Reminder on COINTERPRO

Just a heads up comrades, recently we seem to have had an influx in posts that seem to be intentionally provocative (pic1) or calling everyone in the thread right wing for no reason, the type of shit you would expect to see on reddit (pic 2).

Take note of these types of posts now so you know to ignore them. When other retards reply, tell them what they're replying to are posts specifically made to derail discussion and split our board.

We've had a lot more redditfags after the catgrill drama come over, and I get it will take time for a lot of them to start making actual good posts (and I suspect waiting for such a thing is the case in pic2), but that's ok as we still have plenty of good posters here. What we cannot deal with is the bullshit of intentionally trying to divide us by calling people Holla Forumsacks, or trying to bait by memeing about spooks or nazbols.

Remember to keep the discussion relevant to the OP comrades.

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Idpolers beware, your days are numbered.

Don't forget to report them too, it works sometimes.

Not everyone that triggers you tankies is CIA. Its completely acceptable to be pro imigration and hate nationalism.

Lots of it is also Holla Forums subversion, they have becoming better at false-flagging here as our userbase grew and people became more familiar with what Holla Forums stands for.

For example that Trotskyst who defends EVERY SINGLE neoliberal policy makes me suspicious af

This. Right here.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

- calls me a tankie for no reason
- calls me triggered
- trying to change the discussion onto a topic not related (immigration and nationalism)

Fuck off, scum.

Grouco Marx may just be a complete fucking retard given how little he posts and how stupid his posts are. Don't give him the (You)s.

This. Unless someone is actually actively shilling for neo-liberal globalism. The problem is that 'we must support the DPRK against western imperialism' tankies/nazbols see internationalists as liberals.

Guys, prime example on how COINTELPRO works

THIS is real COINTELPRO. The fact that you use '-' instead of '>' and your reddit spacing says enough

this is a non-sectarian leftist board (liberals aren't leftists)

Funny that you post that pic, the shills in the Wagenknecht tread desperately tried to claim that Globalism is the same as Internationalism

One post that stood out to me recently as possible COINTELPRO was someone arguing with everyone but thought globalism was internationalism. Might just be a dumb as fuck Holla Forumsyp trying to trick us into thinking we're liberals though.

And already people are rushing in derail the thread.

Keep em coming, more examples to help people to spot in the future.

Did you even read the supposed shill screens? Claiming that FN voters are not leftists and oppsing idpol bullshit like identity defense is not wrong at all.

Also attacking sodem tankies who care about dropping wages might be bad for you but is perfectly in line with accelerationist ideas.

What does that have to do with the false dichotomy that he pointed out? That's a rhetorical question I know it's nothing.

This is the actual "COINTELPRO" sowing paranoia, trying to remake previously accepted opinions into marks of evil dissent instead of things to be debated.

Paranoid tankies like you are what rots the left and keeps it weak.

Are other left-wing imageboards still dead? I want to go somewhere similar to old Holla Forums.

I didnt make a dichtonomy, but the people that screencapped user qoutes are clearly combining the two issues into one shitty ideology. I am not at fault when paranoid tankies get triggered.

Dude, FN was an absolute strawman, nobody fucking mentioned it until this guy came along. Again, stuff like lowering wages, ghettos and the likelihood of a revolution are not identities whatsoever. But that's not even the point - we can gladly talk about immigration but many here don't want to be called Holla Forums just because they don't share your opinion. You seem to claim everbody who opposes immigration does it for the same reasons like right-wingers which is an allegation that poisons the debate.

So now you are suddenly for accelerationism? Before you claimed everybody who votes for right-wingers out of accelerationist reasons is a closet Nazi. Get your priorities straight. If you were truly an honest accelerationist you'd not limit it like that.

Are you from reddit? It seems to be a recurring theme with derailing threads and wasting replies that normally revolve around one person trying to put space between the original post the chain of replies started at and where they want the thread to end up.
The tankie pointed out a false dichotomy and you know it.

Spank liberals and socdems when they're trying to claim that globalism and the EU have anything to do with the late-19th century tendency of internationalism in the labor movement.

We usually ask ourselves why a lot of people is stopping visiting the website, here's why.
You, racists and bigots make porky proud.
Do you know what? I have been visiting this website like 4 months and posting on it like 2 months.
Now I understand the people who had left. Bye, ban me or do whatever you want because in no time you'll be alone
This is not reddit, this is not even leftypol, this is pol 2.0 and you know that tankies

All me

Bye polintelpro. Hope you had a nice visit.


Name a single genuine racist or sexist statement that wasn't from an obvious shitposter

I only want one because you screencapped me there so I'd to know what pissed you off in particular

You know it's possible to have dissenting opinions and not being an asshole to each other right?

Kill yourself niggerfaggot.

Lol highly relevant, that 1st pic was a response to my post. I just assumed stirnerfags gonna stirner, not COINTELPRO

Good point though OP

Why do you assume that I agree with all positions that I think should be debated and not dismissed as shilling?

Also its fine to oppose imigration, but most of the recent discussion on that has been pushed by tankies and retarded nazbols on an extremely shallow level. I didnt follow the thread where the screens are from but accusing pro imigration people with shilling is exactly what cancerous paranoid tankies do when they run out of arguments.

Your constant defense of the useless rethoric by Wagenknecht that might be well intentioned but fails to highlight any genuine left perspective is a sign that you people are just one step away from nationalism when you become the slightest bit desillusioned. That happens constantly.

Just whining about wages when one study afte the other undermines that argument(but not completely destroys it) isnt enough.

Thats exactly my point.


Fuck I just realised this is Groucho.

Kill yourself a dozen times you double niggerfaggot. You always were a shitposting newfag and I'm glad one more shitposter has been bullied off site.

You sound way more reasonable suddenly, what changed your mind?

I was the only tankie in this thread, I can't remember any NazBols, I had written longer posts about why I have a different opinion about immigration but other people ninja'ed me pretty much

Are you German? She didn't even say "immigration is bad". You buy into a liberal meme. The accusation of her pandering to the AfD is outright not based in reality.

That's just paranoia. You know that Marxist-Leninism isn't nationalist at all, right?

really made me think

I said "bunkermag" by mistake

I thought bunkerchan is almost dead?
still, can't be any worse than Holla Forums in its current state

ML always develops into nationalism and I have seen more than enough ML suddenly turn into nationalists when they lost hope in the in international workingclass. Its a consistent pattern in all states that they use nationalism as a last resort to maintain power.

I dont believe that Wagenknecht is like AfD at all. But I think that she behaved extremely stupid and failed her chance to push for a sensible imigration policy inside the left party.

A sensible discussion about imigration on the left has to start with upholding western values, opposing cultural relativism. And highlighting that the left are the only ones actually pushing for integration on a communal level. Using simple, easy to misunderstand rethoric in a discussion dominated by nationalism is the wrong approach. Any attempt to selectivly outrightwing the rightwing is doomed to fail.

I heard that Wagenknecht while eloquent is actually somewhat unsecure in public which might create these lapses, so I dont blame her personally.

I had my doubts about lax moderation, but I am happy to say I have been proven wrong and the system works!

Lots of laughs at that report for OP being cleared too. Looking forward to your reddit rants about leftypol being dripfed back to us!

Nope bunkerchan is alive with a friendly community.

you know this shit wouldn't be an issue if the BO enabled IDs


There is non.
There is non.

You have to go back!

Whichever mod is in this thread: I want to suck your dick

ITT: Triggered tankies.

Also relevant: Bots