fat ones for stencils and skinnies for tags.

Sorry fam I was at work, I'm on now, I think I have emailed you back

Holy Shit Mah Nigga I'm sorry you broke off, welcome back

fix your pictures exif data faggot

I dont wanna look at sidways stirner


wtf does zizek actually want then?

Still waiting for that email.


you have to email me [email protected]


as if the fbi is this autistic

Ironically, that's enough to start a small farm, actually:

One man eats like 2000lbs of food in a year.

An acre, properly maintained and watered, produces around 20000lbs per year.

It costs around that much in order to buy it, and if you know what to do, you can buy even more for the same cost.

Do the math; you have enough to start a small commune. If you weren't such an abrasive, nihilistic, contrarian asshole you could have people wanting to help you, but no, you have to be an anarkiddie and knock over cans and spray graffiti like you are in Jet Set Radio Future or something. Do something more with your life that actually helps people.

there is literally absolutely no reason both of things could not be done at the same time.

your stencils are bad and you should feel bad. Also, pink, really?

stop bumping this gay thread, fam

im going to keep bumping it now just to spite you

i dont give a hoot tbqh lad

good. Did you know that if you stick your penis in a warm pineapple that you get kicked out of the supermarket?

wow you are so wacky and zany xd

I think the average normie will synthesize something else from that text

Yeah, no. Say hello to the FBI for me when you get your shit pushed in when they trace you and arrest you for rioting and then get a felony enhancement for conspiracy to commit terrorism for the commune. It's one or the other, fam.

Plus, you need time to actually take care of it all, as well as planning it out. I know I will convert more people to leftist causes by building a real alternative that makes sense rather than acting like an idiot out there on the street. It actually shows a better initiative and better care for yourself and your time.

Fuck off back to Reddit with your idpol bullshit.
You're the type of person who'd not take part in the revolution, because it might offend porky's feefees.

Reminder to check ya emails.

I claim no strong artistic skills. The point wasn't really aesthetic beauty.

For what? I don't plan to start a riot. Also where I live felonies don't exist.

I'm not planning to just act like an idiot on the street, in fact, I have an entire manifesto that details my preferred alternative and how to get there. HOWEVER that is different to what I want to do with this group, which is simply bring together those who feel like they need to take action.

The point is, we are not espousing an ideology as such, beyond gathering together anti-capitalists and agreeing as a group the best way to proceed.

What we want to do is simply create a network of solidarity that can act as one. Right now we are just at the recruitment stage, so its shit like graffiti and memeing. We understand that you cannot start from nowhere. We are asking you to get involved so that you can take it from this level to that next level.

If I lived in your country, I would come and start a farm with you, I don't though. So why don't we connect internationally online.

i think we can all admit we are just dead inside and only alive because of momentum. Really most of us are a few bad days away from just hanging ourselves.

I respect the fact that recruitment and collection of resources for action is paramount, but this is fizzling out.
People like trips over here have a serious point, where they don't have or feel any connection to any real group that has a goal, and a perspective towards that goal. We need to provide that for them, so that they can do this elsewhere also.

Remember, Capitalism depends on us staying atomized consumers enthralled to its logic. if we can join up and push back against it, we can win. I live in the US, you may live somewhere else, but we can still build our respective efforts. I myself am trying to collect enough cash to buy land, and it is getting there. That's all

if you have nothing left to lose then what the fuck are you bitching about. Every leftist movement needs it nihilistic loose cannons.

and this is a way to join up. First we join up, then we push back. In order to push back effectively, we need numbers and we need an assembly to decide what we can do that will be effective.

This is all we are really asking you to take part in. The graffitti is so that you know we are willing to get our hands dirty and so you know we can organise over long distances and that we aren't cops. Also its an example of something we have actually done rather than just memeing. Just so you know this isn't just random people posting on a whim. I really need to stress that graffitti is not the end goal, perhaps I didn't stress that hard enough, its just a way to connect.

What we are trying to do now is just connect like minded people, people like yourself, who have come to the conclusion that they can no longer just accept what is going on around them and want to fight it in their own way.

We think the internet is a fantastic place for these people to gather, because look, here we are. All it takes now is finding a more private forum less dedicated to shitposting and then we can begin to discuss action proper.

Also as you post with the Christian flag I have some ideas you really might like.

This is some kind advanced shitposting. I sincerely applaud you.

What all you faggots don't know, shitposter and counter-shitposter alike, is that it's actually doable:

Anarcho-primitivists, for all their spooked deep-ecology bullshit, have one thing that they are right about: so long as you depend on the system for basic needs, you will never get off the ground. Talking and "raising awareness" is nothing if the other side can outspam your message into the ground. Providing a radical alternative is much more effective. Seizing land and means of production is the most radical thing you can do to advance the cause of communism, and it's doable RIGHT NOW.

Yes and no: sure, I am talking to you, but what can we do here besides shitpost and "exchange ideas." The private forum we tried to do was on Tox, and it sucked tbh. I barely see anyone there, though something might have broken.
I think you skipped a couple steps there.

Also, are you on ? What's going on with it?

you can come to the discord, and we can plan and discuss with people just like ourselves, then take action in whatever way we see fit

sure but the actual gathering of people needs to happen first before mostly anything else.

and no I am not.

lurk moar

why don't you read on communes before starting one

As I said before stop using "Holla Forums" as a tag you tard you're going to get police to put a warrant on Holla Forums.

why are this mad about dumb shit