i did it for YOU leftypol. i did it because you guys said I was a fed. i did it because i thought it was funny.

action front 2.0 coming soon

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interesting, where is this OP?


haha. nice.

Our meme magick is spilling into real life

here ya go pal

You should feel bad, asshole.
In any just world, your ilk would have your horrid hands cut off.

kek is truly with us

What's wrong with grafitti?

Yeah you silly egoist dont you know anything about being a 🍀🍀🍀good🍀🍀🍀 person?

aren't you supposed to come up with a technological not a legalistic solution? :^)

actually, I think I've seen the technocrat solution


you're significantly more cancerous than hoochie

Do you draw it out by hand then cut it with a knife or something? How does it work?

yeah i hand drew mine and then cut it out with an x-acto knife. a boxcutter or just a really sharp knife will also do the trick. i glued it onto the back of a manilla folder and cut out the black areas.

I feel that I have provided a technical, or at the very least a mechanical solution.

Rendering little scumbags that can't be trusted with spray paint cans, unable to operate spray paint cans certainly would be effective.

I'm not about to lie and say that I would not also be in favour of that.

Hoochie is a good friend of mine.
I take that as a compliment.

did i strike a nerve? >:)

private property is a spook

why are you even on this board?

Dialectical Materialism*

Wouldn't it be better to do it in plastic so they last? Or is that too hard to cut?


it would be harder to cut but it would definitely last longer. i did the manilla folder because it was cheap but a lot of stencil artists get it laminated and then cut it out.

Come organise with us, make more stencils

I approve of anything that triggers the technocrat

Yes, but that building is OP's property.

look at the image closer user. who do you know that lives in a huge concrete house with no windows and no doors and no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever.


You deserve whatever after-life prison you're locked in for praising evil gods from sick theocratic god-king cult empire


lighten up

t. christcuck


Check your local dollar store for "cutting boards" made of ~0.5mm plastic sheeting, or overhead projector transparency sheets at the office supply.
Laser cutters are almost punk these days.

The absolute madman

itt: Holla Forums confirmed for 16 year old wanna-be delinquents

Just join the lefty/pol/ discord and post "direct action" in suggestions. Trust me, you don't want what you think want. If you want organized irl shitposting, come there instead.

you should join our discord user. being a delinquent is really fun.

I have been a welcome addition to this board since it was first created.

My views are just as unwelcome on Holla Forums as yours are.

No wonder this shit came from that landfill.
This sort of rubbish would never be condoned on the IRC.

It is a social ill.
You are a blight upon society.

Hail brother.

i may be a blight upon society but you are not a welcome addition to this board. Holla Forums would fucking love your bootlicking sycophantic ass. i'm so sorry that your almonds are this activated over me hurting the feefees of your pwecious property owners. i'll go out tomorrow and apologize to the wall i sprayed too.

no, we want people dedicated to doing something and don't want to be slid by shitposters

the graffitti is a team building excersise mixed with a little light propaganda to gain numbers, it is not the sum total of what we intend to do

Don't you have some boots to lick?
Wannabe oldfag detected.

Not at all.
I simply support social cohesion.
Defacing buildings or public infrastructure is not only visually abhorrent, but an act that damages the already frail social homogeneity of the local community and degrades your own personal character.

Being a delinquent is by definition a bad thing.

I have been pillar of this community from the start.

I would much prefer if you cleaned up the rubbish you sprayed on it, reported your crime to the police and dedicated several hours of your own personal time to washing off any graffiti your local area.

Preforming constructive actions in your local area and accepting responsibility and punishment for your failings are positive things; Both for your own personal character and the wider community.

Maybe you reds would even have an ounce of support amongst working people if you took to helping your local area, rather then defacing it.

I'm simply stating facts.


as if every foodbank ever wasn't leftist organised

I dunno I feel like graffiti is less damaging to the local community than an unadorned concrete wall so all in all its actually an improvement.

thank you for defending us fams, perhaps you would like to drop me an email [email protected]

kek you are such a fucking cuck

we need more stencils. how about some porky stencils.

Or maybe you just have shit taste in art
Get the fuck over yourself. If you think this is bad you oughta see all the graffitti in my town and the trains. It's actually quite creative.
lol no that's just bourgeoise moralism, contrasting their demonization of the proles against the innocent, harmless porkies they claim to be. The fact you actually think in this way shows how fucked up your mind is.
So far you managed to alienate everyone in the thread so I doubt it.
Bite me, faggot
Ahahaha go fuck yourself
He doesn;t need to, porky will hire someone to wash off the graffitti. See? user here is a job creator too! :^)
Holy shit the ideology, did you just blow in from your sunday school out of your gated conservative christian community? If so, go back and stay there.

t. spooks

this is a good idea, email me. I'm going to bed right now though

This tbqh

how delusional can you be
so you are fine with giant megacorps pasting cities with gaudy billboards that socially manipulate you, but putting up a political message is just going too far huh?
were you born with that fedora or did you staple it to your head?
i mean i know you're purposefully being an autistic contrarian but you should really look into the important role graffiti and street art play in society. there are lots of great artists who started doing graffiti and an entire vibrant subculture dedicated to it. i know it's a matter of taste but i love seeing graffiti art, i think it adds a fantastic human dimension to an otherwise soulless corporate controlled concrete jungle. but of course you don't care about any of that because as I said before: you are a bootlicking sycophant.

