Right to Bear Arms

Can we have a fruitful discussion about the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms the world over?
It seems obvious to me that the right to defend your life, body, and personal property is inherent in the right to life.

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Now open carry is and should be just as ubiquitous as the right to bear arms.
Restrictions always tend to be idiotic and redundant or hilarious and toothless. Image related.

We don't even need 3D printing to show that total gun bans are impossible, even if smuggling could be stopped entirely.

And who the fuck wants to risk waiting the 5-12 minutes for a cop to show up when they have kids to protect and they hear a crash in the kitchen and footsteps?

There is absolutely no problem with some people dying at the scene of their crime.

yes of course user. Guns are wonderful tools for protecting oneself and hunting, along with being excellent sources of entertainment. I encourage all sane people over 16 to own a gun. In fact i encourage entire communities to be armed to the teeth, one rifle/pistol for every 16+ year old community member. Also it is completely ok to shoot people who try to hurt you or your family/friends (as long as it is in the act of their crimes and they are serious, violent, aggressive offenses which are a threat to recur). Also if anyone tries to take your guns you should think of them as a threat to your safety in the near future, as almost all attempts to seize firearms from peaceful people is done to tighten state controls of human activities.

I'd probably just go to jail for defending myself anyway

You have no idea nor the time to consider whether or not someone's threat is likely to reoccur.

guns are cool

Actually i do, and I have predicted that a crime was going to recur with the same idiots and it did. Thanks though for your rationalist gnostic input about something that I personally have experienced on multiple occasions

Get that boojy shit outta here.

I don't know if you know this but marxism isn't the law anywhere

The fuck is with those cars as examples? One on the right is a mid engine with a proper spoiler. One on the left has lightning decals and an aftermarket spoiler.

Now I know fuck all about cars I didn't learn from Top Gear so I don't know which one will go faster, but the one on the right looks a hell of a lot faster.

If someone is violent and threatens my life, me shooting them is warranted whether or not some hypothetical chance that they may or may not commit another crime in the future.

Legislation is based on looks very often, not even function.

Vote, Holla Forums

leftist parties worldwide are the biggest proponents of gun control

It used to be conservatives shilling for gun control back when guns were actually outlawed, during the industrial revolution.

I prefer the right to bare arms.

Liberals aren't leftists

Hell, does anybody remember how California became a shit place to own guns in the first place? Protip: It was Reagan

The mentally ill should be armed.

Look at any communist/socialist parties stance on guns you idiots. They are heavily antigun. The left only pretends to be progun when it's convenient (like so trigger a revolution), but after that it implements draconian gun control. Look at gun laws in the USSR, Vietnam, China, Cuba, and Venezuela. Fuck off with posting that marx quote. Left and Right definitions of freedom are completely different.

Well yes, after we take over and gulag you we won't need people to have guns anymore.

State capitalists aren't leftists either.

It's the only way the left can hold power. By having the guns be held solely by the state.

This is why "real comminism" in the sense of a stateless, moneyless, classless will never exist as you will always end up with a heirachy.

Anyways prefer negative liberty to positive liberty tbqh


There he goes again! With that shit quote.

Look at the gun control policy of any socialist/communist policy. They shill for gun control heavily.

In every country it's the right wing party that is in favor of gun rights.

t. burger that thinks all parties are left wing if they aren't actually reactionary

Socialist parties in Europe also push for gun control the most you idiot.


You realize the vast majority of """socialist""" parties are SocDems, right?

And do you realize after every socialist revolution there was a massive crackdown on private gun ownership and very strict laws introduced?



wow it really makes me think


So no arguments?

Yeah, the FBI doesn't like guns. Whoda thunkit?

Pray tell what gun laws under Tito were like.

Not when there was no argument to begin with beyond a stupid non-sequitur

Completely irrelevant.

I'm saying it doesn't work like that in practice. The left-wing parties advocate the most for gun control. This is a fact.

