/r/socialism does it again

Apparently they are targeting furries now

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Hell hath no furry like a fury's wrath


And here I thought this whole thing about an imminent r/socialism "fursecution" was just a joke we came up with back during the catgirl drama


Tankie prudeness even strikes in the year 2015+2 it seems.

Anarchists have to explain smashies but why do tankies never explain reddit tankie mods?

They are fucking Trotskyites.

They still worship Stalin, Mao and everything the Soviert Union ever did.

Someone said they're CWI fanatics. Certainly wouldn't lump these faggots in with North and the ICFI

wow, looks like the account got suspended. I wonder why?


r/socialism is just like any other totalitarian organization, really. There's always got to be some new external threat to whip the locals up into a froth over or else they'll start scrutinizing the people in charge

Ironic since this was posted literally a week ago


This is old as fuck. BjornIronside is VoteAnimal2012.

So, are they against all porn or just porn that makes them uncomfortable?

I doubt that there's a difference.

But seriously I kind of think people dumb enough to stay in that shitpile kind of deserve to be abused by the mods.

since when did this rapist become an /r/soc mod again?

oh, he's not. How old is this shit?

Its trots doing what trots do best - make some ridiculous faux-ideological claim, solely to score points or attack someone opposing them, then double down on the ridiculous beliefs created with this.
Just look at the likes of phil greaves and syria.

Furries and juggalos are the new revolutionary vanguard. Get with the times

It's funny because /r/socialism is whiter than Holla Forums and Holla Forums

There can be no other subculture, except /r/soc culture.

It is written.

Why does some fag always have to shill for the SEP? Nobody cares about your little book club and shitty website. They're even more obscure and sectarian that your average trots.

Reddit mods are mostly split between trots and maoists.

Trots tend to have absolutely retarded positions on Syria but I don't think Greaves is a trot. When Molly Klien/Red Kahina did her autistic screeching during the left forum she accused Zizek of being the reincarnation of Trotsky.