Pretty well researched and decently written article by a Baltimore art collective about the aesthetics of the alt-right...

Pretty well researched and decently written article by a Baltimore art collective about the aesthetics of the alt-right. Not sure if I agree with all of it, particularly its conclusion on how to counter the alt-right, but it's worth a read.

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So fascism is rebranded capitalism for the Xtream teenz of today?


The fact that Holla Forumsyps find Benjamin so threatening tells me he's worth listening to. Thanks.

Good article so far, but I'm in the part about the economic nationalist quadrant and I think the stuff about the Trump facial recognition meme is a stretch. I think mathematically rendering the face is more a product of faith in materialism and digitization in general. That it is used as a meme is just humorous because you can absolutely identify Trump's lack of fear, and I at least interpret it as a reference to the absurdity of such facial analysis software. If it is related to a suicide wish, it's a suicide wish the culture has as a whole, the desire to have everything knowable, measurable and digitized.


if anybodies interested further, go and find the naz/soc webms they have on Holla Forums after reading this

Look for the ones where they've tried to put some sense of order into the editing. The ones I've seen so far end up with generic sweeping shots of landscapes dubbed over with Hollywood soundtracks from headline titles like Gladiator lel


Also, Benjamin's mysticism is extremely overstated. It really only shows itself in his Theses on the Philosophy of History. Even then, it's important to keep in mind that, first of all, it was written under extremely dire and stressful circumstances and more importantly it's entirely allegorical. He uses the Lurianic example of the "breaking of the vessels" and the retrieving of God's divine light within the kelipot or husk of material existence in order to make a point to historical materialists: if one is to find hope, or sparks of light, within the revolutionary promises or potential of the past, one must realize that it is only in the moment of their recuperation into the present historical moment that those revolutionary promises of the of the past can be glimpsed, and this transformative capacity inheres not in some essence of the promises themselves but in the fleeting light that they can cast on the calamity of contemporary modernity and the prospects for imagining it otherwise.

t. someone who has closely studied Benjamin for over 10 years now.

You've literally never read Benjamin and have probably only read Evola's wikipedia entry. Comparing the two men is just abject fucking ignorance.

In that sense, I find alt-right and ISIS propaganda have a lot in common: they ostensibly refer to traditionalism and a lost cultural golden age but their aesthetics are 100% post-modern in that they're a patchwork of blockbuster cinema, mass advertising and social media memes.


Been meaning to read this, thanks.

I've read some Benjamin texts, the most recent one being Goethe's Elective Affinities. While I wouldn't call it explicitly mystic, there was this nasty interplay near the end between the themes developed and his loosely defined terms that gave me the impression that he intentionally wanted to halt "direct comprehension," forcing the reader's intuitive faculties. Being an essay about aesthetics this seemed somewhat permissible.

No text made me reread the same paragraphs that many times. I remember that I spent around 4 hours with 1,5 pages, finding layer upon layer, contrasting them, connecting them, making notes, ending up copying the whole text, drawing visual representations.

Will definitely reread, because I know that the battle hasn't concluded yet.

also, the goofy English translation + digital character recognition didn't help either

Unfortunately most English translations of Benjamin are pretty terrible which makes it even more difficult to discern his motives, as you described.

The more I read the more I realize that I can't go on without learning French and German. Lingua franca ain't cutting it.

This, unfortunately, does not imply well-understood.

And what part(s) of the article do you think betrays the author's understanding of the topic?

It's confirmed badphilosphy

I had no idea the alt-right idolized cyberpunk, but it explains the filth on Lainchan

Fantastic article OP, thank you for sharing.
It's rough around the edges, but I'm shocked by how well the commentary on the symbols is.

Go checkout >>>/cyberpunk/
Also let me mirror that sentiment. I guess it's better than being forgotten.