They need it to ensure their power. They'll pretend to be for gun rights until the revolution happens; then it becomes a massive gun grab and ensuring only the party elites and authorities have access to guns.

Except for when they don't.

The further left you go, the more you'll find pro-gun left organizations. It has a lot to do with dissatisfaction with the status quo.

And you're straight up ignoring places like Japan, where it's the right-wingers that support gun control.

I only post with this flag because I live in the region formerly known as Yugoslavia.
I don't necessarily agree with everything Tito did or advocated unless stated otherwise.
What an idea huh?

Also, you right-wing faggots are pretty gung-ho for gun control where it serves you.

The Chinese import ban on Norinco weapons was implemented by Republican governments because cheap Norinco arms were threatening the profits of American arms manufacturers. It was never about protecting anyone's right to own guns and always about protecting Porky's profits. If normal people owning guns threatened profits, you could expect a right-wing gun ban tomorrow.

Wish I could have an SKS like that tbh. Beautiful weapons.
Maybe one day I'll move to Czechia and get me some of those muh guns.

Holy fuck what a dumb image. It's a fucking fact that socialist parties implement extremely restrictive gun laws after their revolutions. See the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Vietnam and China.

Every country the socdems, greens, and communist parties are in favor of extremely restrictive gun control. The left and right definitions are completely different. The left definition of freedom to achieve your capacity and from internal constraints (positive liberty), while the right is freedom from external interference (negative liberty) Gun ownership occurs on the latter and so does freedom of speech.

And who passed almost all gun control laws in the US? Oh, right. Demoshits.


Democrats are capitalist………..


Need I pull up the Green Party's platform on guns in the US? Or are they FBI plants too?

Oh right

You mean the far-right Korean fascist state?

I actually don't know much about Marxist-Leninist gun bans (and all those states are Marxist-Leninist, the left isn't a monolithic entity, it arguably has more ideologies within it than all non-left ideologies combined). Do you have anything on gun laws in Marxist-Leninist states?

In most countries, the right-wingers are also for gun control. Even in Burgerland, the right-wingers are for gun control so long as it's on foreign arms that threatens the business of domestic manufacturers.

No, our goal is to seize the means of production and create a classless society. You seem to have us confused with liberals.


I'll be up-front with you here, user, because I don't think it's sinking in.

This is a board for communists and anarchists.

wew lad

double wew

triple wew

Bernie Sanders (a leftist in your skewed american standards) supports gun ownership :^)
Not that I care. Sanders would be considered center-right here at best.

They are literal racial supremacist state user…
Read this book, or watch this link:


Hernie Panders supports an assault weapons bans and magazine restrictions. Go look it up.

Yes North Korea is fucking far-right and fascist now. So was the USSR as well. Nevermind in a fascist society private businesses still exist which they didn't in either of these countries.

Truly heftylol at its finest.

Can't be arsed. I literally couldn't care less about Bernie or American politics in general. Just stating what he was saying during the primaries.
Go read a fucking book already. American education smh.


Though, fascism isn't an economic movement, so their economics are irrelevant.

k, you are not here for honest debate, your here for baits.

Only Norinco arms were greatly undercutting American arms, threatening their profits.

It allows foreign companies to invest into there, almost of which the invesyment os derived from russia and china. And the majority of foreign companies there are state owned.

So you are barely seeing any private companies investing there let alone having branches there. Private business is virtually non existent in North Korea.

And again, not fascism unless you unironically believe the Soviets to be fascists as well when they hated niggers and didn't allow them in.

You have one import ban while apmost all gun control in the US were by demoshits.

almost all of which*

Uh… no? There are some SOEs in China and Russia, but most business there is private.

Like I said before, fascism isn't an economic movement, so all that is irrelevant.

What? Then how do you explain Paul Robeson?

The Democrats are right-wingers as well.

Like the other guy said, I don't think you're here for honest discussion, just for b8.

Can you stop calling something fascist only because of racism?
Do you seriously believe only fascist can be racist?

Fascism is radical nationalism.

Something North Korea practices.

