A girl I like just asked me who my favorite historical figure is

a girl I like just asked me who my favorite historical figure is

should I be honest and say Marx, or will that essentially cockblock me

I'm not even underage if you can believe that


Would you lie if it was a man?

Say Soren Kierkegaard. Girls fall for that shit.

you can say Marx but don't be a retard and get really into it(unless she's a leftist too)
if she reacts negatively switch topics or somthing

Say Oscar Wilde, bitches love that shit and he was a socialist

I wouldn't lie if it was a man
And I wouldn't lie if it were a girl I didn't want to have sex with.
But this is a girl I want to have sex with.

She just seems liberal.

Anyway I'm thinking Hellen Keller is a good bet.

name several favs so you have fallbacks.

Why do you want to put your dick isnide a woman cunt if you're affraid to tell her you love Marx?
Get some self respect ffs. I would never put my dick inside a woman like that, never. I rather jerk off than fucking a corrupted woman cunt.

I haven't had sex in more than a year.


or trotsky

Just say Max Stirner.
If she's turned off, tell her she's spooked and kick her in the puss.

Say Lenin or Marx fam, that'll make you interesting as fuck

it's fine then, just say you're a >>>liberal


Use some left-wing figure she has never heard of and has muh freedoms connotation, like Rosa.

This. Rosa is a safe bet.

this, or Emma Goldman

I haven't had it in three, go cry a river to somebody who cares and get some self-respect.

Saying you like marx is edgy without actually being edgy. At worst you will sound like a teenager.

but rebel isn't a girl.

You shouldn't pick Marx because he's a basic af answer anyway

Gotta offer a less mainstream socialist figure if you wanna smash

that's not even a real person, just a puppet personality of Anne Sullivan.


was to

Off the top of my head I'd probably say Lenin or Fidel.

That isn't to say I think they were perfect or agree with them in every way, but I think the good they accomplished outweighs the bad, and too often the good that men do is interred with their bones, while the evil lives after.

If she's worth it, she will jump on your dick if you say Marx

If she's a liberal, say it's based Sankara. She will love how you picked an African and through his awesomeness you can radicalize her.

Don't say Marx, he was a philosopher and defending his historical legacy would entail defending his philosophy, and explaining the falling rate of proffit isn't something that's gonna get girls wet.
Lenin, Sankara, Trotsky, Bill Haywood, Robespierre (or ideally your homecountry's most important leftist) is the way to go, since it's actual history you can make a relateable narrative, philosophy is abstract.

this guy is trolling.

this is good.

If Marx is your favourite, say Marx.

But you should really reconsider because Renzo Novatore was way cooler

Tell her the truth.
If that means you'll not get laid then it's her loss.

This tankie gets it

shit, didn't actually sage

You should be honest, because that will result in the sterilization of your degenerate thief-genes. Once she learns that you worship an evil, abusive NEET who never did anything productive or useful in his life, she will notice that you are the same sort of person, and throw you in the trash where you belong.


Should I be worried?

Just say Ur-Nammu.

Most social democrat voters are women you know.

Lenin say lenin


say Schopenhauer

I've never had sex

I don't understand humans

Stop messing around and just give her the book

the question isn't which historical figure she would like, but which course of action will help the cause of revolution.

Calculate, and if having sex with her promotes the revolution lie through your teeth. If not then just say Marx.

t. Nechayev

tell her it's Nechayev

OP say it's Bookchin. Then tell her about Rojava and how progressive it is, then she'll google Murray Bookchin.

And the rest is history.

/r9k/ threads are trash

Shouldn't that be "vive"?