I like how he thinks he actually has some kind of tangible effect on anything.

The vast majority of food banks that I know of have been organized by religious organizations.

Graffiti is not in anyway art.
Not matter how much you disgusting relativists clamor on about it.

Creative crime is still crime.

Once does not have to be positively regarded to be a pillar of a community.

I actually grew up in ghettos, the ruins of once prosperous working class communities.
I can guarantee you from experience, the poorest of the working peoples do not hold scum that deface what little their community has left in very high regard.
The fact that you would think different to that shows just how blinded you are by your own ideology.

People do not like street punks.

I never said that.

The fact that you are so unconcerned with cultivating a positive personal character is really not surprising.
In-fact it fully explains the apologism for crime.

Challenging your echo chamber is hardly an act of contrarianism.

Sure, there is also a vibrant subculture for child sexual slavery in Saudi Arabia.
That does not excuse those crimes either.

Graffiti is not art.
It is in fact very far removed from the form of Art.

Whoa I didn't know we were in the presence of captain culture! Did you guys even REALISE that if this obnoxious tripfag declares that something isn't art, it isn't art??? Holy shit this whole time I thought that what is or isn't art was decided by society and artists but I was thinking the wrong way. Clearly the final decision on art is defined by some attention starved faggot on a Congolese loom-spinning forum. Pack it all up guys Howard Scott has spoken.

Confirmed for notaste pleb
Nigger everyone here hates you
I disagree.

How in the fuck do you call yourself a leftist?

10/10 spookypasta, thought I was really on /x/ for a second

I know that this upsets you disgusting relativists.
But graffiti is not at all art.
It is not a matter of taste or personal preference.
Something is either art or it is not, it is binary.

I'm almost happy you sorts hold such abhorrent views.
If nothing else it ensures that you will never again hold any sway with working peoples.

Bad things are bad.
And defacing buildings or infrastructure is objectively bad.

That does not change my level of importance to this board.

Ok, let me rephrase that then.
Working people hate street punks.
Disgusting ideologues who only care about an imaginary, idealized version of the working class like street punks.

I don't.

I have not been a Socialist for many years.


While it is not necessarily incorrect to call me a Positivist.
I do consider myself to be much more of a Platonist.

What did you paint that on

I don't wanna be specific but it was the side of a building that provides energy services.

You dont get to decide what is or isn't art moron. I could declare that Rembrandt isn't art and that would be just as meaningless and hollow as your retarded statement. Since you are a positivist who generally hold a distaste for artistic accomplishments and an ignorance for the importance of art, your hot opinions even more garbage.

Out of curiosity, you sound exactly like you a are right-wing authoritarian fedora tipper as one would expect from a technocrat. So in what ways are you a leftist? Why do you think you belong on this board? Why are you so ignorant to actually believe you are the supreme authority on what constitutes art?

For those suggesting talking about direct action in a discord group:

Are you legitimately retarded? It's a proprietary web client and program. It's centralized. You have no crontrol over what they do with it. For all we know they could be funneling all communications to the fucking FBI. Please learn better opsec.

Yours truly,

No one cares what your specific flavor of autism out. I'm not using your pronouns

Yet you filthy relativists do?

The works of Rembrandt are imperfect copies of an ideal form (as all true art is).
Disgusting rubbish scrawled across a wall is a crime, not art.

Oh no.
It is the relativists that hold a distaste for artistic accomplishments.
The fact that they could even consider graffiti art is an insult to true works of art such as 'Wanderer above the Sea of Fog'.

Trust me.
If I were to ever embrace the right.
I would not be a 'fedora tipper'.

Technocracy is not a right wing ideology.

I'm not a leftist.
I have not been one for years.
Nor have I ever claimed to be one on this board.

Because back when this board was the location of serious intellectual discussion, people that were not leftists but were also not welcome on Holla Forums, were welcomed here.

Back in the start of this boards life, there were plenty of us non-leftists.
However once the board started to go down-hill, most left.
I'm simply a holdout from a better time.

I have never made such a claim.
There are however absolute and objective standards that everything can be measured against.

If you are to insult me, I only asked that you insult me for what I am.

Implying it's possible to own a building.

You realize she feeds on this, right?

As much as I do like Hoochie.
I'm honestly not her.

Why are you even here?