Did you read the thread? The few posts that aren't godawful are indirectly endorsing the article.

kek, 'alt right fascist racist blah-blah-cist nazi' here (not shitposting, just reading threads), and here is my take on it, if anyone cares:

Literally nobody gives a shit about aesthetics, they are a meme, they are something that is so irrelevant, that people out of joke, or ironically, give it importance
hence the retarded fucking frog, it's literally not important how things look
again, ridiculously simple, how the fuck are these people still getting it wrong?
right wing politics are simple:
It's just simple common sense. Weakness is never a virtue. If you are fat, you cant run/hunt/survive as well. If you dont lift, you are a faggot. If you succumb to mental gymnastics, trillion genders, 'all equal therefore white man must sacrifice more for everyone' and other bullshit/degeneracy that lowers your survival ability, that's bad for you.
How do you not see it??? Conan never goes around looking for excuses, crying like a little bitch, or thinking one against the whole world is "unfair". The world IS UNFAIR.
Again, you are not entitled to surviving. You have to work for it. This is the core of ideology/world view/movement/whatever. It's like feeding a wounded animal. Just fucking feed other animals with the wounded one.
Again, nobody gives a shit if your opinion is that it's unfair. There is nothing wrong with things being unfair. Part of growing up is realizing things are unfair. You are supposed to find a way, to compete, to fight, to figure out, to innovate.

Whole of right wing worldviews, philosophy, ideology, politics, lifestyle, and everything else can be summed up in the scene from Conan.
That's it. You are not entitled special little princes. You have no special rights. You are not entitled to anything. In the middle of an ocean, YOU DROWN. If a bear finds you in a forest, HE WILL MANGLE YOU TO DEATH. Nature doesnt care if you think you are oppressed, or if you think something is unfair.

Like all of it. It's like they took random, largely meaningless pictures and "analyzed" them as expressions of all that's vile in this world, actual contents be damned. Like how they think Trump's face analyzed with emotion recognition algorithm "has suicidal implications". Why bother finding what the text actually is when the subtext can be anything you want it to be.

They even regurgitate that old "anime is white" meme. I mean come on.



I'm not fat, I lift (could do it more tho) and all, but that is literally not an argument.

Kek. The stone age is over fam.

Even though being fit and strong are ONLY positive values (I agree with you here), the aut-rigths obsession over it tells us more about the aut-right than it does about those qualities.

Translated from bootlicker vernacular: "Accept the status quo and suck it up."

Right-wingers don't simply think social domination is morally justified, they enjoy it — regardless of what end of the stick they're even on.

Hey, I am entitled to one too, right? Never said it is 'the correct', just that it's what 99.99% of sites like Holla Forums believes.
This is why you can have religious fanatics, gun nuts, turbo capitalists, race nationalists, and all other people who agree fundamentally on nothing, for a community. There are no trillion sects on the right, like you have all these flags over here. Definitions, ideologies, and all that crap (that doesnt even exist in the real world) is secondary to a common goal

In one way or another, they all believe that life is a gladiatorial arena. This is why welfare is bad. This is why immigrants are bad. This is why walking on eggshells around shitskins is bad. This is why policing thoughts and denying free speech is bad. This is why opposing competition and free market is bad (and utterly pointless). This is why socialism/communism/feel-good, all-equal isms dont work.

Again, this is
that other people have. Not even debating if its right or wrong. It is correct to me personally.

I hope somebody is capping these for posterity.


t. a Holla Forumsyp who doesn't like to be psychoanalyzed

You are literally a member of a suicidal death cult. Ironically just like Isis. Kek.

is the author black? why do people see imperialism in their alphabet soup?

I've seen many threads on 8pol where you guys jerk each other off over "animez r trying to be wite cuz we r da best lelelel".

Another things this board does not understand about regular Holla Forums is how we see the left:
All trendy hipster scum living in their bubbles their daddy made for them.

They all go after artsy-fartsy degrees because daddy has money, therefore its irrelevant that economy does not run on happy thoughts and rainbows.
Example: all leftists you see online and in person being limp wristed neon haircolor types.
They never had to deal with shitskins, therefore mutliculti enthusiasm.
Prime example: feminists supporting sharia, or retarded aid workers going to Africa and returning raped with aids.
They are all social justice scum, eternally oppressed and constantly molesting honest, hard working people for reparations.
Prime example: recent Antifa fags beating girls and trashcans up, for no reason.

So there you have, hope you have a clearer picture. Again, these are just opinions different from your own. Some people have those.

nobody ever says that shit except as a response to people going "u fuckin gook worshipers" since Holla Forums will take a contrarian opinion to basically any OP

besides, the majority of male anime characters have black hair and are pretty obviously Japanese so if anibabes were white then watching it would be cuckoldry and set off a red flag in a Holla Forumsacks mind.

