This video is sitting at the top of Reddit right now, getting circlejerked to death

This video is sitting at the top of Reddit right now, getting circlejerked to death.

To me this drivel of pure ideology is even more dangerous than the likes of Trump or Clinton. It's nothing more than a dystopia being described as an utopia, a complete perversion of truth with the aim to legitimize capitalism in the face of the irrationality that will be laid bare in the coming decades.

Worst is that this being packaged as a socialist "help the people" message, when in reality it aims to completely cut the prole out of the relationship of the capitalists controlling the means of production and the labor being produced, ultimately empowering the capitalists even more, since the threat of the worker revolting and therefore hurting his profits is abolished.

It's a recent trend with people like Gates or Musk being lambasted as these champions of humanity, when in reality they're one of the greatest evils we must face.

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Holy shit, the way liberals are getting baited is making my blood boil. They will go to such lengths that they would consider becoming cattle before abolishing private property. Fuck me. I don't even care anymore. Posadas2017.

Holy shit, are porkies figuring out another way to extend capitalism's life?

That fucking mischievous smile at the end! The motherfucker actually thinks this is a revolutionary, against the grain idea

Aaaaand… Naturally they deleted my comment that suggested abolishing private property is a healthier and viable idea.

Quick, someone call the anarcho-transhumanists.

OP really is from reddit. He deleted the original OP after I called him out for being a faggot and not posting a WEBM, and then proceeded to create a new OP with the webm I provided.

What a fucking newfag.

And once again, OP was a faggot today.

Don't be so mean to him fam. This is a decent enough thread

I dont see anything wrong with it, taxes still are needed

Hey Bill Gates


If anyone's an expert at that it's Bill Gates. He was the first to figure out a way to make billions off something that can be replicated for free.


It's concerning the amount of shilling for Bill Gates in the news lately


It always warms my heart to see humanitarian wealthy people like Mr. Gates who look out for the little guy.

You're a fucking retard for caring about such a thing on an anonymous forum to be honest.

They plan to kick me off my job and force me to take care of a retard old lady???

Fucking liars, what they are doing is taxing the owner of the robots while not paying all those wages, we lose.

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

I don't think your autism means what you think it means either.

/r9k/ isn't going to like this…

Seriously, fuck this guy.


how the fuck do you tax a fucking robot

That photo just screams "reddit" for some reason. It's so autistic, schmaltzy, and misguided at the same time.

You tax the owners of the means of production.

The world really needs to find a way to handle automation without fucking over people.
I'm all for taxing the rich who own the automation, but people still need to make sure it's profitable or companies won't go for it. We need to keep advancing so we can go live on another planet before some idiot sets off a bunch of nukes on this ticking timebomb of a planet.


You're a retard.

What's bad about that? You want to work? Go run in a hamster wheel.

if they were holding a pic of a communist, liberals would be shrieking about muh cult of personality

meant paraded ok

Taxing robots is an extremely good idea from a mainstream POV. The alternative (the quick(er) destruction of millions more jobs) is a legitimately terrible thing, and I don't think it's necessarily a precursor to abolishing private property or whatever. It could just be a huge wave of poverty and death with no silver lining.

please don't tell me you call yourself a communist.
the point is freedom, the point is to be able to have a part in controlling your environment and resurrecting human relationships.

Most people don't care. I honestly don't think that most people think of Bill Gates as much more than the Microsoft guy and don't really know who Elon Musk is. These people might be popular on silicon valley owned tech websites because that is their world but that's about it. A robot tax seems fucking crazy to the vast majority of people because robots are not something people deal with much in their life. The more Bill Gates and his kind talk about this sort of nonsense the more the actual working class feel separate from them, and that's a good thing in my view.

It's at the top of reddit because reddit sells votes and access. That doesn't mean it's approved of, there's videos of people buying reddit votes and managing the responses with professionals.

Who gives a shit? KYS


I bet this giggling fuck sleeps like a mother fucking baby with his faux "revolutionary" ideas. I thought Jobs was disgusting, putting suicide nets so his slaves don't killthemselves. This is on another level tbqh Does he actually think that the amount of unemployed that are going to come as a result of mass automation are really going to be compensated for by teaching and hospitality jobs? Even if we take the very Utopian idea that all those out of jobs will actually want to go get those jobs?

most insightful reply here imo.

given that the labour theory of value is a thing, can someone who's thought about this more tell me how robots replacing humans on the scale depicted isn't going to crash capitalism with no survivors?

my initial reaction p much.

