Mfw internet liberals and tumblr babies are starting to refer to themselves as leftists

mfw internet liberals and tumblr babies are starting to refer to themselves as leftists
mfw they haven't even read entry level marx like wage labour and capital
mfw people are saying that idpol is important and necessary for the left to keep around because they think eradicating idpol would be a win for the right
mfw these people think that recognizing oppression comes from class is something called 'class reductionism' which they see as a bad thing
mfw these people argue who's the most oppressed because nothing matters to them but meaningless labels
mfw they won't just focus on class


Have you ever wondered why these people exist?

thanks for your analysis

Sorry, magic aint happening, humans are bigots and retarded, and as long as they are slaves to their human nature nothing will be achieved.

human nature is not immutable

I guess we never will get past feuda- oh wait.

And how do you solve this?
Wipe out every cultures, religions and identities?
Surely it will not call for ultra reactionaries.

Yet noneone has changed the main source of bigotry aka "reee anything different triggers me"

They have been repeating this shit for literally forever, it doesnt matter what you do, humans are retarded and will always seek control and stability by making up a close minded cemented non flexible world view and shit on anything outside of it.

And how many years has this species lived on this planet again?

MFW Leftists dont realize the savior stands for everything they stand for, but they vilify him.

You have to go back

greepy :DDD

Wow it's almost like organic divisions are real and class is nonsensical made-up bullshit that nobody cares about because they all have Iphones.

Don't worry, I'm sure as the average Autism Level falls to 80 from shitskin immigration and dysgenics the public will become more receptive to your complex philosophic justifications for theft, not less.


I wish, but it's too late now. I don't even like the term 'left' anymore because of what it's associated with.


Stop whining and study rhetoric. Rightists don't win by being correct they win by having communicators popularizers who know how to properly introduce topics and issues in a way that fits with exiting axioms/beliefs of their audience


so many boxes ticked in one box, do Holla Forumsacks ever make original posts?

*in one post
had a brainfart

excellent got filtered, the original world is problemátic


damn im making an ass of myself

so what happens when the antifa beat down the Holla Forumsyps doors and forcefully remove him from his computer so he can't shitpost?

This is why you will never be relevant again.