There are more SOEs in China than private ones.blogs.worldbank.org/eastasiapacific/state-owned-enterprises-in-china-how-big-are-they

You are not seeing any significant private foreign company investment into Rason outside of foreign SOEs.

Then Dennis Rodman being besg friends with kim jong un.

No they aren't. Just because they are pro-capitalist does not make them right wing. Liberals and leftists in the US support gun control heavily. In Canada the liberal party and the NDP support gun control heavily while the right wing pwrty is for gin rights. In Switzerland which has the second most liberal gun laws in the OECD after the US, it's the SVP that supports their liberal firearm laws, while the socialist party and greens keep trying to pass referendums to implement much more stringent laws.

The pattern holds true for every country
Duterte is tightening gun laws in the Philippines.

Again, the left shills for gun control the most.

Shit I guess the USSR under Stalin was fascist too.

Fascism has literally lost all meaning because of how incorrectly it's used.

No, they're pretty much a center-right party.

This is irrelevant. You seem to take a stupid contrarian view towards politics.

Are you making fun of yourself? You say that this pattern holds true for every country and then mention a right-winger tightening gun laws.

And we don't. We have nothing to do with social democrats or liberals.

How so? Stalin revived Russian nationalism (a huge mistake on his part), but he never practiced radical nationalism.

PDP-laban is a left wing party, moronic cunt.

You can copy and paste your shitty Marx quote but literally every communist and socialist party in the world is in favor of strict gun control.

PDP-laban is centrist at best, but more like center-right. Duterte is a "muh law and order" right-winger.

Not that you know anything about that.

You want something to be true, so you'll continue to insist that it's true, and just b8.

Disarming the social classes is usually one of the first steps communists will take because they wouldn't idly get killed or kicked out of the country, and the ones who can stay, usually the working and lower classes, would probably revolt when they don't get any food.

Yeah. They lean left.


Stalin was huge on law and order as well and would've fully supported Duterte's drug user cleansing.

Anyways though, you can cite shitty quotes but they don't reflect reality. Reality is that by far almost all gun control suppory in a country comes from the left.

We're not saying left wing parties are pro-gun. We are saying WE ARE pro gun.

And where are they now?
Why are you claiming to be "left" when you have no political presence?
You are far left at best.

And I'm saying heftylol provides the heartiest of keks a lot of the time

Point being?

w h a t e v e n i s t h i s d i s c u s s i o n

The results so far look pretty one-sided.
This pleases me.

You have no right to get mad when liberals are seen as left.

We have the right to feel as we please.

I already read their shit. They're at best a centrist party. Duterte has never expressed an even remotely left-wing opinion.

In most countries that aren't Burgerland, most right-wing parties support gun control.

The "far-left" is the only left. The term "Left" refers to the Jacobins and their ideological offspring. The fucking liberals and greens aren't left.

/k/ having assburgers

Gun laws in China, Vietnam, & North Korea are Asian feudal traditions. Their bougie neighbors like Japan, Taiwan, Worst Korea, Indonesia, etc aren't different. Except the Pinoys who had it slightly better due to amerifats colonizing that place the good old way.

In USSR gun laws weren't that strict as most of the land were dominated by wilderness. Infact, most of the famed Soviet snipers started their career from hunting & sport shooting before they entered the Red Army.

So can I have nukes?

Holla Forums what handgun should I buy for concealed carry?
I'm poor as hell but I don't want to deal with breaks or jams.


Blatantly false. In Canada, Switzerland and the Czech Republican which have the loosest gun laws after the US, the right wing party is in favor of gun rights while the left wants to pass more gun control.


b8. Gun control was extremely strict in the USSR, and Stalin disarmed the peasants.


I never said gun ownership was completely outlawed, but the guns you could privately own were hunting rifles and you had to be part of a hunting club. There were shooting clubs but you had to use the guns there under supervision.

Fine, but if we get to be like that about it I'll have you know all mexcians are genetically right wing.

I challenge you to find me a leftist party that is in favor of liberal gun laws anywhere. They don't exist.





