What is leftypol thoughts about Martin Schulz?

What is leftypol thoughts about Martin Schulz?

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Corrupt faggot, unelected by the people, fake socialist, capitalism lover, enjoys cock sucking USA unless Trump is the president.

he killed /ourgirl/

A change for the better, but nothing to be too excited about


Textbook neoliberal, show me single statement or policy of him that was even social democratic at least

Hard mode: flakey stuff like "our society is divided" or "something must change" doesn't count

Pro-Tip: You can't.


please make shill threads illegal

/thread btw

/notourguy/. He's not even left-wing by SPD standards, just a neolib coated in a glossy socdem finish. People are just going crazy over him because he has slightly more charisma than the rest of the butthurt clique currently making up the government, but it's all just a spectacle.

If he facilitates a Rote-Rote-Grun coalition, he is acceptable. If he makes a deal with the CSU; #RosaKiller #Never5give.

a kike who deserves the bullet, or gas.


bourgeois pig who facilitated the German neoliberal establishment policies, manipulated by their banker masters, that impose their control over the peripheral European economies, making us in the south pay for the global crisis while the people in central Europe get to keep their welfare state immaculate without any austerity

Will he end austerity, the Euro, and corporate/bank control of the EU? No? Then he can go fuck himself.

Details on how the crappy state of the peripheral European economies is caused by Germany?

I fucking hate this guy. If he gets elected he will only steal young people votes from Die Linke, our only somewhat decent party.

He needs to be stopped, I'd rather have Merkel and more votes for Linke than him.


He is a left populist, who has no clue of anything.
Vote Merkel.

I'm worried about this too. He never visited university, which is okay but on top of that he only ever "worked" at the EU parliament which is basically doing nothing all day.

Even if socdem, at least he is not Merkel. He might finally change the European financial system described in Varoufakis's book, The Global Minotaur. I wouldn't bet on this, but the status quo might get broken by him.

In other words: lesser evil.

Only correct answers


He once accidentally admitted: "Were the EU a state applying for membership in the EU, the application would be rejected - for its lack of democratic substance."

Who? Schulz? Schulz has always criticized the EU for its lack of democratic substance himself and advocated for a stronger EU parliament. So if he said that then probably in the context of that.