Well, porkies say technology will always create new jobs for humans.
Or in other words: when we have AIs that are smarter than humans we will just ask the AIs to invent new jobs for us.

…of course, it is highly unlikely that there is any kind of job that humans can do better than an AI that is smarter than them, but that's where faith enters the game.
You just have to believe.

hope you like being a chemical battery

It's just going to cut the laborer right out of the equation. As long as there are still consumers porky won't care

Should we not be able to create AIs that can think for themselves, then this is a massive gamechanger, as it proves that humans do have a soul and magic is real and we need to find out which religion - if any - got it right and then spend the rest of our lives praying to that god.

*proceeds to correct mistake*
I hate board culture sometimes.

tax the sale of its products, tax it at a fixed rate, tax it at the sale of the robot itself, …

Correct my Argentinian friend.

One possibility is to just cut many more people out of the capitalist system. It is entirely possible to have a class of robot-owning porkies who conduct trade only with and among themselves, while outside of their society exists a great mass of people living subsistence lives, never interacting with the robot economy the porkies enjoy because these people have nothing to offer in exchange for the products of the robots.

this doesn't quite explain though what those people are doing.

In Egypt the porkies forced the population to enlist as workers and build useless stone piles during the Nile floods so that people wouldn't have time to think about how exactly that Pharaoh and his Priests were contributing to society.

How will people be kept busy these days? Right now we're trying the egyptian method, except our pyramids are made of piles of plastic, and the system is not as direct as back then because instead of whips we now have the advertisement industry to convince people to contribute to the size of the garbage piles, but that will fail when robots can build all the shit that we buy.

This is why porky is shilling for universal basic income and such, because people will have to be kept busy by consuming. It's an incredibly perverted system but porky won't care as long as he can make a profit.

This makes absolutely no sense and i would really like to know who told you this bullshit.
Neither is Porky shilling a basic income, but on the contrary, a basic income would mean people don't have to build pyramids anymore and can break out of the capitalist system.
Write software, create art, plant trees, etc.

But that pretty much dismantles the entire ideology capitalism is build on. It relies on people believing that labor contracts are voluntary exchanges between employers and employees where both parties negotiate in their own interests.

Once you shift from the equation of "labor- middle man-consumer" to "??-middle man-consumer" you'll practically get a society in which there is absolutely no justification for people cashing in the profits of production since they don't provide people with income anymore. Instead you have a huge corporate neoliberal state apparatus providing people with the amount of exchange value that they see fit. What remains of the ideological justification for the bourgeoisie is a skeleton, an abstract legal claim for ownership.

People like Bill Gates will become the Etheral Caste of the Tau, directing all the other castes towards the Greater Good. This will not work.

Bill is cool with doing this because he pays temp workers through intermediaries who make jack shit and receive no benefits to work his distribution. He also was involved in a long standing employers cartel with other software manufacturers to keep programmers pay and benefits at a bare minimum. "Wonder boy" Steve Jobs was also in on this scheme.

Where as his competitors invest in technology and physical capital distribution centers. This is Bill trying to get the state to level the playing field for himself even more. Nice mask of charity though, I can see why him and Hillary are such good friends along with their mutual want to privatize schools.

So basically you'll have a small corporate technocratic elite circle that is worshipped by the population for how skilled they micromanage things, while critique will be discarded as populism and outdated ideology.

Every month you will receive a certain amount of credit points on a chip that allows you to purchase goods and services to satisfy your primitive needs.

I've had a bit too much sun today so I'm trying to wrap my head around this whole thing still, but this is the only option I can imagine right now.

this is about as as terrifying.

I need to think about this way more and will be monitoring this thread, but I have seen calls for a UBI coming from surprisingly milquetoast liberal-democratic quarters, and I'm not sure why.

You're short-changing the Pharaoh and the priests. Having a bureaucracy to coordinate the water-works, roads, monopoly of violence, are all useful things, and those necessitate that a class of people who do this be maintained by everyone else.

