How come so many Weird Twitter/goon/ironybro people are actually upper(-middle) class neoliberals LARPing as...

How come so many Weird Twitter/goon/ironybro people are actually upper(-middle) class neoliberals LARPing as working-class revolutionaries?

Some Vice writer named @sam_kriss has an uncle(?) who works as the press and information officer for the EU delegation to Israel (pure coincidence I'm sure).

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is this going to be an another hoochie thread

at least Greaves is admitting he has a tiny trumpet

A what?

The US military, police, feds, and so on all employ millions of Americans. It is probably literally impossible to NOT have an uncle or relative who is a class traitor. This whole line of interrogation is idiotic.

This guy is British, not American. And NO, it's NOT normal to have relatives who work in such positions.

put her on ignore and never look back

Philly Cheesesteak's little butt buddy is an heiress who's daddy made his by making Playboy TV. That's pretty much a bingo in shit that triggers tankies bingo


Who is "Lenin Lover" and why is he trying to recruit people to further Syria's balkanization?

What if Philly Cheese is a government plant?

a lover of lenin duh

Go away, Phil.

It's 2017, time to find some other nominally leftist tinpot dictator to idolize

Assad is a national-socialist though.

you actually believe that

kinda hard to empower the proletariat when you keep on killing them though

Is this him?

So he's a Nazi? Whoa, even Nazism can be anti-imperialist past the Anti-Imperialism Line.

why do tankies love dictators but hate revolution? hungary, czechslovakia, supprting saddam in the iran iraq war, the current sperging about assad is my anti imperialist daddy shit

WTF happened?

my dad works for my city's municipality :^)

Do you get out much? In burgerland, pretty much everyone I meet has a relative in the military or some similar position. This is part of why the military propaganda works so well: they get so many people dependent on a class traitor paycheck that if you insult the military, you're insulting "my dad," "my aunt," or "my way of making a living."

back to twitter, phil



Dude, fuck burgers.

Assad doesn't employ enough hot chicks

The military is basically a jobs program.


Why the fuck does Holla Forums support the balkanization of Syria? Are you guys nuts?

Sam Kriss is an old LF poster

Idk about Holla Forums at large but I support the toppling of Assad to give Rojave continued motive for conflict/expansion in self defense. Him staying is a recipe for a tenuously stable split which is untenable

Only the few local jokes ever liked Assad, you're thinking about /marx/.

SDF/YPG is actually fairly anti-balkanization. They view democratic confederalism as a solution to the entire crisis and furthermore a solution for basically the entire middle east.

remember to be a good anti imperialist and fight the kurds

t. definitely not erdogan

why do you support borders created by French and British imperialists?

The balkanization of iraq and syria would be a good thing imo. the reason why arab states tend to be horrifying dictatorships that fall into civil wars is because the brits and the french stuffed a bunch of tribes that hate each other into colonies that they later released as countries.

Most of them are some kind of nazies in denial about their etchno nationalism. Just look up any thread where leftypol talks about immigration.


how is it *sniff* ideology*sniff*


the fuck

just as anarchism attracts smashie lifestylists, leninism attracts mentally ill sectarians

Great stuff, Phil.

How does Phil get all of this info on other leftists? Does he have connections in the intelligence community?

of course


Phil Greaves has literally done nothing wrong. Ever.

Everyone laughs at Greaves but Anarchists have got Holden who's just as bad

me being sectarian is CIA disinfo and you know it

What the fuck is Weird Twitter and why should anyone care?

its you when you when you are sleep tweeting

I agree, but that doesn't make what I'm saying false. Basically everyone has class traitor relatives.

phil is a claas traitor because he takes cia money

Goons will be the first to go into the gulag


sounds like something a goon would post……………………….

makes u think

Because they are members of the bureaucratic / media / capitalist class that currently has control of all power mechanisms, and their whole purpose is too delegitimize any real threats to their stranglehold on power, one of those ways is to take up the banner of "revolution" themselves and redirect it into porky-approved ideologies that terrorize and divide the workers, keeping them forever politically impotent.

It's okay to just say that you don't like their jokes, dude

Phil Greaves is my homie, don't diss him

literally what the fuck am I reading

Because his definition of "connected to the bourgeois" is so broad that it includes literally anybody comfortable enough to have time for twitter.

The Bolsheviks were disproportionately bourgeois. Engels' family owned factories. We don't really have to go on.

This is the dumbest conspiracy I've ever heard.

FWIW Greaves' is also a pizzagater

There are legitimate criticisms of the YPG and PigPissGrandad but only a fucking idiot thinks left twitter is a psyop.

left twitter might not be a psyop but it is shit and riddled with middle class fags

middle class is not a real class

Wasn't Erdogan saying "Assad must go" awhile ago?

Lenin was all about muh self determination dude.

petty bourgeois then, you know what i mean

They own some means of production?

