Milo will appear on Bill Maher tonight

Jimmy Dore isn't pleased with this.

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Maher is such a fuck.

I'm one of those liberals who gets insanely mad whenever Susan Sarandon appears on TV and is conspicuously silent about this

Does free speech still mean anything or did it finally reach buzzword status?

What's up with all the thumbs down on the Jimmy's video?

thx, black bloc!

muh marketplace of ideas

Liberals. A lot of them hate Jimmy because he frequently talks shit about Obama.

Milos edgelords


We should really be getting raiding parties together to counter shit like this. Why is the alt right so organized to raid videos but Holla Forums has no significant opposing presence?

Yeah, like echo chambers and social bubbles, which you're advocating.

Why does Holla Forums like this Dore guy anyway?

There is literally nothing wrong that Milo says about Islam and the contemporary left is responsible for giving him and the rest of the New Right something legitimate to piggyback their other bullshit on.

Funny, "we" think the same thing about you.

Dore likes Bill Maher?

Hello "fellow leftist"?


I think he might like Maher's criticisms of corporations and income inequality.

Most of them seem to be social democrats and liberals in denial.

Why does Milo cause so much outcry anyways. He's just a attention seeking whore and should be used as comic relief for sane individuals. Invite him to wherever and verbally fuck the shit out of him. We all win.

I have never seen Milo have a serious debate with anyone that wasn't a liberal.

politics of personality -> politics of ideas

Just look at our own namefags.

Why do you praise this fucking failed comedian loser from TYT, oh yeah he fits the commie stereotype

why do you start off with a question, oh yeah you are a retard

Well at least I am successful in life something I bet you can't say

Why should we care about anything frosted tips does or say?

your posture says: big boy
your punctuation: 15 yrs old bby

You talk like every newfag since the mid 2000s.

I agree with Jimmy. It isn't a free speech issue, Milo isn't obligated to everyone else's megaphone and not everyone has to promote his time wasting edgy philosophy to the masses. Some people are better ignored than addressed. There isn't a hard and fast rule for this, but you know it when you see it. I have seen Milo interviews where it is clear he is making shit up on the spot and he just starts spouting nonsense. Yeah I guess you can argue "well address the nonsense if you aren't afraid" some peoples nonsense is more important to address than others and Milo is just a time sync and an ass wrinkle on the fabric of intellectualism.

This pretty much. Milo is a known con-artist and if we simply ignored him like Sarkeesian as an example, he'd be gone forever.

They really are the two sides of the same coin aren't they?

isn't that Dore guy anti guns too?
he is just an edgy liberal.
I really enjoy those phone call imitation videos he have on his channel tho

she has been btfo countless times, can you link a Milo video where he gets stomped on? Don't think it's happened yet tbqh, he argues with liberals and not leftists

I don't like Dore so much because he's obviously a SocDem, but he's a funny guy and saying Milo Snuffulupugus is casually without making a big deal of it is peak dry humor

I fucking hate Bill Maher.
Why does Dore like him but hate John Oliver?
both of them are unfunny anti-worker neoliberal scums.
Maher is just less good at hiding it.

Milo is gonna get destroyed by Maher. I hate Maher like everyone else but at least he doesn't dance around his opinions and don't pick on easy low hanging fruit like Milo does to gain popularity.

Doubtful. Maher will wind up looking like a fool if he in any way comes out against free speech. Not to his audience and the other idiots that he has on the show, but to anyone with a brain. It will be a rehash of what Greenwald does to him every time he goes on the show.

Maher is pretty despicable even if Religulous was great He's a social justice liberal who did a fawning interview with Netanyahu, and is enough of a Zionist neocon that Muslims get knocked off of his progressive stack.

Fuck him.


No joke; this is all on their edgy vigilantism. What great praxis; trash cans destroyed, LARPing thugs bashed and right populist demagogues popularized.