Bill Gates: the robot that takes your job should pay taxes

How about instead we gulag your kind, take the factories, and abolish labor altogether, you scum?

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That's idiotic, all it does is slow down automation. We want to liberate ourselves from work not persist in endless drudgery till the end of time.

His solution is humorous nonetheless though, anything but paying the remaining workers operating the machines more money. I guess the state would better spend those hypothetical tax revenues on bombs and the police.

Also, think about the tax-evasion schemes that this would induce. Tax/robot number? We create one robot that does everything in the production process. Tax/robot size? We create smaller robots.

I mean how would even this work legally?

Posadism when?

Seriously people are so class-cucked and drenched in liberal ideology now its the only option.

Is Bill Gates a fascist?

He's probably an NRx, Nick Land type.


Is sentient mass produced artificial intelligence capable of producing surplus value?


so not only will the robot tax still pay for the things the workers income tax pay for today, but it will also pay the wages for the factory workers that now all help special needs children (or something like that), and this will somehow not negatively effect the workers income and still leave enough profit that the corporations will want to invest in automation?

Is this the end goal for porkies developing AI?

So that the AI can get more rights, powers and eventually exterminate us in our sleep?


he KNOWS this is the right course of action to take to extend capitalism

Richard Stallman: the OS that steals your data and sells it to a third party should pay taxes

What's up with porkies and some classcucks and the idea that people can easily just change their jobs just like magic?
There's that Michio Kaku video where he says something along the lines of "people just need to learn how to code and everything will be fine", now Bill Satan said something about becoming a child carer. Do these fucks really believe that Earl McCoy the 49 years old truck driver can really engage in child care? or that Shaniqua Owololo the 35 years old industrial worker can really learn how to code and get hired?
How fucking delusional one have to be to not see the flaw in this shit?

Well you see, if they can't figure that out they just didn't try hard enough and so they deserve to live in poverty

Because they are mostly intelligent and can learn new things easily. They can't imagine what it would be like to be unable to learn how to code, for example.

Welfare capitalist feeds you with the scraps from the harvest he stole, which you picked for him.

is it possible to merge threads?

I support the idea. It's only removed from FALC by degree; if you tax robots 100% and redistribute the proceeds, you're there.

Porkies and classcucks do this shit all of the time.

I was in a class talking about the ACA. One student said the medicaid expansion was unconstitutional because it's better than as many laws be State run as possible because "if you don't like the law you can just move to another State."

Lots of students nodding their heads like "yes, let's not solve collective action problems because you could just move to another State, ya dummie." Shit's mad, yo.

How about we just kill them and redistribute the property?

FBI please go


That's BSD license not GPL
Marx would've supported Free Software.

not sure why they would tax the machines and not the earnings.
is this an attempt to corrupt the idea of basic income?
anyway, just because bill gates is trying to cash in on it doesn't mean basic income itself is bad.
in the long term obviously we should just ditch capitalism and work for personal growth and the progress of mankind.

The end goal is to prevent private citizens and small coops from owning and operating small automated factories and farms buy taxing the automatons just high enough so that economics of scale make it unprofitable.