Really makes you think, dem evil fake news not saying the great things Turmp does is the problem

Really makes you think, dem evil fake news not saying the great things Turmp does is the problem

where are your proofs, billy?

Holla Forums the shitposting flag is nazbol, also try to not cry "FAKE NEWS" so you wont look obvious

Wait, how am I paying for Trump's wife to live in his tower?

read the article
the 500k a day is to protect the tower itself from vandalism
10m are business expenses not vacations

Good taste fam

This has been going on for ages lol, it isnt new, just google it.

They have to protect her so they spend millions RENTING trump's fucking hotel floor for some security/intelligence agency, literally using the taxpayers money to pay his hotel lol

i'm not Holla Forums you fucker. there is no point in having a thread without any source, just meme

which article?

Fucking Google trump mar a lago Washington post it was published yesterday fuck off you lazy scum

Who the fuck cares you retards? Go read theory instead of doing a political version of a celebrity gossip.


sshhhh Holla Forums cant into googling because all google is FAKE NEWS outside their pro trump sites that ignore reality and post about the alternative universe where he is doing great things.

im not op you dumb crossie shitposter

stop falseflagging you retarded Holla Forumslack

it's cool dude he isn't getting salary

It's also not just the cost of the of the hotel it's all the travel money and the price of extra security just for her.



fuck off with your celeb gossip



Why the fuck should I take them serious when they're "very fake news"

Trump stop shitposting and go get educated about the constitution you faggot, someone shoudl take the phone from you and focus your attention to the teacher.

Wait, when did he breach the constitution and when did commies like you care?


kill yourself pol

He dissagrees with the media, he doesn't censor it so he isn't breaking the const
He is fighting with the other branches and not stepping over any unconstitutional boundaries, if so inform me
Yeah that is called being a leader and stand on principles, doesn't break the constitution