You just described college campus liberals. Cool. Not the left.

why link that and not
which as far as i can remember was more leftist/libshit than fascist

Are you under the impression that anything you're saying is original or provocative? It's not.

I'm just calling it how I see it. I don't need you to explain what I see when I lurk Holla Forums. Usually it's weebs saying it, trying to reconcile their weebshit fetish with their Aryan fetish.

I don't remember Holla Forums ever being pro globalism lol TRSodomite

You're wrong if you think "memes" — the replication and sharing of behaviors and references within a culture — are not important. They're actually very telling from a sociological viewpoint.

This is one meaningless one-liner. Sounds like something out of a corporate motivation poster.

And what, prey tell, is "weakness" exactly?

Dude, don't give us none of that bullshit — you wouldn't last two days in a jungle. The very point of civilization is to allow mankind to live rather than merely survive.

That's because he's a warrior characters in an action-based fantasy film.

Most people do have to work for survival and find their labor appropriated by an increasingly wealthier ruling class. This state of affair is particularly odious in a time when technology and social organization do gradually allow people to be "entitled to surviving" as you say.

Whoa there, careful with that edge. You might want to support Social-Darwinism, but think long and hard about whether you'd really be at the top of food chain in such a context.

What a mindless justification of the status quo as an eternal natural order. You do realize capitalism is barely three century-old, right? Besides, even assuming the word is "naturally" unfair, what reason do we have to accept this lack of fairness as a given?

Wew, lad. Why don't you go and join ISIS? You'll have plenty of that.

The whole point of human evolution is to cease being dominated by the arbitrariness of the environment and grow beyond the realm of necessity into the realm of freedom.

By free market I meant you will never hear Holla Forums saying "we should take other people's shit". Holla Forums is all like "we should make our own shit". Also read it again, I literally said that free market is good, and whites dominate all of it because of superiority, whether cultural or racial is irrelevant to this discussion, whites simply have a better living standard than everyone else no matter what.

A person who classifies a person as his sworn enemy based on a single disagreement is in no position to call others members of a cult.

dude is so obviously not Nazi I have no idea why he's trying to talk for Holla Forums. It's clear he's some paleocon or libertarian who thinks things will just be great if we go back to acting like it's the 50s. Fuck that I want Hitler nigga

don't use ebonics please its degeneration

Yeah, you tell 'em! Fuck ( ( ( books ) ) ) and bring me my katana!

don't use these words please they're ableist

It's more than just disagreements, and it's certainly more than just one.

I mean they did but they don't anymore dude because the free market incentivizes people to outsource labor. Majority of whites in the states have seen their living standard go down actually since wages have remained stagnant and prices have gone up.

Unless you have some other definition for free market you seem pretty fucking delusional. are you a racist libertarian or ancap???

Why on Earth would you want that?

You are not my personal enemy. You are the enemy of all mankind.

m8, hitler got rid of the white trash too, just simply being white is not enough and doesnt give you any sort of magical special status in my book, you also have to have a character, intellect, shit like that

guess i'm a 'racist libertarian' as you put it, but I dont value race for any mythical properties, if you are toothless white trash that's all you are, if you are a doctor/engineer and a shitskin, your offspring would return to the mean of the bell curve, and if you are a useful member of society AND white, you are a class 1 citizen

that's how I see it

back to r/the_donald you go!


This is literally what cuckservatives believe btw. Though probably for them it would be white/jewish lol.

Man, a brawl between a might-makes-right robber baron wannabe and a race-obsessed neo-Nazi really is a sad spectacle isn't it?

jesus christ learn to read nigger, i said that exceptional shitskins will return to the mean, (look up bell curve) and will not be exceptional themselves, and therefore shitskins are bad
for real learn to read

*children of exceptional shitskins
fucking hell I am off to get some sleep, cant even press buttons anymore



Holla Forumsacks don't even have a proper understanding of regression to the mean in humans. Generally, human traits like intelligence regress towards a family mean, and not the "racial" mean. There is also a great deal of assortative mating among the intelligentsia in Western societies. In short, enjoy your urban bourgeois intellgentsia with diverse characteristics that will despise rural Hwyte Men, or Real Americans as you call them.