Shit, can you link me to their platform on private gun ownership after the revolution is over?

Or do you just see an AK and assume they are pro-gun?

It is not surprising that the right-wing is in favor of gun rights almost all of the time while the left is in favor of gun control. Freedom to own guns = negative liberty while freedom from gun violence = positive liberty.

Socdem parties and greens are left-wing whether you like it or not.


We can also look to the monstrous leftist government of John Major.

Politics is on a spectrum. Just because those parties are not far-left marxist-leninist "outlaw all private businesses" does not mean they are not on the left on the political spectrum.

Labour finished the job by banning the rest of the handguns. The UKIP and BNP are the only parties in the UK in favor of loosening gun laws in the UK.

Their Revolution would be over if they weren't.

And you've yet to explain how places like Japan and Singapore fit into your stupid little political theory.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pic related is why you need a right to bear arms.

Anywho, even most liberal/center-left parties aren't full-on anti-gun afaik. At the very least, the idea that 'Murka's Democrats are in favor of sweeping gun bans is a strawman. By "a strawman" I don't mean that absolutely none of them favor it, but that the majority of them oppose it and see it as impossible or impractical but "they're going to take our guns" still rings out anyway to sell more guns that will never be used to resist tyranny.

No it isn't. Get these memes out of your head.

lol this is embarrassing

I don't like this word. It implies that there is some kind of authority that "lets" us exercise our natural right to defend ourselves. I don't need you to "allow" me to do shit. I do what I want, nigger faggot. The world belongs to me.

They're only in favor of gun laws during the revolution you idiot. After the ebin memevolution is over, they'll go full gun-grab and implement extremely strict gun laws. Trolling at this point.

I don't have to. Like you said it's probably culture. And those countries still have laxer laws than countries with communist parties like China and North Korea.

Oh shut the fuck up. The left in the US is in favor of banning many types of guns, magazine restrictions, registration and licensing.

That would make no sense at all if the Tory bans weren't already in place.


The tories in the UK banned all types of handguns except .22lr ones.



Truly spooked bro xDDDDDD

Who is "they", you stupid idiot?

Yes, you do.

Politics as a spectrum is in the running for spookiest spook of all. The concept ill fits reality and exists for the purpose of restraining people's ability to conceptualize politics.

You mean that every now and then there's a flurry in the media over semi-automatics and screening. If you want to call it anti-gun that someone would be opposed to selling tons of guns to confirmed crazies, then sure, even I'm anti-gun. As is, the only reason I'm without one is I don't really want to buy the NRA more lobbyists to propagate this nonsense.

The NPA you fucking idiot. I asked for their stance on private gun ownership to the spurdotard, and he couldn't answer that question. They're only """"pro-gun"""""" during the revolution. After it's done with, they'll go full gun grabbers.

I already did.

National Pasta Association?

Luckily for you, I don't care about the opinions of online arm-chair political SMASH THE STATE neets. The consensus in political science is that politics is on a spectrum.

Exactly. Assuming this move had some widespread support (which I'm taking a guess on), banning the .22lr handguns only makes logical sense for a Labour Party that inherited the rest of the ban.


Points us to this magical consensus. Hopefully with academic papers explaining this.

opinion into the trash kiddo.

And I already stated the only political parties in the UK in favor of unbanning handguns are the UKIP and BNP.

I'm not a smashie at all (I'm a syndicalist who likes the black and red flag), but your retardation belongs either in a gulag or smashed on the pavement tbqh famalamadingdong.

Heftylol never ceases to amaze. Lel.

You have nothing to back yourself up, then?

That's what I've got to assume, because everyone knows "Black Power" is inherently groovy.

Yeah, but herein you admit that the Conservative Party who passed the ban in the first place are also not in favor of reversing it or the bit that Labour tacked on. The UKIP and BNP fill several unpopular niches in general.

The Chinese and North Koreans aren't communist you fucking mong.