You're totally Hoochie

just use filters my property

mate it's just for keks,they aren't planning a fucking bombing on there. You think the feds are gonna set up some operation to infiltrate us and have proof we spray panted Max Stirner on a fucking building?

Howard Scott's scientifically engineered turboautism predates Hoochie/Anfem's shitposting by a good long while. Didn't think he still lurked around these parts after this long though.

Well thank you.
After literal years of contributing to this board, I'm glad someone remembers me.

I don't post as much as I did before, no.
Things have gotten so bad here that much of the time I just don't bother anymore.

It took a punk, bragging about committing a crime and shilling that fucking discord rubbish to get me to post in this thread.

Knowing that I'm pissing you off is all the motivation I need to continue being a punk. I'll think of your reactionary butthurt tears as I continue to deface private property and brag about it. If I'm triggering delusional bootlicker cucks then I really must be on the right track.


That is perfectly fine.

Just understand that should a Technate be established within my lifetime.
I will look forward to your ilk being rounded up and send off to labour camps to die.

Imagining the tears of fear. terror, anger and confusion of anti-social punks as they are led into mines, chemical weapon testing labs or organ harvesting facilities is all the motivation I need to continue to be a Technocrat.

chances are you're some failure who,like Holla Forums, thinks they'll be the one rounding up all the undesirables. Chances are you're just as average as everybody here and just LARP as a technocrat due to your insecurity over how much of a faggot you are. If you honestly hate this places as much as you seem to then why the fuck are you here? You know we are leftists yet you get triggered by everything here. I'm sure there are nice places on reddit for you and your totally smart super buddies to whine on about how it should be you guys in charge because you're so smart .
Don't even respond 'cause I'm going to filter your trip after this reply

I fail to see any beauty in it, neither in what it is, nor in what it represents.

And apparently I'm the bad guy for putting paint on a wall huh.

If you are the average example of a technocrat I think the best we can expect from your 'ilk' is some more reeeees and some more pissjugs collecting in your room.

no, he deserves eternal spiritual gulag for using the Papyrus font unironically.

I don't hate this place at all.

I hate the dramatic fall in quality it has experienced.
I hate the administration.
And most of all I hate the memes.

But overall I don't hate this board.
It it just the encouragement of anti-social behaviors that I cannot abide.

Now that is not entirely true.
I'm just as much an anti-capitalist as anyone here.

How constructive.
I truly is a mystery how the left became so divorced from the working class with that attitude.

Oh you undoubtedly are.
I have not committed any anti-social crimes.

You are objectively a far worse person then me and I'm quite right to look down at you with contempt.

Oh my god who is the worse person? I can't figure it out!!! Unironically kill yourself fascist cunt.

Anti-sectarian Fix.

now we just need the Mises absolutely Uncivilised counterpart and the Bookchin absolutely Civilised counterpoint, this could become its own variant within the meme.

graffitti is objectively art and you do have shit taste
Nigger crime is apart of revolutionary action and most inner-city proles prctice it. Illegalism, ever heard of it?
Nice tautology faggo
Get a load of this faggot and his USI

shit drawing faggot, also you got the ancom flag direction wrong. What a retard.

There's nothing relativist about it, graffitti is objectively art, it doesn't stop being art because a butthurt little bitch like you says so.
LOL. Read Stirner, faggot.

Could you be any more of an ITG?

Shit taste

Stop LARPing as an oldfag as if it gives you any respect, you're still a failure and a faggot.
Confirmed for absolute counter-revolutionary faggot. Why don't you go join a liberal peace groups and talk about your gender while you're at it you faggot. Crime gets shit done and spreads a message. Pacifism is for pussies and is bourgeois.


Graffiti, but also other acts of public defilement like littering, are not a cause of communal decay, but a symptom.

In a healthy community, people would live outside of their small private bubbles and in the communal sphere, so that it would not be possible to spraypaint anything unnoticed in the first place. People inside the community committing these acts would be found out through social control, and people from outside intruding to commit the acts would always be monitored by members of the community wary of the outsiders.

When we establish Anarchtopia, graffitti of public buildings will be both legal and encouraged

bitch pls, this webm is from 2015. step up your game.

I unironically agree with this, but add that it would not be wrong to rob black drug dealers for exploiting their own communities.

Hat and face, separate files for using two different colors. Print out and trace onto a sturdy material, then use a utility knife or whatever.

I've never liked you, you're obnoxious as fuck.

Graffiti is a sport, stop being a faggot, if its legal is not fun

get that pic, put on photoshop, up the contrast, turn into black and white, print, paste paper into a cardboard box or a plastic like a radiography, cut the black parts with a boxcutter

literally the gayest thing i have ever seen

Hey thanks man! Maybe I'll post some results with this soon :^)

ok user

I have to say this is a very good meme indeed. I give it 12/10 meme points.