What do you guys think of this quote

What do you guys think of this quote.

"The first person who calls for violence, loses the argument."


pure ideology.

It suggests politics is some abstract sphere disconnected from actual material conditions, so yeah it ideology at its purest


See reply #1.

Stupid pacifist tripe. Violence is everything and inescapable, it is a valid method when it comes to reaching goals.

Shit quote. It presupposes that the current system was not made through or is maintained by violence.

assumes that violence is always a negative thing.
It also assumes that the only violence that exists is direct physical violence.




This is why greentext should be bannable.

I've usually seen it as "the first person who resorts to violence."

From an apolitical, crude gut standpoint - "violence" may end up being subjective. I used to be a productive person with a job and property and a life of my own, and now I post rhetoric on Holla Forums. Do I really believe that I'd ever have come to Holla Forums if I weren't being dragged through the mud? Not anymore, and there are all kinds of useless pseudo-philosophical questions that come up therein. Could I ever really do more damage to someone else's life by smashing their skull than they already have by smashing my will and degrading me on a daily basis?

Well, the law says yes. So I must agree on some level. I don't want some psycho bashing my face in because their subjective definition of a violent person includes me.

But where does the law itself actually draw the line? And knowing that people use the law to enact physical violence, the opening statement probably holds little credibility.

But he's right, that's exactly what they're saying.

To argue that violence is valid in an argument is to willfully ignore that argument is not synonymous with quarrel; whether by means of verbal dispute or not, it primarily describes a process of reasoning.

To put physical violence into it is to believe it will somehow make your position correct rather than simply accepted. Hence, might makes right.

We're going to gas ethnicity X, Y, Z for reasons A, B, C.

-No, we will stop you.

Haha lol, you lost the argument, get over it

wrong thread?

Even if it's true it presupposes that the only important thing is winning arguments.

brain fart much?

Scrawny antifa runts advocating violence aren't going to change the world


Fucking stupid. If you're triggered by violence or shed tears over trashcans then you're not gonna be on board for the revolution leftists want.

Retardation but half-true, a lot of the time any amount of violence is a sign that the ideology you are dealing with is unsustainable and excuse to c h i m p o u t

t. SS officer in the Warsaw ghetto

Says the guy who thinks porky is going to willfully give up his property or step down from positions of power within our government.

Thoughts would be: Get Fucking Real

Those who argue for the status quo already have violence at their back before anyone else calls for it.