The Chinese are fully Porky capitalists who have, at least until Xi Jinping, been de facto following the far-right Kuomintang program right up to shilling for "harmonious society"

The North Koreas are a far-right nationalist ethnostate.


Good point about China, but not NK imo. State Communism is still Communism. Kim Jong-Etc. is that. Like even useless, failed leftisms are still left.

Go to bed /k/, you're drunk.

They don't even consider themselves communist. There is nothing even vaguely communist about the DPRK in any definition of the term.

You don't have a right to bear arms. Not that you shouldn't do it anyway, but the constitution absolutely does not guarantee you any rights. If the government really wants to ban or restrict guns, they will.

Read pic related or watch link related.


The right wing parties in the UK like the UKIP and the BNP are the only ones in favor of reversing gun laws in the UK. The tories are a center-right party. Kill yourself retarded nigger.

Oh boy here we go. NK is state communist while CPC is is communist in its ideology even though it's state capitalist in practice.

You still can't find me a leftist party that supports gun rights. You linked the NPA without citing their stance on private gun ownership. Them being in favor of guns during the revolution is irrelevant. What is their stance on gun ownership under their rule? I'll bet it's extremely strict like every leftist party.

Fuck you leftishits are beyond retarded. What are gun laws in Cuba like? Oh right, extremely strict.

Cue your shitty Marx quotes and Zizek memes. This board is truly dumb as fuck.

I wouldn't characterize those positions so simply - Tories are center right-to-middle right and the other two are roughly middle right-to-far right. But we could quibble on it for some time.

What we can't quibble on is who passed the gun ban - it was the Tories. I sense this pisses you off, though, so I'll talk about the evil gun-grabbin' Labour Party instead.

When the sinister Labour Party killed the Czars of England in its bloody armed revolution, it quickly decided to patch the hole in its predecessor's handgun legislation thereby taking away all the arms from people who didn't remember the year before. They also did a bunch of other hardcore leftist MOR liberal stuff, thereby insidiously cementing themselves as really more of a mainstream party as opposed to the kind of leftwards party their name implied.

The niche for recreational and commercial guns indeed then fell to the hard right BNP and UKIP. The right to armed militias would be a bit more of a challenge to openly defend in Britain's political and security climate, and would I actually know if the various British Communist/Socialist Parties (I don't know if such a thing as an Anarchist Party exists of note there) were for or against?

Maybe I'll write them a note some day.

You're hopeless, fan.

I think the Zapatistas and PKK/PYD are pretty pro-gun, though I don't know if you'll find much in the way of official statements on gun policy because gun ownership isn't the huge hit button issue it is in Burgerland.

Zapistas have no stance on private gun ownership. Neither does the PKK. Them being for guns during the revolution is irrelevant. What matters is their position on guns if their revolution succeeds. My guess? They'll go full gun grabbing like every leftist government.

Exceptions exist dumb fuck, but they are not the trend.

On a great whole, gun rights has been supported by right-wingers than the left. Hitler greatly loosened gun laws. This is a fact.

I'll continue voting for the right to defend my gun rights.


You could buy all the shotguns and rifles you wanted. No license or registration. Handguns were still regulated following the extremely restrictive laws passed by Socialist Democrats in Weimar Germany. But it was made much easier to get handgun permits.

Only Jews were banned from guns. Did the Soviet Union loosen gun control? No they made it much more strict. Ditto for every successful communist revolution.


And the USSR made it much stricter for all classes of citizens. The left is shit for gun rights. While the fascist government loosened it for the vast majority of citizens who weren't Jewish in the first place.

The complete deregulation of shotguns and rifles applied to all non-Jewish German citizens moronic cunt.

Their Revolution already "succeeded", fam. The Zapatistas have been holding their own territory for decades and the PYD have their own de facto autonomous zone.

Don't expect intellectual honesty from fash.

So… only to the people Hitler liked.

Somehow, I feel like his administration didn't exactly hand out guns to communists either.

No it hasn't. The Zapistas only hold a small territory. Their revolution to liberate Chiapas from the government. They only no real power aside from a few indigenous rural areas in Chiapas.