This is Holla Forums and /r/the_donald distilled to such a degree that I truly cannot tell if it's ironic shitposting or not.

I mean that's how it's been since the 80's man. Are you not a smartie???




Is this tendency not becoming more and more accentuated by the year?

Really engages the the brain.

Haven't we spoke on grindr before?

post your boipussi with a timestamp

Check out Nick Land.

I love my people, I love my race, and I want the best for them. I don't really see why that's wrong and you can call it a spook all day I won't care. Honestly I thought most of the racist libertarians got the message at this point and started to understand why laissez faire capitalism actually isn't cool but I guess not.

Why the fuck are NRx guys posting on image boards. They've always kept to their blogs before this.

True but I just found it odd for someone to imply that the coastal elites are just now despising low income whites

>I love my race

There was a neoreactionary who posted on here before. There is also some guy who is probably a neoreactionary that always talks about how China is ethnocentric.

get a load of this faggot


Nick Land's a /lit/ meme, and Holla Forums's generally pretty /lit/ (especially since /lit/ was gang raped by /r9k/ and Holla Forums in early 2016)

No amount of weight lifting is going to do anything about that haggard face of yours.

"m-mommy, i-is this g-guy dominating me real? should I be afraid?"

wew lad

This guy is not gay. I bet he has all the hot sweaty manly straight sex (with women).

Why should I be afraid of some autismo posting five year old pics from Something Awful in order to seem intimidating online?

No one cares.


Fuck this is retarded. It comes from the Koreans.

This is basically a race-based version of the liberal "I love all people, I love my fellow human beings, and I want the best for them" feel-good nonsense.


Top kek. You are quite the entertainer.

This is basically a libshit-based version of the leftist "I love the workers, I love my class, and I want the best for them"

We want justice for workers. That's what love actually looks like.

from reallifemag com/apocalypse-whatever

Lol. She totally nailed you guys. Holla Forums and /the_donald/ is your safe space where you can pretend to be Wagnerian heroes even though you're all obese asthmatics.

cringy and a bit nostalgic at the same time

how is the revolution coming along buddy?


And how would you know, you can mind-read an anonymous person over the internet?

Quite swimmingly. The dialectic is in motion.

I feel the same way lol


all the bastardizations of lol come from 4/sp/.

the fuck

what are the implications of the fact that the alt-right generally just fucks around and says whatever it wants, and leftists are constantly analysing them and writing explainer pieces?

The left prides itself on its theory-building I guess. Are you guys gonna analyse the shit out of us and build some kind of super-weapon (does anything fruitful ever come from leftist theory?), or have we just made you our bitches, leading you around, forcing you to react to us?

Yeah, sure.

I tried to analyze them back, and here's what I got:
These fags are all pseudo intellectuals, in the sense that they have never done any proper, real analytical work. That is, they never designed a jet engine, or simulated a hurricane, or predicted the weather, or synthesized a new chemical, or did anything useful ever.
They do not use vectors, they do not use mathematics, hell they do not even think.

Leftists are all.. fucking art critics and fashion designers and philosophy and literature wankers, and right and wrong does not exist. They cant build any predictive models. They dont do real science. Being right or wrong is irrelevant. Nothing they say or do can be tested or proven. Their whole shit is 100% not important.
They just want to feel smart. That's it. They know they arent, but they just want to feel smart. They want to be intellectuals and scientists and such things too. So they write these 300 hundred pages of….. nothing.

Nah, not in a lifetime. If leftists could actually build things, they probably wouldnt be leftists.

not much point in analysing leftists tbh. just call them luciferians, its esoterically true enough.

No it's mine turn for analysis: this posts contains more stereotypical complaining about dem fukken pinkos that makes you sound like middle-aged GOP voter than an actual attempt at objective analysis of a group in question. While it could be a critique of underlying ideological bias hiding behind such texts, but from my empirical experience I'm more inclined to believe that you're just butthurt.

This is the most euphoric post I've read in a while. STEMlords really are the worst…

From the very line I automatically read this in Donald Trump's voice and it flawlessly fit to the very end.

Benjamin's religion was pretty awesome though. I wish I followed a creed where I'd get into Olam HaBa by lifting up the Holy Sparks in whore houses and Soviet proletarian theatres.