There was this community where everyone had equal editing rights, and it worked for a few months...

There was this community where everyone had equal editing rights, and it worked for a few months. But then a troll came in and undid everything in a few hours. All the work of months gone because of one troll who had the same editing rights as everyone else.

Remind me again how hierarchies are useless.

just ban the one guy

That's creating a hierarchy
(free user and banned users)

I once found a traditional phpBB forum for anarchism with no moderators.
So instead there was a thread to publicly announce who you were blocking.

without mods?

save edit history and revert.

No Mods, No Masters

That's why we need democratic statism

silly anarchists


There is actually a way to structure image boards without proper mods.

It's just a lot more nuanced than what you're talking about.

They aren't. Every we stopped being cavemen we've had hierarchies. Anarchists are the dumbest fucks to ever exist.

Decentralise, retard.

If that story were true then your software sucks.
Empty commits and Revert commits should both keep prior history intact.
You, sir, are and idiot.

t. Pirate Party

also check out nntpchan, where you can set up your own node if other nodes have shitty moderation (which they currently all do).

Yea, the site kinda died and that's all that is left due to various reasons.

It's getting a complete reboot very soon though.

Will it finally remove /candylovers/ or whatever that shit was? I don't want to browse a website the front page of which are 70 pictures of nude kids and 30 spam CP pictures.

I'm not sure, I might email the admin and ask what's going on but he's been very reserved about details.

I sure hope so tbh.

The International Socialist Student Union project?

There was once a community where everyone had equal rights and representation in their local worker councils. Then a troll came in and sent them all to gulag.

Storytime! Sorry for the blogpost, but this issue pisses me off so bad.

I was one of the earliest pre-"Great Crash" contributers on TV Tropes. Back then, it was one of the most genuinely nice, friendly communities online. Clean language, few insults, spastic fights were very rare, casual atmosphere, and everyone was productive in contributing. In spite of this, we also had our fair share of good-natured ribbing, and even an "ultimate troll page" with genuinely harsh parody of each others sacred cows, but nobody got really butthurt over any of it. In addition, we were self-aware of the difference between proper terminology and our own in-jokes, never abusing our private vocabulary off-site unless we were linking to it. The inflow of newbies was dealt with by simply responding with greetings, education, and honesty, if they didn't like it, they left. If I were to summarize it, it would be "Encyclopedia Dramatica, without the porn, gore, and slurs".

What feat of administration accomplished this? There were no passwords, "accounts" consisted of just typing in a nickname whenever you posted something, anything could be done anonymously, moderation was nonexistant to the point where deletions/edits/locks/bans simply never happened. This state of affairs carried on for years.

Then came the faggotry. The admin started assigning mod positions, who then started intervening in disputes on the side of whoever was most aggrieved. Needless to say, this invariably meant illiterate tweens, the mentally ill, and trolls were protected from gentle rebuke, causing them to become more daring/retarded in their antics. Contrariwise, more reasonable regulars acquiesced to this treatment, until eventually the newfag/freak behavior (which usually targetted the regulars with the smallest capacity for bullshit first) got so bad as to make them unload, at which point the mods would of course repremand and eventually ban the good poster who was being annoyed rather than the cancer poster that was disrupting things, though they too would eventually be banned after reaching a level of cancer too great even for the admins. This process repeated itself, whittling down the population of uppity regulars who might stand up to the mods, while simultaneously justifying both additional powers for the mods, and more mod recruits. As this happened, the overall site admin was also corrupted by this common display of faggotry, and began to waver from his old standards of noninterference.

It is at this point that I should point out the site was roughly split between two subcommunities which didn't quite completely overlap, the wiki, and the forum. The forum was where the most intense faggotry started, including mods, activist moderation, and unbridled cancerposting, but it only gradually wormed its way into the much larger wiki. A culture-shift against fun (ideosyncratic article names, "troperese", the "SPOON vs. KNIVES" debate), "negativity", and "natter" (discussion inside articles) was gradually being mod-imposed on the wiki side, but enforcement was still too difficult. As a result, a third subcommunity was created, largely out of the forums, to suborn the wiki: The "Workshop"/"Trope Repair". This consisted of getting all the most cancerous nolife busybodies and mod-bootlickers together to hold "votes" in tiny rapidly moving forum circlejerk threads, the results of which were treated by the mods as setting precedent. Worst of all, the Workshop process was designed in such a way that if a vote failed to change anything from status quo, another thread could be created, and eventually the vote would go the busybody's way. By this process, the entire wiki was gradually eroded by the sort of personalities with a severe axe to grind.

Eventually, the cancer metastized when entire subfora (like IJBM) and groups of tropes on the wiki (YMMV, Darth Wiki) were separated out in a transparently obvious effort to ready them for purging. Finally, the hammer dropped, mass user bans, whole subfora wiped, masses of articles deleted or given "examples section-ectomies".

At that point, I finally left, and have never visited since. In summary, fuck mods.