I recommend suicide.

Yes, but they do hold power within their territories, and there has been no "gun grabbing".

Yes, Jews were disarmed. But Jews were a very small minority in Germany in the first place. The vast majority of German citizens who weren't Jews could buy all the shotguns and rifles they wanted no questions asked.

You got a source on that?

I really don't get that pic. I don't think Holla Forums has ever considered leftists to be tolerant. Seems like a weird thing to have a strawman nazi say

It's something the alt-right have been spouting.

Their revolution hasn't ended you idiot. They hold no real power outside of very small rural indigenous areas.

Is this really your best example? Fucking kek.

Guns are only one of the reason I vote right, you idiot.


Jews were less than one percent at the time Hitler took power.

A wobbly faggot began physically assaulting a Trump supporter in Seattle who shot the fat wobbly cunt in self-defense. Which was ruled legitimate by the police.


Absolute shame the wobbly cunt didn't get to meet Marx in heaven.

The fash is a paper tiger.

No. The guy who maced the crowd wasn't the same person who shot in self-defense you dumb fuck Wobbly shit. Admit that he joins the greats like Zimzam and Bernard Goetz in clipping uppity leftist trash. Surprise, you cannot physically assault people for wearing a Trump hat and bitch and moan when you get shot in self defense.

Oh jeez. I'm so scared of you. It's not like the pigs have to protect you every time you march.

Nigger, I don't care. You uppity comrade caught a bullet when he chimped out like a nigger. The left sticks to punching the EBILL NATZEES BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT TRUMP in disarmed leftist cities and states like DC, Chicongo or California. You don't see them pulling their shitbin Texas where you can carry easily and have stand your ground laws.

I'd run over you fat wobblies and your shitty comrades if you blocked a road while I was driving to get to work anyways. It's more entertaining.

And I already attended a Trump rally before he won the presidency with friends open-carrying tigether. None of you did shit. You're a bunch of pussies.

Washington State's self defense laws are actually extremely flexible. Seriously, read this shit:


I'd say we're one really stupid case waiting to happen, but to be honest, most of the population is non-confrontational and stoned as fuck. Self defense cases don't come up much.

There were videos which cleared him. The wobbly faggot started punching him for no reason other than trying to attend a Milo rally and wearing a Trump hat when he pulled out his gun and shot that fat cunt.

lol my comrade was whiter than you.

You're right. The guy who shot him was Asian. What does this prove? Oh right. I thought all Trump supporters were white raaaaycisssts?

Only that if we ever met in prison I would literally choke the life out of you.

I'm actually an upstanding law-abiding citizen.so it's unlikelym You'd get your shitty Wobbly boypussy torn apart by niggers who you endlessly shill for and defend.

I don't know why I try, you've already proven yourself to be as intellectually dishonest as they come.

Pretty much as expected.

Go wank already. Your sexual frustration is making you even more autistic than usual.

Sure, can you afford?

The zapistas hold no real power. They are a meme and seen as such by the Mexican authorities and police. They couldn't grab the guns because they wouldn't be able to in the first place.

I make nearly 100k a year and live in a rich neighborhood in a McMansion. I vote for capitalism because it's precisely in my own interests. I have no class envy towards the one percent.

Go to /r/fullcommunism and meme about bashing the fash, wobbly faggot.

Yep, punching would do it. One really, really should initiate violence in Washington.


Also I thought Wobblies hated Stalin because he killed more leftists in his purges than Hitler was able ever to do and icepicked Trotsky? Lel. And he ended up getting poisoned in the end. Wasn't the USSR not true communism as well and state capitalists? Which is it? Also nowhere did I support Nazis. But anybody who supports Trump and is pro-capitalist is a fascist? Fuck you wobblies are so dumb. My appropriate flag is Porky anyways because I'm in favor of a capitalist economy.

