Magnificent Bastard Thread

Who do you consider to be a magnificent bastard, Leftypol?

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Hitchens abandoned principles for a hate filled narrative, please reconsider your position on him.

i hope you handle your bitcoins on a separate machine.

He's the reason we'll never have a republic the cunt

I believe this lad makes centrists weep.


Utterly based tbh


what do you mean by hate filled narrative?

not OP but I actually thought about Hitchens yesterday, and how it would have been quite interesting to hear his thoughts on YPG and communalism. As I remember his beef with the left during his later years mainly was idpol and the left becoming special interest groups rather than representing a viable economic alternative.

his beef with the left was supporting bush's imperialism, bookchingfag


I'm not a book-kin.
Hitchens was a supporter of kurd self determination, this was one of the major reasons for his support of removing Saddam. Bush wanted the oil, but Hitchens wanted the removal of the man behind the al-Anfal campaign.

He also wanted to preserve western civilization from the Islamofascist hordes.

I'm confused.. Opposing islamofascism is bad?
He was a marxist and a anti-zionist, and opposed all religion and fascism, including western.

He was pretty neoliberal by the time he started going full neocon, he even praised globalization.

Obviously it's not bad but he was Sam Harris levels of reactionary when it came to Islam.

Dude he dropped all of that late in life. He was literally sucking Paul Wolfowitz's cock.



He said a lot of weird things and wherent always consistent, but he's still good in my book.

can we pls stop with the opposing religion is reactionary

And islam is Hitler levels of reactionary when it comes to organising society.

Ted and David Icke