Anyway, Ancient Egypt is an interesting case. It is a kind of primordial post-scarcity society, in that the Nile provided a very large grain surplus with very small labour inputs, leaving people with nothing to do. Pyramids are one solution to this conundrum, a big labour sink. It's not like they could do other useful things with the execs labour at their level of technology.

We however could redistribute all the value, and allow people to enjoy their surplus time in egoist ways.

That's the catch, they won't provide anything to anyone but themselves. Robotics will make it possible for porky to capture all the value, and use robot warriors to suppress any complaints.

Basic income would be an alternative, where an arbitrary amount is redistributed. FALC differs from basic income only to the amount being distributed, namely all of it in stead of an arbitrary portion.

imagine your entire existence is just being kept in a small metal pod, with a pipe sticking into your stomach and lungs for slurry food and oxygen/nitrogen while a combinatiion of canullas and pipes extracts your waste
the entire time you are submersed in gatorade where gelatinous algal populations are contained
the entirety of the pod is lit up heat lamps generated by your own body heat created by your own ATP synthesis and the vibrations of your jelly pod

I need to watch The Matrix again and all the way through, thanks user.

but yeah that's probably even more terrifying than subsistence farming, as awful as that is itself.

yeah ancient Egypt had a weird system where Pharoah was king, god on earth and chief scribe/magistrate
its a combination of important kingly parades, sun rituals to keep the world spinning and stamping lots of official paperwork
the nomarchs were an example of this
instead of having lords or satraps to carry out their will they had nomarchs which were like commissioners


im a biologist some of that stuff i wrote is definitely possible/real
only need a physicist to calculate the energy output for me to see if its feasible/worth the cost of initial energy

Possibly they are afraid that if they don't give out UBL, people will demand FALC. UBL will allow the elite to keep being an elite.

All in all, they had a fairly good thing going. Probably why they lasted such an ungodly amount of time.

how is he wrong?
Bill Gates is pretty good despite being a porky

good bait

you posted this in the other thread, fuck off faggot.

t. luddite

they lasted such a long time because real threats didnt exist until the freaking Akkadians rose in the East
I do know there was a unification war between Upper and Lower Egypt but that was fairly tame
the most powerful form of order the Egyptians had was their religion
Pharoah was Horus reborn on Earth to guide man
the Universe was only kept in balance by Ma'at translated as Universal Truth and Order, Thoth was the Librarian of the Gods and it was his duty to uphold Ma'at
and to the Egyptians the only thing that could uphold Ma'at was by not sinning throughout their lives
no repentance or absolution
if they sinned their Heart would outweigh the feather of truth in the underworld and then Ammit would consume their heart and make them a wandering shade
but the whole slavery wrap is bullshit for Egypt
it turns out slavery laws in Egypt were a lot like the Qin Emperors indentured labor laws
except the punishment for not showing up is exile instead of death

you're a fucking retard, humans don't create energy.
you have to feed us more than you can gain, this is true for all forms of energy generation. humans are just incredibly inefficient and you would better be turning the food into bio-gas.
sage for responding to idiot who can't even basic science.

i said that
thats why theres a slurry tube for feeding and an air tube for air
so ATP synthesis can occur
and energy generated
you could cut man out completely and asume they can just go from algae to fuel without the middle man humans
but user I assume wanted a model where we still exist

Bullshit. The amount of energy stays the same. The only thing that changes is the state of it.

thats matter not energy

My favorite part about this video are the people in the comments coming up with Fully Automated Luxury Communism from their own conclusions

i love how the last comments I get is a guy misunderstanding what I said and trying to start a shitflinging contest and then another guy trying to start one with him because he didnt understand him right
really speaks about the community alot

No, it's called entropy.

would rather live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland than in a "luxury communism" consumerist distopia tbh

You don't understand what entropy is.

ashes or become an omnipotent nano-machine altered biocomputer organism
you can amuse yourself by developing life on plants, observing it and 'playing god'
every so often transfer your consciousness into a physical body instead of the system you keep stored in a dimensional pocket and play 'chosen one' come to save the people from the oppressive regime you've created
c'mon think like a god i know its difficult when you're always dreaming of equality in a system instead of achieving godhood ;^)

That's a spook. Your consciousness is embedded in your biological machine. At best you will be able to create a copy of your consciousness that will pass a you-specific form of the Turing test, but *it* won't be *you*.

fucking newfags thinking they're not new are even worse

I know that not really what I meant
something like operating a cyborg puppet using electrodes embedded your meteorite sized nanobot caretaker brain you keep stored inside another dimension outside of time
something like that

How absurd. There is no point to immortal consciousness.

you forgot to clarify that this cyborg puppet must be a cute anime girl

Even though I tend to believe that too, I believe our knowledge of such matters is way to limited at this point to call this a spook. Hence why most definitions of consciousness are purely philosophical circlejerks

This is so fucking true; great point user.