Most of the supposed "middle class" was never petty bourgeoisie either. Most of the "middle class" whining you get is "how dare other proles be slightly less shit on than I am."

whats an ironybro

You know Lenin was middle class right.


what if $$$Phil Greaves$$$ is a psyop

Considering his bosom buddy Red Kahina is the heiress to the creator of PlayboyTV, and our buddy Phil loves to golf….

I mean it wouldn't be surprising if it's all rich cunt irony seeing how many leftists can fall for such inane bullshit.

I mean for fucks sakes RedKahina is rich off her ass because his dad made a cable subscription service for 40+ year old men to spend watching porking and Phil is a country club golfer

Wait, I see people say this a lot and it's seriously funny if it's true. But what's the evidence?

Because don't worry about user

PissPigGrandad, Phil Greaves, Dril, ChapoTrapHouse, Red Kahina, Hoochie Minh and Noam Chomsky: all noted CIA collaborators

You forgot DaShareZone


By now i think everyone is a CIA collaborator, maybe even myself.

what's wrong with golf?


It's a rich men stereotype sport. Along with the fact most golf courses are on country clubs or just hilariously expensive to even work with.

Interest in much more urbane sports would be far less suspicious than, hey I'm the most Marxist Marxist whoever sucked Lenin's Cock Go Assad Capitalism Is Ok If Its My Definition of Anti-Imperialism but I like things that are extremely expensive and only interested in mostly by the wealthy, because the gradient of success at them goes further up, and the more niche it becomes simply because of the financial barrier that exists to be interested in it.

It's suspicious simply because it is a sport that a segment of the population is somewhat forbidden from attaininf success at, so it doesn't interest them.

As shallow analysis as that may seem, just saying "I love golfing all the time" makes one wonder about what amount of insecurity and guilt his insane ramblings come from.

Sam Kriss has never hidden the fact that he comes from a Jewish zionist family, but he rejected the ideology and became a commie. Claiming people are opposition due to distant family members is literally Holla Forums-tier reasoning, and Phile Greaves is a pathetic tankie classcuck who would support Hitler if this was 1939.

there's far too many zionists on the left

even if they reject it, their jewish upbringing is always there


i never would hae know if philly cheese didn't tell me. truely the marx of our time

I pointed out a while ago that Weird Twitter follows FYAD goon background, meaning they're bobos and NY hipsters, LARPing. Or ironically LARPing, whichever nets them the most social cachet.

Even Holla Forums is not as bad, because they're sincere in their delusions and (assuming they're smart enough) can be despooked, whereas WT know they're full of shit and just don't care. They're arriviste and sabotaging by nature, and a major factor, if not the very start, of this trend in the American """left""" of abandoning discourse for the sake of more-ironic-than-thou mockery and harassment.

You know how Stalin created a monstrous totalitarian state by stuffing the party with greedy, amoral toadies? WT would be them.

It's next to impossible to have left wing views without having an at least decent upbringing. Poor people go to shit schools and end up illiterate, and groups that reach out to those people get infiltrated and destroyed by the FBI. This has always been the case, Engels was rich as fuck and Marx had piles of jew gold that allowed him to spend his life writing. Which tankies aren't from wealthy backgrounds? I know Red Kahina is a trust fund baby.

The Dirtbag Left has done more for the left than anything else in a long time (that's not saying much though).

Hello Holla Forums.

Marx was actually pretty poor, he was supported by Engels. Marx would sometimes sell his clothing to buy alcohol.

Weird Twitter is a weak and gay repurposing of FYAD humor by normies.

It's just rich kids sneering at peasants over style. The only reason politics comes into it is because they think of everything in terms of taste i.e. if you have x political opinion you listen to Kid Rock and lack self-awareness and don't get weird twitter

I'm sure this board has plenty of upper(-middle) class people who benefit from the neoliberal order LARPing as working-class revolutionaries. Hell, you could say that description can be applied to Marx, Engels, Lenin, and plenty other of our favorite commies. People who grow up in muh privileged environments can more easily spend a greater amount of time studying things of academic interest to them, and there's no reason that can't include class struggle.

Although it's annoying if you're like Phil Greaves and both bragging about having direct family connections to the ruling class, and then criticizing how others have direct connections to the ruling class.

Is this meme actually real?
I mean, me and my family have always fluctuated between lower-middleclass and upper-poverty. Im pretty sure there more people with conditions like that or below than in the middle class or upper-middle class, right?
is this just a bad association from spoiled rich cunt socjus e-celebs being thought of as 'left' or?

I'm completely broke. Working part-time, but all that money just goes to expenses and debt.

Matt Christman is pretty based though tbh

It's another, "Holla Forums doesn't understand what working class means" thread

Yes, but let's be honest. Greaves is not alleging they're related to the local crossing guard or Iraq vets, but to people in positions of genuine power.


This board is populated by failsons of the bourgeoisie who have become working class in adulthood due to the growing inequality in the West. We're alt-right except we read different books and are correct.


Primarily, but there's still plenty of 'muh academics' and 'muh professionals' on this board.

Basically, they're reptilians.

If people on this board and Holla Forums just looked outside the box, they'd see the worst red pill yet.