The USSR was any of those things depending on at which period you look. It has existed around 70 years after all

That's funny, I don't remember there being gun control in Revolutionary Catalonia or The Ukrainian Free Territory

lol read Stirner.


WEBM related, it's you trying to shoot

Leftist aren't a hivemind. The State Capitalist theory is a leftcom view of the USSR. Trotskyist view it as a "degenerated workers state", Stalinist believe a counter-revolution took place after Stalins death.

But the USSR wasn't "communism". Some will make the argument it was "socialist" (in the sense of being what one might call lower stage communism). I would argue against that.

Until Soviets went Revisionist, they were quite gun-happy.

As I already pointed out, they have power within their villages.

Yeah, typical Middle America retard.

I look forward to you going home after one week because no one remembered to bring catering to the revolution.

Gonna have to ask… what the fuck is a wobbly? I'm new-ish here.

Trump supporters have a wide variety of reasons for supporting him. I'd say they're not too bright though. 2016's election was one of two bad choices, but we do have to remember that both choices were bad, and the choice we ended up picking is basically a national security disaster waiting to fucking happen. Full Fascism pretty much isn't going to happen in the US, but a more likely scenario is that this idiot pulls a George Bush and mishandles a terrorist attack.

All laws and rights are human constructs. That does not mean they are not valid or a reality. Keep your shitty spooked memes to yourself. Are you going to spam shitty Zizek memes?

Their small as fuck villages? Again , the Zapistas hold no real power and their stance on gun rights is ambiguous. While I concede to you they haven't grabbed the guns, they hold no real power and are considered largely to be a joke by the Mexican government unlike the drug cartels. If this is your best example as to how it isn't the left that grabs the guns, I truly pity you.

No, you're right. An economy where private business and property is not allowed to exist is in my interests instead.

Not only will I have less wealth, I'd be poorer as a result in almost every quantifiable way. There is no reason for me to support socialism in the sense of no private companies and property because it ISN'T in my economic interests you fucking idiot. Please by all means tell me what it is and isn't. I have a nice car, a nice house and a good job that pays well enough for me to enjoy an upper-middle class lifestyle. Unlike you, I don't harbor class envy towards others richer than me. Neither do I go rioting in the streets like a fucking idiot, smashing windows and burning trash cans or harassing police officers.

Trump unironically won the educated white vote though. Nonetheless, while he isn't the brightest, I'd vote for him over Bernie any day as I would get taxed significantly more. And I'd vote for him over Hillary as she is even worse than Bernie on the Second Amendment. So I voted for my own interests.

If they're "human constructs" by which I assume you mean social constructs then they're literally not reality you spooked up idiot

Laws are a human construct. This does not make it not real. As long as it exists, it's a reality. Nothing more or less. Whether they are objectively real is irrelevant. Get over it.

And I'm not going to get bogged down in shitty semantics.

Yeah, just keep moving this goalposts back, buddy.

And you might care that the rich get rich by stealing the surplus value your labor produces.


No wonder you're so obsessed with gun laws. I bet you couldn't imagine getting one off the black market or looting an armory.


I probably would start to give an iota if I was an retarded shut-in who masturbates to shitty Zizek videos. I'd rather be unequally richer than equally poorer than if I lived under your meme failed ideology.

Want to explain why countries like Cuba are becoming capitalist? Oh right, it's because your system is so shit. You need private markets and property to have a prosperous economy. And I'd say I'm pretty good under capitalism.

Take off the Guevera shirt you fucking clown.

And I don't need to steal guns because I live in a country and place where the right to keep and bear arms is enshrined.

everyday the same retarded drivel here

muh Cuba
muh Stalin
socialism is free shit and everyone is equally poor!!1


Not an argument famalam. When China and Vietnam dropped the shitty socialism meme they became much richer and absolute poverty rates plummeted.

I like how you admit that China is capitalist the moment it serves your shitty narrative.

Socdems are capitalists too but I don't consider them to be right wing, retard. They're on the left.

could you show the cause and effect and proof that the reverse isnt true?

Sweet. Mother. Of. God!!!