Should i put up a bunch of flyers around town that just say google bookchin y/n

should i put up a bunch of flyers around town that just say google bookchin y/n

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Yes, or stickers. You can get a coupple hundred very cheap and they stick around for a while.

Of course, someone will look for it surely. That's how advertisment works user. You see something, it's lodged in your brain and you don't know where that came from.

Stop forcing this meme shit

can you link me to a good place to buy them

Leftcom are stirnerfag tier. Kys you fake leftist scum

t. ankie

If you faggots didn't spam us with the ravioli ravager then this wouldn't have happened. At least Bookchin is somewhat relevant though.

You think anyone would care for Lenin or Mao today if they wouldnt have taken power of Russian and China? Its natural that there is interest in the philosophy of somewhat successful leftist movements.

In Germany ordering stickers is cheap af. Doubt its different in the USA.


just google sticker printing services

I Just wanted to say that I approve of the wave of Bookchin posters trying to meme him back into relevance these past few months.

Why not? It can't possibly hurt.



you should make it clear that bookchin is relevant to radicals in the fliers, maybe give a good quote by him, otherwise people will ignore it


this for sure. Give folks a reason to look up bookchin

mate, come and organise with us, we are doing similar things but together, so its many of us in different places

So, when you do this, we will go out in our towns and do it to, and other things besides does that sound like something that interests you?


I made this for you, OP. Less ink used = more fliers made.

Post pics when you're done. (Also tips if you can see anything that bugs you with it)

Stop being so ecocucked OP

This post seemed more amusing at first glance.

It is you who are ecocucked.

Rojava is a meme. When ISIS couldn't hold all of their territory, the Kurds claimed it as theirs and the USA gave them weapons, money, and air support to combat ISIS. They aren't a success of leftism, they would be long gone already if the USA weren't aiding them.

More like a tiny bit of ammunition and some cars recently
They pay some Arab units a tiny wage so they can assure Turkey and continue the war against ISIS where YPG doesnt want to go
What is a multiethnic secular project based on localism
So what, Lenin would have never reached Russia without German aid

Anyway you didnt give a single argument and just engaged in purity olympics.

Can I just say mad respect for being so committed to your project. Idk if you guys are actually accomplishing anything but you're based as fuck, I've seen you make at least 100 posts like this.

Can you spoon-feed me what bookshin is all about? I know communalism and muh preservation of nature but I don't understand how bookshin thinks a society would run? does he want us to go back to being small tribes, no roads, no technological advancement.. sounds to me a bit like how anarcho-capitalism would turn out (ie not at all like ancaps think it would)

Read the sidebar on /r/Communalists.

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I am to lazy to spoonfeed you now, but Bookchin is extremely positive about so called liberational technology(he was pretty caught up in the early solar power hype among the greens), thinks that cities are the driving force behind egalitarian values that helped to overcome tribalism(which he sees as extremely negative but talks a lot about).

He sees cities very different from "urbanisation" which in his theory describes suburbanisation and the general trend towards destroying cities and turning them into anonymous corporate hives without any community aspects.

He sees individuality as a positive thing that can only be adequatly experienced and developed in a community.

People often confuse him with primitivists and tribalists because he tries to describe a legacy of freedom, showing how throughout history we had liberatory institutions(he is not anti organisation at all like some anarchists) and liberatory aspects in society. He tries to reclaim that legacy. His understanding history is dialectical in nature, so he has no problem with explaining the positive parts of past societies but not shedding a tear for their demisive.

If you like to listen and learn more about his understanding of history you can listen to this:

There are other shorter lectures and speeches by him on youtube. And especially his speeches are nice to listen to and give a good first impression of him.

So US support magically sucks the leftism out of people?

Why not join in we need everyone we can get, right now we are just recruiting and team building, the idea is to practice solidarity and extend reach in the present so that in future we can have an international group

Feels like a falseflag. Bookchin is well-received in the left communist circle for constituting an interesting break away from traditional anarchist idealism.

I love Marxists complaining about Rojava.

"I-It'll fall anyway now! WE'RE STILL RELAVANT DAMN IT!

Why are there so many Jewish anarchists/commies Holla Forums?
Oh and you shouldn't, you're living in a degenerate leftist cesspool everyone that will have an interest already knows who he is

Atleast he ain't a πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€mickπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.



please upload file

You absolute madman.


So is Bookchin the new Bordiga?

thanks guys

Why even bother with political action?

No. Bordiga is meme tier. Bookchin is the new Marx

Thanks man, do you also have it as a single pic?

yeah i do, tbh tho i did an absolutely atrocious job with pasting his head in (i only have ms paint). It looks ok once you print it and wheatpaste it but you might be better off making your own funny bookchin designs (pls post them here if you do).