I need to stop browsing Holla Forums, this place makes me want to actually gulag liberals en masse and personally give fascists the bullet

I dont think you do honey

Any links on these? Would be good for future reference. I hate this fucking guy. It's obscene for anyone to have this amount of capital claiming to care about people.

This is literally madness. What do you mean you will tax the robots? He means he wants to tax the corps. Obv that isn't going to fucking happen

you know Zika virus is an 'accidental' man-made virus designed to cull the poor
the virus only came into existence a few years ago
in areas of the world high in malaria prevalence
where Bill Gates foundation released GM anopheles mosquitos designed to be sterile and not be capable of breeding with non-GM mosquitos causing a mass reduction in egg laying
Zika virus first started originating from areas of the release sites of the GM mosquito
spoopy shit right
this could be the plague Deus Ex warned us about

gg ro re



show me a medical encyclopedia older than 1999 depicting that source and ill believe it

the virus was isolated by the first time in the late forties, gates is a faggot but he ain't guilty of that lol

do your own homework you lazy cunt

there's an article from 1958 in the fucking wiki sources you fag

Dude, that's some /x/-tier bullshit right there

You didn't read up on Zika when the outbreak happened? Most rational people with internet access did.

GM mosquitos is a thing, but your post was insane. Nice try though.

This. I wonder how Holla Forums would've reacted to that post. Maybe a nice MS paint collage.

as someone who's wrote and graded numeous uni papers can you access or find that wiki source?
can you access that article from 1958?
and why only as late as 1958 instead of perhaps closer to when it was studied?
and if such a dangerous virus existed with the possibility to sterilize whole populations why havent we heard about it til now?


Science, tweeking nature has consequences. But your theory about this being a "man made virus to cull the poor" has no standing.

And Bill Burr called it. ;)


might be

Bill Burr is a fucking idiot

I actually listened to this and it was the biggest bullshit I've ever heard

He's a comedian, of course he is. I listen to him for fun.

Stopped watching there. The worker doesn't get paid the same amount he produces; that's not how a capitalist economy functions. If he produces $50k, then he gets paid much less. If he is paid $50k then he is actually producing much more. Come on, famrades, this is basic Wolffonomics.


you realize this whole thread is shitting on the video, right

Yeah, and I'm shitting on Bill Gates.

I accidentally saved this as "Windows 95 Lanuch". Going to keep it that way.

unrelated but reminded me of this

Ganoo Lanuch

So how would this work exactly?

State taxes companies for using machines (you realise how retarded it is when you replace 'robot' with 'machines') and then company sells product on the market to be bought by people using money given to them by the state through taxing companines.


Can't let the proles have small time community factories and automated farms. They should buy all their goods from the international corporations. With these robot taxes it will be more efficient to let a few big corps do all the production.

They let you teach? Around… kids? Are you like this in real life?

Yeah, non-retards will just ditch money and go full Star Trek but most people aren't ready for that yet so we have to trick them into believing it's still neoliberalism and they totally didn't support the wrong parties for decades.

they could have modified the zika virus to make it deadly. how about you guys google the topic if you care?

This guy is a fucking trip.
You do you, user.


If you'll look up "silicon Valley cartel" you'll find a ton of sources about the programmers pay scandal.

Naomi Klein's book No Logo talks about Bill Gates push for Temp workers.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are the biggest pushers of charter schools in America. They helped fund the laughably bad documentary "Waiting for Superman" which heavily critcizes public schools and pushes charter shit. Hillary surrounded herself with Charter School advocates and has done work with the the Gates foundation before.

Thank you, user. I capped this post to look into later. I'm actually watching "The Shock Doctrine", based on Klein's book as well. People blindly worship Gates & I think he's a POS just for having that amount of capital & hoarding. But people want other explanations for why he's not to be idolized, so this helps.