Daily News Thread 2/17

Trump promises new immigration order as DOJ holds off appeals court

President Donald Trump vowed Thursday to roll out a new immigration executive order next week that will be tailored to the federal court decision that paused his travel ban.

Vice President Pence Begins European Tour

Vice President Mike Pence is doing a stint in Europe in an effort to reassure US allies about the Trump administration's foreign policy agenda.

NHS cuts blamed for 30,000 deaths in new study

Government angrily refutes claims, calling reports a 'triumph of personal bias over research'

Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong arrested on charges of bribery

Prosecutors claim that Samsung paid over $37M in bribes to help facilitate a merger.

Chaffetz asks Justice IG to investigate leaks about Flynn

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz requested Wednesday that the Department of Justice launch an investigation into the leaks surrounding the ouster of Michael Flynn.

More anti-money laundering measures hit China as top three Bitcoin exchanges freeze withdrawals

China's top three Bitcoin exchanges have frozen all withdrawals for 30 days.

UN: Four Famines Mean 20 Million May Starve in the Next Six Months

More than 20 million people – greater than the population of Romania or Florida – risk dying from starvation within six months in four separate famines, UN World Food Programme chief economist Arif Husain says.

Germany’s SPD backs Greece’s eurozone place in spat with Schäuble

As Germany kicks off its election campaign season, Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats (SPD) are coming to the defense of crisis-ridden Greece from attacks by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc.

French Left Weighs United Front to Challenge Le Pen

Socialist candidate Benoit Hamon, now fourth place in polls, told France Info radio on Friday that he had begun discussions on a united effort with Jean-Luc Melenchon, a former Socialist who now enjoys fringe backing. Hamon also said he’s in discussions with the Green Party’s Yannick Jadot about a single candidacy.

Czech Prime Minister Courts Communists in Pre-Election Gamble

Czech Premier Bohuslav Sobotka said his Social Democrats could create a ruling coalition with the opposition Communists to prevent billionaire Finance Minister Andrej Babis from taking power after fall elections.

Saudi Arabia on Offensive With Attack-Minded Military Splurge

Saudi Arabia and other Western-backed Mideast states have switched the focus of their military spending to more-offensive programs as tensions with Iran ratchet up, according to a study by IHS Jane’s.

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A People’s Globalism: Notes Toward a New Left Internationalism

Three writers consider the major foreign-policy questions facing the left today.

The Return of Border Discrimination

A product of the civil rights era, the 1965 Immigration Act changed the United States in ways its supporters could hardly imagine. But will the principle of open immigration withstand Trump’s presidency?

What Else is Wrong with Globalization

From a red-green, eco-socialist perspective we must ask: what are they producing, how does the product and process affect the health, happiness and self-esteem of the worker, how does it contribute to the health and happiness of the consumer, and what effect do product and process have on the environment and culture of the producing and receiving countries?

ICE Is Quietly Accelerating Deportations of Central American Mothers and Children

The speeding up of deportations appears to stem from the more aggressive approach of the Trump administration, say advocates.

Playing Oppression Against Class: the Neoliberal Legacy in the Age of Trump

For every oppression that capitalism produces, the neoliberal moment has produced its uncanny, simulacrum-solution. For instance, for sexism there is on offer as a solution, lean-in feminism, for racism, there is pull-up your pants.

With Trump in the limelight, Congress has been quietly working to undo Obama-era regulations

The House and Senate are churning out a steady stream of bills — not the big-ticket items Trump promised on the campaign trail, but a hand-picked collection of discrete measures aimed at dismantling the regulatory agenda that President Obama put in place during his waning days in office.

Tennessee Hints at Chaos If Republicans Leave Obamacare in Limbo

Tennessee is providing an early preview of the disruption that could ensue if lawmakers leave Obamacare in limbo.

Republican Health Care Proposal Would Cover Fewer Low-Income Families

House Republicans are debating a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act that would give consumers tax credits to buy insurance, cut back on Medicaid and allow people to save their own money to pay for health care costs.

This is real violence and not muh window smashing



He considers a lot, we should wait and see. I personally hope that it happens. This would be another massive strain on his gov and create massive shitstorms of dramatic porportions.

But I thought only communism starves its people with famines.

Trump trying to circumvent the Posse Commitatus Act would almost certainly lead to his impeachment. This should be fun to watch.


Link to the full story on the National Guard deployment memo.

Imagine military troops breaking into millions of peoples homes to deport them. The shitstorm would be of epic porportions.

I hope he fucking does it. People would go ballistic.

How boringly predictable. Prospects of a real leftist alternative and general unity led to immediate "only Macron can beat the rising tide of fascism" bleating. I hope they all choke on it

I see turd worldists' point a bit more clearly now.

I really hope he does this

qt grill


Spicer denies this


Macron doesn't even identify as a leftist.

Doesn't stop neolibs from circle jerking him into the dust. Stumbled into a convo just last week with a bunch of liberals using Corbyn/Hamon comparisons in the media as "proof" that Macron is the hero the left really needs

My parents don't s

Well, fuck me.
My parents don't say it out loud, but I believe they won't vote Macron even in a him vs Le Pen scenario. Le Pen is bad but at least she will have the National Assembly against her.

I knew a Trump voter who unironically praised this idea before the election.
it's hilarious to see people complain about the Globalist Police State (tm) who actually want a fascist police state that exercises its power in line with their sensibilities.

All caps tweets incoming.

isn't that violating the fourth amendment?

I'm honestly getting sick of his victim complex.

Don't want to be that guy, but attacking the press only means you have nothing to say in your defence.

Insult is the last refuge of the imcopetant

kek he did a tweet before that and deleted it just to re-did with a bigger enemies list
what a fucking nut


Honestly, he's halfway towards impeachment already. The deep state is throwing so much shit at him it's ridiculous. All it requires now is securing the votes of a few Republican congressmen.


But that's part of why the press is going apeshit, he's using their tricks against them. With all this virtue-signalling bullshit, the media keeps presenting itself as the humble heroes, and Trump's shameless use of the same tactic made them go ballistic. To say nothing of how badly the "fake news" narrative backfired.

Honestly, when it comes to Trump vs porky press, I'm on Trump's side. He's a temporary evil, the porky press is an massive institution that long deserves to be taken down a peg or twenty.